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"To Frieza, my brother’s son, I salute your courage in the fight against the Nikkarins. For bringing peace back to the Planet Trade Organization, you have my utmost respect and admiration. I only hope the peace can be maintained. It would be a most terrible thing for war to come to us again so soon. We must all of us be like Frieza. We must save this empire from more bloodshed and pain. Now is not the time for war; now is the time to rest and heal our wounds. So to my nephew Frieza, I honor you tonight with this toast. You have embodied all of the true qualities of an Arcosian. You have brought prosperity back to our empire. You have saved us from oblivion. To Frieza!"
Icer, giving a mocking speech to Frieza for his "victory" over the Nikkarins and subtly cautioning his brother Arcterial against trying to kill Frieza

アイサー, Aisā
Detailed Information:
Appearances: He Needs Some Space Milk

Destroyer of Universes

The Royal Exception

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization

The Big Ugly

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization

Really Big Scary Monsters (mentioned)

To Kill a God-Emperor

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon

Vacation (non-canon appearance)

Cool Runnings (non-canon appearance)

Nicknames: The Shadow Lord
The Ice Lord
Species: Arcosian
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Arcose
Birthdate: Sometime before Age 500
Date of Death: <REDACTED>
Birth Power Level: 250,000
Maximum Power Level: <REDACTED>
Personal Pronouns: わたくし, わたし
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Light blue
Rank: Prince of the PTO, Pirate King
Organizations: Icer's Empire
Favorite Food: Space duck
Favorite Vehicle: Charybdis
Hobbies: Doing space heroin, making space treasure maps
Family: Hail (daughter)
Polaria (daughter)
Avalan (son)
King Cold (brother)
Arcterial (brother)
Cooler (nephew)
Frieza (nephew)
Nitro (nephew)
Glacial (nephew)
Frost (niece)
Haimaru (grand nephew)
Raimie (grand niece)
Kuriza (grand nephew)
Yuki (grand niece)

Icer (アイサー, Aisā) is the youngest brother of King Cold and Arcterial and is a member of Frieza's species. Being part of the royal family, Icer is a high-ranking leader of the Planet Trade Organization - at least he was until his brother's empire collapsed. Afterwards, Icer became a space pirate who commanded a tremendous navy of former Planet Trade Organization soldiers.

Icer is one of the central protagonists in The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization. In the penultimate chapter of the third volume, he became a point-of-view character. He has both heroic and villainous qualities in that story, though truly he is not one of its heroes or villains. He's more of a rogue, or a trickster.

Icer is also featured as a major villain in Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon.



Icer in his first form

Icer has light blue skin and eyes, and his body is covered in organic grey-and-red armor. He favors his species' fourth form, which can be seen in the picture above. Unlike other members seen in their fourth forms, Icer has small horns jutting out from the sides of his head. Icer's scouter is purple. Icer tends to wear only a black under-suit during combat, as his natural armor protects his body well enough, though during the third volume of The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization, Icer began to wear black training sleeves on his arms as well as black gloves. By the time he attained his Ultimate Evolution, this had become Icer's usual outfit.

Icer has been described by others as a pale, thin, watery-eyed being. Icer, in his second form, is notably much smaller and shorter than King Cold, whereas Arcterial, in his second form, is almost as tall as King Cold. While a member of the Planet Trade Organization and afterwards, Icer sports a dark cloak that covers most of his body. But during combat, he will take off his cloak. He does not wear the standard Planet Trade Organization style armor in any of his forms.

Icer has never been seen in his species' Third Form, though he is known to be able to use that transformation. He also rarely uses his species' first form. Overall, he spends about 85% of his time in his fourth form, 10% of his time in his second form, and 5% of his time in his first form. He utilizes his second form when around his brothers and sometimes during meetings. He chooses to be in his first form only when he's meditating or trying to conserve power.

Icer's aura is turquoise.


Icer in his final form

Icer is a bold and introspective individual. Like other members of his family, he is haughty does not tolerate failure from his subordinates. Icer has high expectations for everyone, and does not play favorites, even with family members. He has been described as not loving his children, but Icer would disagree with that; still, he is not particularly close with anyone, including his children. This has caused his children to go to great lengths to appease him and win his favor.

