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Act VI[edit | edit source]

The Challenge, Earth's Mightiest vs. Sadala's Elites[edit | edit source]

<AGE 749>

Planet Parniss was once a beautiful world that was nearly equal to Earth. Now, it is a dead planet thanks to a massive tree that was planted. This tree is called the Tree of Might. The Endar Spire warps into the system and a shuttle was launched toward the planet. The shuttle enters the atmosphere and lands under a massive root of the tree. The doors open and Mercury is the first to exit. He is soon joined by his teammates as the survey the area.

Harris: Now that is a big tree!

Dre'lon: Right? I hope this never get planted on Earth.

Mercury: Alright everyone, we've arrived early. Spread out and deploy the probes. Survey the area as well, including this tree.

Team Earth then separates to deployed the broadcasting probes throughout the vicinity of the Tree. Mercury stood next to the shuttle looking up at the tree. He has a flashback about events prior to today.


Team Earth gathered in the battle room with Vegeta, Nappa, and Turles and discussed a plan of action.

Mercury: The battle is in three weeks, any suggestion on a plan of action?

Vegeta: While we were on Sadala, I was able to get in contact with an underground reformation movement led by a Saiyan name Paragus.

Kendra: Reformation movement?

Turles: They are a rapidly growing group of Saiyans who oppose Hanasia's regime and this war. After her tirade against you, they have gained more and more supporters.

Nappa: The only thing that is needed to oust her off the throne is to completely expose her true motives.

Jac: So if we actually win, she will not accept this. She’s the type that would cheat.

Vegeta: Exactly, and we need to catch her in the act. So far, the informants reports that she will only broadcast this battle between our worlds. If we can broadcast this on a galactic scale.

Kendra: Everyone will see Hanasia for who she really is! We have actually probes that use to broadcast the Liberation Campaign. We can you those.

Jac: We will have to place them in concealed areas on the planet.

Mercury: Who is this informant?

Vegeta: I don’t know, all I know is that she will be a part of the opposing Team.

Mercury: Good to know. So we have a plan and hopefully it works. To be honest, and I am looking forward to this fight. So fight with everything you got!


Mercury spots a hole in the tree. He flies into it and see multiple types of fruit hanging from the ceiling of the tree. He plucks one and scans it. It is edible. Out of curiosity, he takes a bite. Almost immediately, his muscles bulge as he feels an extreme power surge running through him. The surge was similar to absorbing the spirit bomb, but he felt good. Mercury drops the fruit and scans himself, before his power was 700,000. Now it jumped to 1,400,000! From one bite. Mercury picks up the fruit and devours it to the core. He checks his power again, 8,000,000! Mercury hears his communicator beep.

Jac: Hey, I just detected a massive power spike at your location! Is everything alright?

Mercury: Jac, have everyone come to my position on the double! I just find we have an opportunity to stand against them!

Meanwhile in unknown region of Space, five saiyan attack pods blast through space towards Parniss. In the leading pod, Lee’sa sat with her arms crossed and eyes closed. She too has a flashback.


Lee’sa sat in her room contemplating on the on events that led up to this moment. She thought back to a time when Hanasia was kind, honorable and a caring person. Ever since losing Zucane and the battle against Hatchiyack, she has truly changed for the worse. This continued to disturb her. She then stars to think about Mercury and the upcoming fight against him. How will she convince him that she wants to end the war as well. Her door opens, Inya, Pinnu, Celar, and Potao.

Pinnu: It’s almost time General. Before we leave, we have something to say.

Celar: We have agreed to purposely lose this challenge, so that Earth will win and end this War.

Lee’sa: We are Saiyan! We’re a warrior race, we have to fight at our best!

Inya: We know, but look at us. I was able to get a reading the Earthlings' power level on that day. They're not even match for us. Even with their Kaioken. They will lose.

Potao: We recognized that despite the Star Team's power, they are still formidable fighters. They will fight with everything they have.

Lee’sa: I understand and I agree with your plan. However, I still want all you fight with all your heart against the Humans. Let’s get going.

