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Icey is the second eldest of the seven brothers and is the influencer.He follows usually Frieza's traits in showing no mercy and shows his fathers power. He is one of Cooler's sons and is wicked evil.


He is selfish wanting to destroy the world for himself. He hates Saiyans alot, and he dislikes Namekians also calling them 'green bugs'. He hates to win calling it disappointing that the fighter did not provide a good enough challenge.


His power level is that of Frieza's first and second forms combined. He is pretty fast and may use his tail to fight sometimes like Frieza or Cooler. He doesn't use much power, just brains which may be where he could try and be an influence to his brothers. He doesn't know that his father used the Big Gete Star but he's heard about it itself.

He's studied the Big Gete Star learning it's weaknesses and strengths so he could try to use them one day.


Death Beam

Death Wave

Death Ball


Tail Whip

Imprisonment Ball

You Will Be Killed By Me!