Lord Icer has a refined, cultured personality, though he will change his demeanor based on who he is around. For example, Icer speaks in a rougher tone when around space pirates and lesser beings than he does around family members or important people. Still, Icer has a guarded personality; he rarely reveals much about himself, which gives off the impression that he has secrets he doesn't want to get out. Icer has a slight inferiority complex, as he does not have the reputation of his brothers.

Icer is more emotionally-restrained than Arcterial, and more aware than Cold. As such, he runs the more technical aspects of the Planet Trade Organization, such as interstellar taxation and the conscription of slave species. His older brothers often do not heed his counsel when they are in meetings together, despite Icer's intellectual capabilities. This has resulted in him not having as close a relationship with his brothers as when they were all children. Icer does not like to fight with all of his power, to reveal his strength to anyone, so as to let them know just how strong he is. As a result, in major conflicts, Icer will rarely raise his power level above 5% (and of course he would never tell anyone what percentage his power is at); this is seen during the great battle against the Nikkarins in the nineteenth chapter of first volume of The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization and in Icer's famous duel against Arcterial in the nineteenth chapter of the second volume.

Icer's inferiority complex comes from his childhood, where he was always stuck in his older brother's shadows (this is also where Arcterial gave him the nickname, 'The Shadow Lord'). He was significantly weaker than them in his childhood, and he struggled with transforming. When his brothers unlocked their new transformations, he too wanted to become stronger, but he was so much younger than them, that this was almost impossible. It took him much longer and required much more effort than his brothers. This hardened Icer's personality at an early age. Of course, had he been as old as them, he would have easily transformed, but the shame of that memory has affected Icer's personality throughout the rest of his life. He has kept a more guarded personality since, and has not let anyone see him in vulnerable, potentially weakness-highlighting situations. Icer does drugs, most notably space heroin, partially to cope with his inferiority complex and his feelings of loneliness (which he does somewhat bring upon himself with how he acts), though his brothers and children do not know about that.


Early Life[]

Icer grew up on Arcose as the youngest brother of King Cold and Prince Arcterial. He was a bit of a loner as a child, keeping few friends, and mostly sticking to his brothers' shadows. He was present when both of them unlocked their species' transformations in an ice cave not far from their home. Though Icer tried his best to emulate Cold and Arcterial, he was too young and weak to transform and gain the power increases they had. This hardened his personality and made him ashamed of his own failings. He returned to that cave for several weeks afterwards, trying to transform alone in the coldness, and after untold hours of training and straining, he managed to unlock his forms like his brothers. This was an incredible achievement, for the boy had unlocked his new forms far earlier in his life than King Cold and Arcterial. While he was weaker than them on account of them having had many more years to train than him, this was the first sign that his determination and relentless striving for perfection would ultimately lead him to surpass his brothers' power in time.

He was still quite young when King Cold formed the Planet Trade Organization and thus had no part in the formation of that galaxy-spanning empire like his brothers did. He grew up under the care of Cold and Arcterial. They taught him how to fight and act as a ruling lord of the Planet Trade Organization. Icer, however, was not fond of training with his brothers, and instead took to books and traveling. Icer spent a lot of time moving about his older brother's empire, visiting many planets, gaining knowledge, and studying the fighting techniques of many different slave species. When he finally returned to his brothers as an adult, many years later, Icer surprised them with his physical strength and a new fighting form that was unlike what any of the other Cold family members used.

Icer continued traveling, spending much less time at the Planet Trade Organization headquarters than his relatives. It was rumored that he took the company of space pirates during this time, but those reports could not be confirmed. He sired twin daughters and a son during his time abroad, though he sent them back to his brothers to be raised in the isolated, lavish mansions of the royal family. Icer himself noted that he didn't like to spend much time around his brothers because he felt they overshadowed him, as they were both stronger than him and more charismatic rulers. By making a name for himself, Icer hoped to distinguish his legacy from theirs. But he never forgot his roots, and Icer continued to be an active leader of the Planet Trade Organization even during this time, leading troops in battle and coming up with a comprehensive tax system that funded much of the empire, especially when they didn't have any planets to sell on the galactic market.