Team Sadala makes their way to the launch pad and gets into their Pods, Lee’sa looks up and see Hanasia standing at a distance watching them from the Palace window. The pod close and launches into space. The flashback ends as Lee’sa opens her eyes and see Parniss approaching. The Pods enter the atmosphere and impact the tree’s root. Team Earth detects them and waits for them to arrive. Team Sadala soon reached Team Earth. The time has come.

The probes begin to broadcast galaxy wide, every species tuned in. On Parniss, Team Earth with the exception of Mercury begins their attack, and Team Sadala except Lee’sa followed suit. Kendra fought with Inya. Jac fought Pinnu, Nicholson fought Celar and Harris fought Potao. They all separated as they clashed against each other all around the area leaving Mercury and Lee’sa.

Mercury: Well now. Shall we find a more private area to fight?

Lee’sa: Lead the way.

Mercury: Try to keep up.

Mercury turns around and blast off in the air to find a good spot. He was flew as fast as he could, but when he turned to look behind himself, Lee’sa was right there with a smirk on her face. She was keeping up with him with no difficulty. Mercury smirks and thinks to himself, “Shouldn’t be surprised, her power level is high.” Behind him Lee’sa thought to herself, “He certainly has improved a great deal in power since our last fight.” They reached a spot and Mercury lands on a root as Lee’sa lands on one opposite of him.

Lee’sa: Mercury, You do realize the power gap between us. This is a one-sided fight. There is no way you win even with your Kaioken. I advise that you give up.

Mercury: I won’t do that. Why should we surrender to a tyrant, if we know we’re going die anyways.

Lee’sa: Either way, I am looking for to this fight. Just me, and you.

Mercury: Heh, me too, let’s make it a good one.

Both fighters lowered in their fighting stance. They have a intense standoff, neither Mercury nor Lee’sa move an inch. The sound of the wind blows. Mercury is the first to make his move. He charges at Lee’sa and thrusts a punch, but Lee’sa steps to the side and dodges it. Lee’sa then counters and throws her punch but it is caught by Mercury. They push off each other and clash. They blocked, punched, kicked and dodged each other. Mercury then throws a roundhouse kick, but Lee’sa evades and leaps on the root away from Mercury. He pursue her and leaps of the root at her. Lee’sa then jumps off a root towards Mercury and thrusts haymaker knocking Mercury back. He halts himself by jump off a root into the air. He looks around and loses sight of Lee’sa. He closes his eyes to focus on her energy. His eyes open and he ducks as Lee’sa swings her arm and misses. Mercury then counters and strike with his left elbow in her stomach. Lee’sa grunts in pain. Mercury turns and attacks and they reenter their clashing. Lee’sa finds an open in Mercury's attacks and strike him in his face and throws a fury of punches and finishes with sidekick. She then appears behind and does a sledgehammer attack in his back sending him flying into the ground below, but Mercury halts himself and lands on his feet. Lee’sa lands on the opposite side of him.

Lee’sa: Wow! You have become stronger than before!

Mercury: You’re not bad yourself. But I feel that you have more. Please, show me your full power! (Lee’sa frowns on Mercury’s request. She remembers Hanasia tell her to use her new form. She wanted to avoid using is it, but she has no choice)

Lee’sa: So be it.

Suddenly the whole planet begins to shake. A windstorm begins whipping violently in the air with thunder and lightning. The power was coming from the saiyaness. The ground around her cracks with dust and rocks raising into the air. The pressure was so intense Mercury had to shield his face from the wind. He began to slide backwards. Lee’sa, with her knees bent and arms at a 90 degree angle was powering up. Her spiking hair became more spikier. It flashed between green and yellow. Her violet eyes turn teal. She finally let’s out a roar has a golden aura erupts around her. She then calms down and stood tall with golden spikier hair and teal eye color. The power coming off of her was on a whole another level. She then glares at Mercury who looked at her in amazement.

Mercury: What just happen to you?

Lee’sa: I have ascended to a new form. This is called a Super Saiyan.

