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Icer's Empire





Southern, Southeastern, Southwestern, and Central territories



Main Members:

Ran Thembii
Garish Ureigo


Yuki's Empire
Kuriza's Empire
Haimaru's Empire
Katchiguri Force
Zalama's Triumvirate


Icer's Empire is region of the Planet Trade Organization controlled by Icer, the youngest brother of King Cold. During much of Icer's life, he controlled relatively few planets, for he spent much of his time training and traveling the empire instead of ruling. Following the death of his eldest brother and the fracturing of the Planet Trade Organization into civil war, he declared himself as the one true emperor, despite having no legal claim to the title (ironically, he and his offspring were last in line in the royal family, of those still alive at the time). In the ensuing conflicts, due to his superior strength, he subdued the Faerin Empire, his brother Arcterial, his grand nephew Kuriza, and grand niece Yuki to take total control over the Planet Trade Organization.


Sometime after Age 300, Icer visited Lipanto. There, he came into contact with Audacci. The two fought for control of the planet, and the Arcosian eventually won, forcing the pirate to flee. Thus, Icer's Empire was born, and his first planet was brought into the Planet Trade Organization.

After Yuki was captured by her mother Chaiva and imprisoned in a Dimensional prison on Glaysia in Mrovian territory, she warned the Saiyan that her uncle, Icer, was a threat that the Mrovians would eventually have to face.

Known members[]

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