He Needs Some Space Milk[]

In the first scene of this story, Icer traveled to Lipanto, which at the time, was a planet lying beyond the territory of the Planet Trade Organization. It was a commerce world with a high populace, and Icer was intrigued by all the people (many of whom were of species he had never seen before) bartering and socializing. He had come here to experience the planet before his older brother, King Cold, could conquer it, kill everyone, and turn the world into a military outpost. The thought of that filled the young Arcosian with revulsion.

He noticed a Namekian selling ajisa, a Quglith selling Nil, and many other merchants. One Zar-degar female whore tried to woo him, but he ignored all of the advertisements. He went down a side street, finding more vendors there. These ones were selling more unsavory things. He noticed that one vendor was selling kooli (something his brother Arcterial had warned him never to try). Down the road, some soldiers were watching and betting on a pair of young nidrazi dragons fighting to the death.

A street performer entertained him with sleight of hand using colored gems. When she was finished, Icer noticed that a Yardrat had stolen his cape and money bag. He ran after the alien, shooting at him with a flying kick, but the Yardrat used Instant Transmission at the last second to get away.

One of the soldiers betting on the nidrazi laughed at Icer, so he killed the man with a finger beam. The rest attacked him. Icer treated this as a sparring session, using the dozen or so warriors to help him hone his blocking techniques. When a few of their punches broke through his guard, dealing damage, he rose into the air, noting that he had gotten too careless. The Arcosian mocked his opponents, pissing them off. When they came at him, he released an indigo explosive wave, vaporizing more than half of them. Vendors and buyers down the street ran away in fear. He destroyed the remaining soldiers with a blue beam of energy that split into six smaller beams to home in on each of his foes. Icer noticed that the nidrazi had broken out of their fighting pens before returning to the main street.

There, he found a vendor hosting a yheji pepper eating contest for four contestants. He claimed that the pepper was the hottest in the universe. Icer took a seat and asked for a pepper. Another competitor, a space-badger, told him that the contest wouldn't begin until there were four of them. The vendor cut up the pepper and put small slices on four plates, then poured four glasses of what looked like milk. Another competitor, a Galactic Patrolman, asked if the contest was legal. He wanted to know if the governor of Lipanto had approved it.

The vendor replied that the governor had been killed a month ago by the Blue Queen. She ran Lipanto now. The patrolman was shocked. He said that the planet would still have to follow galactic law, to which Icer made a snide comment. The man defended the honor of the Galactic Patrol, but Icer knew that if that force ever tried to fight the Planet Trade Organization, King Cold would destroy them. The space-badger noted that Audacci's forces were in the hundreds or thousands, which was enough to keep the entire planet under control.

Just then, Whis appeared and joined the pepper contest. With his appearance, the contest could now begin. The vendor handed each of them their plates and glasses of space milk. He explained that to win the contest, they would have to eat the pepper, then wait ten minutes. If the spice became overwhelming enough that they needed to drink the milk, they would lose. After ten minutes, the spice's potency would fade. He asked them for all of their names before starting the timer. Tears were streaming down Icer's face just from smelling the pepper.

Shuron (the Galactic Patrolman), Whis, and Icer ate their peppers quickly, but Zoobi only took nibbles until the vendor yelled at him to eat it all or be disqualified. He hastily scarfed down the pepper. The heat wasn't so bad at first. Whis complained about the taste, however. The boy thought to himself that Arcterial and Cold had never been able to tolerate much spice.

Just then, the full force of the yheji pepper hit him. Shuron freaked out and drank his milk hastily, disqualifying him from the contest. Shuron asked for another glass of milk, as his mouth was still on fire, but the vendor refused. He asked the patrolman to leave. Shuron said that he would tell the Galactic King about the contest and return to arrest the vendor. Shuron ran off.

Whis conceded that the pepper was extremely spicy. He asked the vendor how he had managed to grow such a pepper. The vendor only said that he had used a secret recipe. Zoobi threw up. The vendor disqualified him. The space-badger was incensed, as that had not been one of the stated rules. The man replied that it was an obvious rule, as the pepper was no longer in Zoobi's stomach. He also refused to give the space-badger his cup of milk. The pissed-off vermin ran to the gutter, and grabbed a handful of vomit. He threw it at the vendor, but Whis blocked it with a wall of energy that bounced the vomit back onto Zoobi. Collapsing and vomiting again, the space-badger whined about his burning mouth for a few minutes before skulking off.