Mercury: Super Saiyan? This is your full power!? Incredible! Now that you are at full power. Let me show you my full power!

Mercury takes off his upper armor and drops it on the ground only leaving a blue sleeveless shirt. He then bends his arm and knees in a 90 degree angle and breathes calmly. Then suddenly his muscle begin to bulge and pulsate with his veins visible. Every time it pulsates, he would grunt. The ground also shakes and steam beings to rise from the human and then another violent windstorm starts. Crimson colored Electricity begins crackle around him and his skin starts show a hint of Crimson. Lee’sa watched in amazement as the human was show his incredible display of power. Then Mercury screams at the top of his voice, “Kaioken times 21!!!” A crimson red aura erupts from the human match the size of the Super saiyan’s aura. He then looks at Lee’sa smirk and says, “Shall we begin?

Mercury then leaps off the tree root causing it to break apart. He then blast toward the super saiyan and cock his arm back. Lee’sa was surprised at his speed, that it caught her off guard. Mercury then strikes her, sending her flying backwards. At insane speeds, Mercury rockets behinds her and double kicks her into the air. She halts herself and turns around. Mercury close the distance and rockets above her. Lee’sa see him and fires a Ki wave in front of him, but Mercury is too fast. He evades and rockets to her right side and kicks her, sending her crashing through the tree’s massive roots. Lee’sa halts herself and see Mercury again closing the distance, she thrusts a punch at Mercury, but he again rocket behind her punches her in the back. She goes forward stops and turns around as Mercury again charges her. He throws a punch at her face, but Lee’sa dodges, and BOOM! She strikes him in his stomach, knocking the air out of him. Mercury hunch over and grabs his stomach and staggers backwards away from her as drool falls from him open mouth. He finally catches his breath, but was unable to react fast enough for Lee’sa to go on the offensive. She charges at him and throws a onslaught of punches and kicks that Mercury was unable to block. Mercury staggers backwards as Lee’sa grabs and slams him into the ground leaving a large crater. Mercury regain his composure and swipes her legs from beneath her, however Lee’sa quickly recovers and was able to see that Mercury was about to grab her. She clasped both of his hands and they enter a struggle. With their eyes locked on each other, they both grinned. They were having fun. Lee’sa then jumps drop kicks Mercury sending falling off the tree root and falling below. Mercury crashes on the ground and hops back on his feet. He was exhausted and so was Lee’sa. They both have sustained cuts and bruises.

During that fight, Mercury noticed the Lee’sa was pulling her punches. He began to think that she is going to purposely lose the match. Lee’sa began to notice that Mercury's power was dropping fast. The Kaioken is killing him. She has to lose the battle for him to win, But what can she do. She then notice that Mercury jumps further away and cups his hands to his right side and ground his footing. A blue Ki orb forms in his hand. It grows larger the more energy he puts in it. Lee’sa was confused on what he was doing, but the realized that he must have known that she was pulling her punches.

Lee’sa (Smiles): Mercury, You are the one I’m looking for.

Lee’sa brings her hands to together and a purple ki begins to glow and increase in size. Both her golden aura and Mercury's crimson aura matched in size and intensity.

Mercury: V-O-5!!!!

Lee’sa: Galick Beam Cannon!!!

Both blue and purple ki waves burst forth from their hands and collide together causing a beam struggle. Lee’sa’s beam was begin to overtake Mercury’s beam. He was already exhausted, but he figure the Lee’sa would never allow her beam to overtake his. Mercury increase his Kaioken and transfers that energy into the beam turn it blue to red and increased in size. The beam consumes and carries Lee’sa who is screaming in pain as the beam impacts and explodes on a massive Tree root. Mercury’s whole body trembles. He could barely stand. He was in excruciating pain. He slowly raise his index finger and found Lee’sa and instant transmission to her. He finds her leaning against the wall of the tree’s root unconscious. She has revert back to normal and was covered in burns Her armor is completely blown off leaving the black short sleeved spandex that was ripped up, but intact. Mercury staggers to her. Each step was agonizing to him. He finally reaches her and collapses next to her. He screams in pain and forces himself to lean on the wall. He pulls out a small case that has the Dermo-senzu in it. He moves Lee’sa right arm and injects it. He then holds her hand softly. He looks at her. She is more beautiful up close.

