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Ice Breathers

5,117,055 years Before Age


~5,000,000 years Before Age


No permanent residence


Cho Mh'noltho (†)

Main Members:

Various alien mercenaries (†)




The Ice Breathers are a professional galactic mercenary group. Their ranks are comprised of powerful warriors of various alien species. This faction is featured in From Magic to Monsters.


Being a mercenary group, the Ice Breathers conduct military operations for any group who pays for their services. The Ice Breathers were a respected, albeit feared, mercenary group during From Magic to Monsters, with several thousand members in their ranks. They were considered one of the premier mercenary armies in the universe for their discipline and myriad powerful members. As such, they were quite expensive to hire. Because of that, they mostly participated in notable or large conflicts, as their employers were always quite rich and powerful people.


This group was formed by a fish-like alien named Cho Mh'noltho in 5,117,055 years Before Age. He quickly built up the faction into a respectable mercenary group of the highest quality. As their fame grew, so did their price for hire - and this caused the Ice Breathers to become very wealthy warriors. They were seen as one of the exemplary mercenary forces in the universe.

When Bibidi went looking for the wayward Majin Jaduu in chapter 11 of From Magic to Monsters, he learned that the Majin had completely destroyed the Ice Breathers. The Majin's superior strength meant that none, not even Cho Mh'noltho and his soldiers, could stand up to him. Every member of the Ice Breathers was destroyed in combat against Majin Jaduu, and this had far-reaching political impact in the universe, for many wealthy employers were left unable to use the faction to wage their wars for them any longer.

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