Whis asked Icer if he was handling the pepper alright. The boy replied that he was. He wanted to win so bad that he shrugged off the pain. Whis read his mind and concurred. Icer noticed. Whis told the boy that he would not be able to win. The Arcosian didn't believe him. He refused to give in.

The ten minutes passed and still the two refused to drink their milk. Just then, Whis' staff pulsed. He muttered to himself that Lord Beerus had woken up. He congratulated Icer for winning the competition, once more insulted the pepper's taste, drank his milk, and vanished in a pillar of light. The vendor declared the Arcosian the champion. Icer was filled with pride. He asked the man what the prize was. The vendor handed him a coupon for 50% off a glass of joobjoob milk. Rolling his eyes, Icer left. He briefly considered killing the vendor, but thought better of it and returned to the crowded streets, the desperate calls of vendors ever in his ears.

In the second scene, Icer visited the governor's tower, which he noticed had been damaged by energy burns. The soldiers guarding the entrance were wearing the same armor as those he had fought in the back alley. At that moment, Icer knew he would conquer Lipanto for the Planet Trade Organization. He flew up to the top floor, using his aura to melt his way through a window.

Inside, he found many guards eating and drinking in a sauna. They grew quiet when they noticed him. Audacci was sitting on a soldier's lap, a glass of Nyarin gin in her hand. One of the guards shouted at Icer to leave. He countered by offering them a place in the Planet Trade Organization, so long as they bow down to him. The pirates were never going to agree to that. A pirate threw his cup at Icer. The boy did not take well to the slight. He asked them if they wished to fight to the death. Without replying, a guard flung himself at Icer, his fist wild and weak. The Arcosian back-handed him out of the window, killing the alien.

Audacci commanded her Blue Guard to kill Icer and bring her his head so that she could eat his brain. As the soldiers charged Icer, he released a golden-white energy blast that vaporized every last one of them. Angered, Audacci rose to her feet. Icer was overheating in the sauna, but nevertheless held his ground. He claimed Lipanto as his own. When Audacci said it was hers, he demanded her to prove it. She told him that she was the daughter of Bojack and asked if he had ever heard of the man. Icer had heard of the man and noted that, like all those like him, he had rampaged through the universe before disappearing unexpectedly.

The two then exchanged boasts and the fight commenced. Audacci battered Icer at first. The boy complimented her, but still asked her to join his empire. She asked him to join hers. Icer noted that since all her guards were dead, she didn't really have an empire. The Hera said that merely meant there were open slots in her crew. She tried to persuade him to join her with the promise of food.

The comment took the boy aback, allowing Audacci to land an unexpected punch. She mocked him, but he channeled his rage into a counterattack. Audacci was put on the defensive for a short while before one of Icer's flying kicks broke her forearm. The Hera fought back courageously, even though she could only use one fist. He regained the advantage by hitting her with teleportation attacks and ki bullets. Her stamina spent, the pirate could no longer attack him.

Icer commanded her to get off his planet. She threw herself at him, but he flipped into the air and came down on her with a back heel kick, sending her flying into the hot tub and down through the governor's tower. He flew down to the crater at the base of the building, but did not find Audacci there. He cursed himself for not having his scouter, then reminded himself that if he could sense energy, he wouldn't need one.

Icer returned to the governor's tower and found a computer one floor beneath the sauna. He used it to contact Arcterial and tell him that he had conquered Lipanto. His older brother was surprised. Icer asked him to send a governor and a garrison of soldiers to man the planet. Afterwards, Icer flew out of the tower, thinking to himself that he would find the yheji pepper vendor. Because his mouth was still burning, he resolved to force the man to eat four peppers without any milk.

Destroyer of Universes[]

In the fourth scene of this story, Okinaro was found by Genshissa of the Planet Trade Organization and placed in a rejuvenation tank on Planet Icer 005. While the medical attendant was interested in cataloguing Okinaro's species for the Planet Trade Organization's archives, the young lord Icer, who was also there, was more interested in learning Okinaro's strongest techniques. Whether or not he ever received any teachings from Okinaro was not made clear in this story.