Mercury: You… certainly are… a honorable and powerful warrior…

Mercury passes out. Moments later, Lee’sa takes a sharp deep breath as her eyes pop open. She looked at her body and was completely healed, then she notice that something was holding her hand. She looks and see an unconscious Mercury right next to her. She spots in his right hand an empty dermoshot. She smiles warm and leans into Mercury.

Lee’sa: You could have healed yourself, and yet you choose me. Your truly are the one. I will never forget this.

Lee’sa gently hoist Mercury on her shoulder and carries him. She flies in to the air and spot their shuttle. She flies to it and lands and gently place Mercury on the ground. She looks up and see the rest of her team. They too are carrying their unconscious opponents. They place them on the ground gently as well.

Inya: I don’t understand Earthlings! Aren't we supposed to lose!? Why are we stand here!?

Pinnu: Before you jump to conclusions, think about this, It seems that they knocked all of us unconscious. So we technically lost.

Celar: True, but they technically forfeit when they gave us this shot and fell unconscious from the battle.

Lee’sa: Its a stalemate… neither side won this battle.

Potao: I agree with the stalemate.

Inya: Me too. I never had this much fun fighting an Earthling! They are certainly equal to us Saiyans.

Suddenly, they hear a boom in the sky and look up and see seven Saiyan attack pods enter the atmosphere. At a few seconds they arrive to their location and see Team Earth unconscious.

Saiyan Leader: As expected, the humans have lost.

Celar: Neither we nor the humans won. It is a stalemate.

Saiyan Leader: It does not matter, now stand aside we’ll take it from here.

Pinnu: On whose authority?

Saiyan leader: Orders from the Queen herself. We have won this challenge and the humans have lost, now stand aide while we exterminate this filth!

Inya: Queen Hanasia ordered this!? She’s cheating! She does not want to end the War!

Lee’sa: We're not going anywhere, if you want them, you'll have to go through me. (Steps between the humans and the assassins. Her teammates join her)

Saiyan Leader: This is treason! You are all traitors of the Imperium! The queen will know about this!

Pinnu: Not if you’re alive.

With that Pinnu fires a Ki wave from the palm of his hand and vaporizes all seven assassins. When that happens another Saiyans flies to them, but Pinnu also raised and fire a ki wave at him, but this saiyan deflects it with ease. Inya stops Pinnu as this tall, lanky and dull face saiyan approached.

Inya: Stop! He's a friend!

Celar: Who are you?

Broly: : I am Broly, son of Paragus.

Lee’sa: Paragus? You’re his son? I know him.

Broly: Then you must know his mission? Inya is our operative, she was the one who provide us with all the information we need to carryout our plan to end this war and dethrone Hanasia.

Inya: I have been contact with three defectors who joined the Star Team. With their cooperation. The Star Team deployed broadcasting probes all over this planet. Hanasia wanted to keep this from the public.

Celar: So everyone saw this battle?

Broly: Yes and they also saw this take place. Hanasia has been exposed to the galaxy including our people. My father’s reformation movement has gone public and was quick to gain support. Hanasia is no longer our queen. The people has made Paragus King.

Lee’sa: Hanasia won’t take this lightly, she will fight back.

Broly: We anticipated this. That is why we have to act quickly, my father has called an immediate peace treaty to be signed on Sadala. However, we only need two humans here to represent Earth. (While Broly was explaining this, the Saiyan were unaware the Cappa and Tuba was with them.)

Tuba: We’re coming too. (The Saiyans quickly turned around to see Tuba and Cappa standing there listening)

Cappa: We will be their escort and witnesses for the treaty.

Broly: That’s fine. Now, who will represent Earth?

