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イアントス, Iantosu
Detailed Information:
Appearances: KidVegeta's Theogony: From Silence to the Greater Kais
Nicknames: Antenocte
Gender: Male
God of: Creation
Preferred Plane: Universe
Percentage of Universe's Energy Owned: 5%
Rank in the 12 Divines: 4th
Personal Pronouns: 私 (わたくし)
Rank: Original Divine
Family: Sessina (daughter)
Cira (daughter)
Nelos (son)
Ziantos (son)
Beinus (son)
Amu (son)

Iantos was one of the original Twelve Divines. He was primarily a god of life, and was responsible for creating all five planes of existence as well as most of the species that ever existed. He prefers to take the form of a large golden dragon.


Iantos was the thirdborn of the Twelve Divines and created Mytos almost immediately. However, he did not immediately create any additional beings, instead focusing on managing the landscape of the plane. His brother Icaeus grew bored quickly, and with the help of Sethys, got Iantos drunk and forced him to create a new race, which came to be known as the Shima.

After sobering up, Iantos became ashamed at his creation and created a new plane, Helcio, to put them in. Despite his shame, he still kept some interest in them, and continued to create more of them when Sethys took them away.

Iantos later created Other World as a place to put dead beings, the Universe as a place to put more beings, and Underworld as a place to banish the Keishin after their rebellion. Iantos, unlike many other gods, spent almost all of his time in the Universe, still creating races and planets. He enjoyed obsessing over his creations and liked to watch them as much as he liked to create them. Because of this, he was one of the most well-known gods.

Iantos also mated with several of his sisters, and created numerous offspring. The most powerful of his offspring, Amoon, later came to be a menace to the universe.


  • The obsessor
  • Life-breather
  • The golden dawn
  • Ever watching
  • Mighty dragon
  • The one

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