The Royal Exception[]

At the start of this story, King Cold took his brothers and sons to the Pink Oyster Cult on Poonjab VII, which was an adult resort. Within a few minutes of arriving at their hotel room, Cold passed out in a chair with a glass of ice wine in his hand. Uncle Arcterial had locked himself in the bathroom, while Uncle Icer had gone down to the space sauna.

After Cooler, Frieza, and Nitro visited the gift shop and stole three copies of the deluxe 180 color page Wet Hamster space jugs special magazine, they ran into Icer at the saunas. He asked them what they were doing there, and they told him about Uncle Arcterial kicking them out of the hotel room. He snatched Cooler's magazine and questioned the boys about it. They did not understand why it was the hottest-selling item in the gift shop. Frieza guessed that the answer was because it was in color, but that only made Icer laugh.

He asked them if Cold had taught them about reproduction yet. He had not; the boys were confused as to why Icer had even brought that up. He revealed that the magazine dealt with that subject. He noted that usually, by their ages, the boys would have learned about the space birds and the space bees, but since their family were mutants, they all produced asexually. He took Nitro and Frieza's magazines too and incinerated the trio. Nitro mentioned that one of the reasons why they were so strong was because they were mutants who reproduced asexually. He gave them a lesson on how most species mated, then said that the boys should be happy that they were asexual, as it meant they didn't have to put up with the jive nonsense of space bitches.

Nitro was sad, for he remembered that the drunken Jolean had told him that women loved space flowers. He began to cry, knowing that he'd never give any to any women. Cooler slapped him. Frieza egged him on to slap Nitro even more for crying in public. Cooler refused. They grew livid with one another. Icer commanded them to leave. Suddenly, Cooler pounced on Nitro. Frieza jumped at him, while Nitro lunged at Frieza. Icer created a glove of ki, and sighing, hit them just before they collided with one another, and knocked them out.

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization[]

Volume I[]

Throughout the first volume of this story, Icer's daughters, Hail and Polaria led the Planet Trade Organization in their war against the Nikkarin Empire. Icer's son Avalan stayed behind, in Planet Trade Organization-controlled space, hunting a mysterious and powerful space pirate known as the Aphotic Prince. Icer himself moved back and forth from the battles taking place in the outer colonies against the Nikkarins to back home throughout this first volume.

Icer was present when the representative of the Galactic Bank, Tychib Eshil, warned King Cold of the Planet Trade Organization's growing debts. It was Icer who advised his brother to pay off those debts while Arcterial pushed for King Cold to ignore them. Icer was also instrumental in leading the efforts against the rival Nikkarin Empire in this volume, and after he gave King Cold advice on what to do about the Galactic Bank, King Cold sent Icer to lead their armies against the Nikkarins. Icer took King Cold's sons Frieza and Nitro to assist him in the war. As well, his daughters Hail and Polaria worked as Field Generals during the conflict. Icer's exceptional military mind allowed him to turn the war from the Nikkarins' favor and start pushing them back to the outer reaches of the universe, where they came from. Crushing victory after crushing victory followed, and the Nikkarins seemed sure to be defeated soon. Icer taught his daughters and Cold's sons various tactics, including how to approach and lead large naval and ground engagements, throughout these battles, acting both as a mentor and the commander leading on the front lines.

Later, after a battle against the Nikkarins, Icer met with his brother Arcterial on an outpost planet. Icer revealed to his brother that he was growing impatient with Frieza, whose butchery and recklessness on the battlefield was hurting the Planet Trade Organization's ability to capture and interrogate Nikkarin leaders. Icer then brought up how ineffective a ruler King Cold was - that their brother was too busy sitting on his throne and drinking his wine to realize how serious a threat the Nikkarins were. He suggested replacing King Cold with Arcterial and killing Frieza, Cooler, and Nitro. In Icer's eyes, this would strengthen the Planet Trade Organization, since King Cold's sons were not proving to be effective rulers either. It appeared, at the time of the conversation, that Arcterial agreed to go along with the plan.

