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Hyper Kaioken is Kaioken which was increased in terms of energy,strength and speed.This state can be achieved via rigorous training and take a lot of time to master.Predecessor to this form is the Super Kaioken.Hyper Kaioken can be described as a Super Saiyan 3 for Human.However,compare side by side Super Saiyan 3 stage overpowered Hyper Kaioken by quite a considerable margin and added to the fact that Saiyan is naturally stronger than Human.Still,it is the ultimate and best power-up that Human can ever achieve.


User of Hyper Kaioken will find themslef engulf in crimson-flamed aura and bio-electricity sparking around the flame.Due to the massive outburst of power of this form,the user's hair grow significantly longer than usual.Basically,it copy the looks of Super Saiyan 3.Muscle mass will have a considerable size.


Hyper Kaioken come quite close the power level of Super Saiyan 3.However,the beginner user of this form must use Hyper Kaioken carefully because it will damage your own body if not properly use.Thats not the case for a user that completely mastered and negate the side effect of Kaioken.