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Idiro VI

Idiro VI
Featured in The Monster and the Maiden

A Quest for Booty

Pronunciation id-eer-oh
Adjective Idiran
Parent star type G-type main-sequence
Orbital characteristics
Orbital period 245.8 d
Satellites 4
Satellite names Khera, Gyrano, Diluwe, Fendal
Physical characteristics
Equatorial radius 7329.6 km
Polar radius 7305.1 km
Surface area 63.9% land
36.1% water
Mass 3.01365×1025 kg
1.98 M
Equatorial surface gravity 14.7105 m/s2
1.5 g
Axial tilt 47.31°
Surface temperature
Minimum -121.8°
Mean 9.3°
Maximum 83.1°
Composition 81.61% nitrogen (N2)
17.44% oxygen (O2)
0.56% argon
0.28% carbon dioxide (CO2)0.07% water vapor (H2O)
0.04% trace elements
Sentient Species n/a
Sentient species 1 population n/a
Number of major cities 0
Technology level Tier 6

Idiro VI is a free world. In the distant past, its moon Khera was populated by a rogue population of Saiyans, known as the Ever-Apes, who refused to leave their Great Ape forms.


Thousands of years before the start of Dragon Ball, a small group of Saiyans left the Saiyan Empire and founded a community on Khera, the largest moon of Idiro VI. There, they became known as the Ever-Apes, for it was always a full moon there, due to the orbital patterns of Idiro VI's other three moons.

Around 3000 Before Age, Len visited the planet after unlocking Super Saiyan. She killed all of the Ever-Apes, eradicating their savage scourge. The planet and its moons remained devoid of life up through modern times. This planet was located several tens of light-years outside of the furthest boundaries of Frieza's Empire and so was never conquered by the Arcosian tyrant in his lifetime.

In Age 776, Jaco and Colonel Srednas had a picnic on Idiro VI. They listened to a soap opera on the radio for a bit before changing channels. The news channel informed them that Paprikan, a rogue officer in the Planet Trade Organization, had recently attacked Perneki Minor and was now headed for Earth. The Galactic King contacted Jaco and ordered him to go after the Makyan, so Jaco left in haste, although Srednas remained behind to finish his meal.

Notable facts[]

  • Idiro VI is relatively inhospitable for settlement, but it is not entirely impossible for sentient beings to live there. Perhaps the low oxygen levels were why the Ever-Apes preferred to settle on Khera instead of the planet. Additionally, the soil on Idiro VI is not conducive to growing crops, so that may be another reason why it was never settled.
  • In A Quest for Booty, Jaco described the planet thusly: "[t]he world was nothing but sand-baked mountains rising over boundless dunes. Awash in a sea of boiled gold, fleeting sunbeams cut jagged shadows around Jaco and his well-arranged and gentlemanly picnic bouquet. To their left, a flawless onyx obelisk was poking up from a sandy crater like a crooked tooth, casting a long shadow over the picnic blanket."
  • The onyx obelisk is the only sign of sentient life having visited Idiro VI in recent memory, though who placed it there is unknown.


  • Idiro VI's population:
    • At height: 0.
    • At lowest point: 0.
  • Khera's Saiyan population:
    • At height: 2759.
    • At lowest point: 0.


Idiro VI is still around.

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