In the nineteenth chapter of this volume, Lord Icer and his forces cornered the last army of the Nikkarins on a distant world. Though his brother Arcterial and his nephew Frieza began to argue about how best to assault the Nikkarin base, Icer came up with the strategy himself. Frieza tried to take control of the forces, noting that most of the soldiers in their ranks came from his region, but Icer coldly rebuked him by reminding the prince that King Cold had put Icer in charge of the war against the Nikkarins. As such, it was Icer's battle strategy that was put into effect. He had Arcterial lead a vanguard against the planet, straight at the fortified cities while Frieza, Nitro, and a large portion of the army flanked them from the right; as this was happening, he planned on flanking left with his daughters and another army of his own. And he ordered all of their ships to give suppressing fire to the charging soldiers, while faster single-pilot fighters were kept in reserve to run down any fleeing Nikkarins.

This plan would have worked had Frieza not held his host back. While Icer and Arcterial enacted their plan with complete synchronicity, Frieza held his force back to spite Icer for pulling rank on him. What resulted was both Icer's and Arcterial's forces briefly pushing the Nikkarins back before being overwhelmed on their right flank, where Frieza's army should have been. Icer tried to calm Arcterial during this section of the battle, for Arcterial was becoming enraged at Frieza's army not being there. Icer then directed his remaining soldiers against the Nikkarin Elite and generals, who appeared at that moment on flying chariots, attempting to decimate the confused and disorganized Planet Trade Organization warriors once and for all.

Finally, when all seemed lost, Frieza descended to the planet with his large host and helped crush the Nikkarins. With the new force saturating their depleted ranks, Icer and his daughters, as well as Arcterial and his host, were able to push back the Nikkarins, though Icer's daughter Hail was grievously wounded and burned near the end of the battle when two Nikkarin Generals cornered her and covered her in energy. Even though she was so badly wounded and likely going to die, Icer did not relent his attack or show any emotion. He held his line and finished the task at hand - defeating the Nikkarins.

As the battle was waning, Arcterial and Frieza once again got in an argument, with Arcterial calling Frieza a coward and Frieza insulting Icer's plan (only Frieza's own ingenuity saved the day, he said). Icer would hear none of that. He told both of them to shut up and finish the battle before they returned to their drama. Though Icer himself was insulted, and his daughter had been almost killed as a result of Frieza's hubris, he did not take that moment to berate Freiza or attack him. Instead, he remained the leader on the battlefield, the one holding the Planet Trade Organization's army together; if he had been as petty as the rest of the group, their attack would have surely broken at that point, and they might've lost the battle. But that didn't happen. Icer rallied the remaining troops, led them forward himself, and crushed the Nikkarins once and for all in that battle.

It was said by other soldiers in the Planet Trade Organization that Arcterial and Icer came to despise Frieza after that battle, especially since Frieza gained the moniker ‘The Prince who saved our Empire’ undeservingly. Icer despised Frieza more for being responsible for the permanent maiming of Hail than for him holding his forces back so as to swoop in in glorious fashion. Indeed, those loyal to Icer and his family, especially Polaria, soon sought to enact Icer's plan of killing Cold and his sons (especially Frieza) as a result of that final battle against the Nikkarins. Icer himself worked behind the scenes to forge an alliance with Arcterial, Cooler, and Frost to make this possible.

Icer was seen next in King Cold's palace at Hail's bedside as she was treated by the best doctors in the universe. Polaria and him had a discussion about the rebellion over Hail's unconscious body, with Polaria questioning how they could manage to kill Cold, Frieza, and Nitro without Hail's aid. Icer did not want to stop the plot, so he dismissed his daughter and instead spent his last few minutes alone with Hail, brooding over his upcoming assassination attempt on his nephews and brother.

Icer and the rest of the royal Arcosian family then attended a grand feast, celebrating the defeat of the Nikkarins (which was billed as Frieza's triumph). The slights against Cold's brothers and their offspring was on full display in the feast, though none of them made mention of it, especially Icer, for they were planning on killing Cold, Frieza, and Nitro that day. However, as the feast was going on, Polaria told him that the plot was off - that Cooler would no longer be supporting them. And without his support, Icer and his family had no hope of killing King Cold and his sons.