Lee’sa glances down at Mercury and points at him and Jac as representatives. Broly nods and calls his ship to pick them up and to have them place in the Healing tank. When the ship arrives, Cappa contacts the Endar Spire and notifies them that they will have visitors and their mission. As Tuba and Broly takes Mercury and Jac onboard. Pinnu, Inya, Celar and Potao take Nicholson, Harris and Kendra on their shuttle and fly to the Earth ship in orbit. Broly ship then warps to Sadala. Onboard Mercury and Jac are place into the Healing tank. Lee'sa stood by and watch the tanks fill with the healing fluids when Cappa approached her.

Cappa: I recognize you. We met on Sadala when Cold and Hanasia made that partnership. (Lee'sa turns around and also recognizes him)

Lee'sa: Yeah, you tossed me that scouter. When I first saw you, I had a good vibe about you.

Cappa: I was that obvious?

Meanwhile on Sadala, Hanasia exit her private chambers and makes her way to the throne room. She was so confident that her elites would win the challenge so she never watched battle, but she felt that this Star Team would be trouble. She was glad that she sent her elite assassins to finish of the Earthlings, if they win. When she arrived at the doors to her throne. It did not open. It always opened when she approached. She open the door herself and enters and finds nobody inside. No attendants, royal guard, Generals and servants. All were gone. She quickly to gets irritated.

Hanasia: What's going on!? Where are my Servants!?

she walks to her throne and presses a button that turns on the monitor to the Galactic New. The first thing she sees shocks her. Paragus is crowed King of the Saiyans and he calls for immediate treaty with Earth. It also shows the assassins that she sent reveal everything before they are killed by Lee'sa and her team. The enrages her to see that Lee'sa has betrayed her. Seeing that her plan has failed and backfired brings her to the point of insanity! She continues to watch Paragus announce that the location of the Treaty and that two human representatives; Mercury and Jac will be there.


She THEN blast through the roof of the palace and rockets toward the castle at insane speeds, damaging and destroying everything in her path.

Power Levels[edit | edit source]

Team Earth

  • Mercury (300x Gravity): 700,000
  • Mercury (Tree of Might): 8,000,000
  • Mercury (Kaioken 21x): 168,000,000
  • Jac (300x Gravity): 605,000
  • Jac (Tree of Might): 6,750,000
  • Kendra (300x Gravity): 580,000
  • Kendra (Tree of Might): 6,000,000
  • Nicholson (300x Gravity): 560,000
  • Nicholson (Tree of Might): 5,900,000
  • Harris (300x Gravity): 530,000
  • Harris (Tree of Might): 5,600,000

Team Sadala

  • Lee'sa: 11,000,000
  • Lee'sa(Super Saiyan):170,000,000
  • Inya: 7,000,000
  • Pinnu: 7,800,000
  • Celar:6,300,000
  • Potao:6,200,000


  • Broly: 15,000,000
  • Saiyan assassins: 500,000

Act VII[edit | edit source]

Finale: Take down the Queen of All Saiyans[edit | edit source]

Mercury sits up on a metal table and looks around his surroundings. He was in a ship alright and it was Saiyan. Mercury face palms and thought to himself, “Great! I’m a prisoner of war!” Then he hears a familiar voice.

Jac: it’s about time you woken up. (Mercury turns and see Jac sitting in a chair wearing white saiyan armor with yellow shoulder in Black full-bodied spandex.)

Mercury: Why are you in that armor?

Jac (shrugs): Well, my clothes was badly damage. This is the only one they had. (Picks up the same white but shoulderless armor and blue spandex and tosses it to Mercury) They are quite comfortable though.

Mercury (puts on the spandex, boots and gloves, but examines the armor): How am I supposed to put this on?

Jac: It stretches like a shirt. (Mercury stretches it and is astounded. He puts on the armor as Jac explains to him the situation. Soon, Tuba and Cappa walks into the room. They followed by Lee’sa and Broly. Mercury and Lee’sa grin at each other and nod.)

Broly: Greetings Mercury, I’m Broly, I see that Jac has updated you. We are heading towards the old Tuffle castle to discuss a peace treaty. We can finally end this… (Broly stops talking as he and everyone else senses an extremely high power level.)

