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Kuriza (Final Form)

Kuriza in his final form against Gohan and vegeta

Ice is the son of freiza and the grandson of King Cold and Frostina. He is the little nephew of Cooler and great grandson of Blizzard and descendent of ChilledEdit


He is described as insanely stronger than Freiza and Cooler. He like his father hate saiyans. He was raised by his father and mother until his fathers death then his mom raised him.This is another source of his anger against Saiyans.He tis short tempered and dangerous with a big ego and eternal respect and loyalty to his clan and race.


  • Kanji Seal: Grants ability to turn certain warriors into their etenral form it is sacred to few clans in the universe
  • Neo Mini Supernova: A small but more powerful version of the supernova which is said to destroy a planet
  • Neo Low Powered Supernova: A weaker version of supernova used to destroy North City
  • Super Atomic Death Ball: An advanced A-Rank technique which is manouvered through the uses of the supernova and death ball
  • Death Beam: An exclusive to the Cold Family


Chilled (ancestor)

King Cold (grandfather)

Freiza (father)

Frostina (mother)

Cooler (uncle)

Goah (Henchmen)

Samu (Henchmen)]