Icer was then forced to tell Arcterial this, for Arcterial did not know that the plot was postponed (or perhaps completely abandoned). Icer stood up and made a toast to Frieza, where he subtly mocked the prince, his venom coming too lightly for Frieza and his supporters to notice. Then, as this was going on, Icer locked eyes with Arcterial and went on about how peace must be maintained for the Planet Trade Organization to continue to exist. Arcterial understood the message, though it made him furious. He did not say anything or get up or try to kill Frieza himself; he and Icer had a silent staring contest, where Arcterial fumed, for several moments after the toast before Icer broke his gaze and returned to a conversation he was having with Frieza.

As of the end of this volume, Icer successfully managed to stall or end the plot against Frieza and King Cold, which was not what he had wanted to do, but something that had been thrust upon him given the circumstances. Additionally, he risked fracturing his already tenuous relationship with Arcterial over having to cancel the assassination attempt. His own position was left in doubt, with Frieza assuming total victory over the Nikkarins and Icer being unwilling or perhaps unable to tell everyone the true story of Frieza's cowardice (he couldn't change the public perception that Frieza was a hero, and he risked losing the favor of King Cold by calling Cold's son a coward). Additionally, Icer's daughter Hail was left in critical condition, and he did not know if she would survive. His remaining children were with him still, but Icer's position at the end of this volume was one of uncertainty. His position had been weakened, and his power and influence in the Planet Trade Organization had been reduced significantly, despite him being the one who was truly responsible for saving the Planet Trade Organization from the Nikkarin scourge.

Volume II[]

In the third chapter of this volume, in early Age 763, Cooler began to suspect that Icer and Arcterial were plotting some treachery behind his back. While he had no proof of such wrongdoing, he ordered Salza to keep an eye on the two Arcosians.

Ten days after Avalan was abducted by the Aphotic Prince on April 7, Age 763, Icer personally questioned Natsumiko (a Planet Trade Organization officer who witnessed the abduction). Icer laughed off Natsumiko's claim that, given how the Aphotic Prince acted when abducting Avalan, that he must have been a member of the PTO at some time in the past. Still, Icer was said to be mad with grief after learning that his only son had been taken from him by a filthy, bloodthirsty space pirate.

Abacho, a low-ranking soldier in Cooler's empire, eventually found where Avalan was being kept on December 27, Age 763. He made the gruesome discovery (Avalan was hanging from meat hooks, having been ravaged by torturers an isolation), yet was fatally poisoned in the process. Immediately afterwards, he tried to meet with Icer, to tell the man where his son was (and that Avalan was still alive). He then went to one of Icer's planets and tried to meet with the Imperial Lord, however he could only meet with one of Icer's receptionists. Abacho found it quite strange that Icer would not meet with him in person, given the information he had on Icer's son. The receptionist assured Abacho that Icer had been given all the information he had given her, but that didn't make Abacho feel any better. Regardless, Abacho succumbed to his wounds before he could ever meet with Icer. Before he died, he speculated that perhaps Icer already knew where his son was, but he had no proof for such a claim, and it seems rather odd that Icer would let his son be tortured in that case.

At various points in this volume, both Cooler and Arcterial expressed concerns about Icer's ambitions. They both called him "strange", yet neither of them knew what his endgame was, and if he truly was working against them. Because of the nature of this speculation, they did not act on their suspicions. Indeed, after Frieza's death became widespread knowledge, Cooler gifted both Icer and Arcterial sections of Frieza's empire in order to keep them loyal to him.

On September 3, Age 764, Hail finally agreed to become her father's fleet admiral after he had asked her for months and months - on the condition that they immediately find and rescue Avalan (Hail blamed her father for not finding her brother).

In chapter 15, Icer spent significant time teaching his daughter Hail how to run his fleet, even allowing her to take on a Jolean space pirates an a rebel captain (and his fleet) to hone her skills. Later, Hail commanded Icer's fleet as he ambushed a meeting between the Aphotic Prince and other space pirates. During the encounter, shadow demons appeared, destroying all of the Aphotic Prince's and space pirates' ships. Icer barley escaped with his son (whom the Aphotic Prince had been transporting to ransom to the space pirates) back to his fleet; all of his ships immediately fled the area. Icer was extremely shaken up by the space demons because they nearly killed him. At his full power, he was barely able to outspeed them to escape. That frightened the man, who had never met foes so strong. He resolved to meet with Arcterial and Cooler in order to come up with a strategy to deal with these new, mysteriously powerful shadow demons.

When Zashisaro slaughtered most of King Cold's officers in order to assume control of the dead Arcosian's fleets and armies, he blamed Icer an Arcterial for the butchery and even went so far as to wound himself severely to aid his lie. While King Cold's soldiers believed this, no one else in the Planet Trade Organization did.

On November 23, Age 764, Icer and his daughters met with Cooler, Arcterial, and Frost to discuss the shadow demons that had nearly killed him a few weeks before. Arcterial did not believe that the demons were real (he accused Icer of making them up in order to drive a wedge between them, since Arcterial wanted Icer dead by this point so he could improve his own ambitions towards taking over the Planet Trade Organization), and Cooler was unwilling to give Icer command over many more ships, as there were numerous foes that he considered to be a higher priority (including Zashisaro, the Aphotic Prince, and the Galactic Bank).

Icer and Arcterial eventually came to blows as their argument reached the boiling-over point. Cooler was forced to separate them, but Icer and his daughters soon left, and his relationship with Arcterial had been broken beyond repair by this. Cooler did not fully discount Icer's reports as Arcterial had, and he commanded Frost to visit an iron mine on Planet Ice 015 that had been supposedly attacked by these shadow demons and find evidence of their existence. Of course, when Frost went to that planet, she was assassinated by the shadow demons, setting off a chain of events that dominated much of Icer's history in the third volume of this series. However, Icer was not seen again in this volume, though he did learn of Frost's fate before the book's conclusion.

Volume III[]

To be added.

The Big Ugly[]

At the start of this story, Yuki noted that her grand uncle, Icer, had been recently promoted to Emperor of the Planet Trade Organization, which greatly annoyed her. Nevertheless, she, along with Kuriza and many senior officers, attended a party on Lipanto in celebration of that fact.

Yuki later thought back to how Icer had defeated Kuriza, stunning the entire Planet Trade Organization with unimaginable strength that he had hidden from everyone for years. Then, Yuki thought back to the deaths of her grand uncle, Arcterial, and her father, Nitro, thinking that with them now gone, Icer was the only remaining member of the older generations of the royal family. When Kuriza sat down at Yuki's table, he reminded her that their grand uncle had ordered Yuki to return to her region at once, but the half-Arcosian brushed that off, not caring.

After Yuki got her plate of food, she noticed that Icer had returned to the party and was talking with some of his senior officers - Garish Ureigo, Ran Thembii, and Jahu. Later, Kuriza told Yuki that they had no hope of standing against Icer at present and that they would need to learn from him and train with him for many years to come before they could hope to surpass them. Later, Kuriza revealed that once he cleared his territory of space pirates and planets in rebellion, Icer would begin training him, which would allow him to gain strength much faster.

After Governors Orze and Kabuso were killed by Yuki and Kuriza for making derogatory remarks about Yuki's appearance, Icer was said to have been furious over the matter for days, though he never learned who killed those officers.

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization[]

Volume IV[]

KV Note: This volume is currently being written. Once it is complete, I will update Icer's history that unfolded in that book.

Really Big Scary Monsters[]

In the first scene of this story, Kuriza took the Katchiguri Force to the local IHOR (Intergalactic House of Ramen) for lunch. He told them that Icer had commanded the boy to send the team to Planet Kuriza 073 because there had been many unexplained deaths there in recent times.

To Kill a God-Emperor[]

In the fifth scene of this story, in Age 776, Linessi was hunting a petty criminal on Faeri when Icer contacted her and offered to pay her if she killed the current God-Emperor of the Corvos League, stating that he knew she had done it once before. She killed her target and then told Icer that she would kill the God-Emperor for him. He offered to give her an empire for the hit, but she declined.

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon[]

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Icer has been featured in two roleplays (linked above). These roleplays and Icer's actions in them are not considered canon to the rest of KidVegeta's universe or Icer's history.


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  • Like all Arcosians, Icer's name is a pun on something cold. His name is a pun on the word "ice".
  • Icer's theme song is Rebirth.

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