Cappa: That power is insane!

Lee’sa: That’s Hanasia! She heading for the meeting point!

Mercury: Then we need to intercept her, everyone grab hold of my shoulder, I will instant transmission.

Jac, Tuba and Cappa place their hands on Mercury shoulder while places his index finger on his forehead. Broly and Lee’sa looked confused, so Broly places his hand on his shoulder, but Mercury extends hand towards Lee’sa, who blushes and takes it. Jac rolls his eyes. They all vanished off the ship. Meanwhile, Hanasia was able to see the old Tuffle castle, but she stops mid-flight in front of group. A sinister smile stretches across her face as they land on the ground.

Hanasia: Well look what I have here. Two traitorous Saiyans, a slug and frost demon, and finally two pathetic weaklings.

Lee’sa (steps forward): Hanasia, You know I will never betray. I never said anything until, because I still believed in you. Ever since Plant, you have changed for the worse.

Hanasia: I never did change, this is who I am! A proud queen of all Saiyans!

Lee’sa: Is this what Zucane wanted!? For our people to be a race of murderers like the Tuffles. (Hanasia frowns, as if she remembered something.) You once told me 10 years ago that we fight for our people and for others, so that they will not experience the same horrors the Tuffles did to us.

Jac (leans over to Broly): What’s a Tuffle?

Broly: A story for another time. (Mercury steps forward next to Lee’sa on her right)

Mercury: Please Hanasia, lets end this senseless war between our people. We can live in peace and harmony together. (Holds Lee’sa hand. As soon as Hanasia see this, something snapped within.)

Hanasia (Laughs manically): Peace and harmony!? With Humans!? They are nothing even worth to live! After I’m through with you, I will destroyed this planet, and the next until I get to Earth! Anyone who sides against me will perish! (Loses her sanity as she continues to laugh with a crazed look on her face.)

Cappa: Then we will stop you here and now!

Hanasia: You really think you can stop me!? You have no idea who you are dealing with.

Broly: We know that you can transform to a Super Saiyan. So can I. What makes you special?

Hanasia (grins sadistically): What makes me Special? (Ground begins to shake and crumble around her.) LET ME SHOW YOU!!

Hanasia lets out a monstrous roar that is heard around the planet. Her colossal power is so enormous that it could be felt from outer space. An Alliance Armada carrying the President Furry was en route when their console began to short circuit everywhere due to this energy. Hanasia began to levitate in to the air. A sickly lime green aura erupts around her body as she violently transform. Almost every second, she would emit a powerful shockwaves. The six warriors were keeping themselves from being blown away with great difficulty. Hanasia’s eyes and mouth emit a lime green ray of light and she looked as if she was tearing apart, when suddenly she explodes in a intense flash of light. When the light dims, she enveloped in a wild sickly lime green aura. She was now 4 feet taller and insanely buff. She also has lime green wild spikey hair and her eyes are completely white. The warriors are shocked and horrified at what they saw.

Lee’sa: That’s not normal. I never seen her like this.

Broly: What do you mean?

Lee’sa: I seen her transform, but nothing like this. This is unnatural. What happen to her

Tuba: What Power! It’s immense!

Mercury: Everyone get ready! This is it! This ends now! (Mercury, Jac and Tuba ignite their Kaioken. Cappa powers up to 100% and Lee’sa and Broly transform into Super Saiyans. They enter their fighting stance as Hanasia looks at the warriors with a wicked grin and points at them. specifically at Mercury)

Hanasia: I will pulverize you!

A green Ki wave fire from her finger at the warriors. They evade as the beam explodes below them leaving a massive crater. Before they realized it, Hanasia was already on top of them. She punches at all of them with each blow breaking their blocks and sending them crashing into the Cliffside of the road leading to the castle. Broly was first to recover and charges at her. He thrusts a kick that is caught by Hanasia massive hand. He is then hurled in to old abandoned Tuffle city below her. He crashes through multiple buildings. She then drops to the city as Tuba and Cappa flank her and fired a combined beam wave as Lee’sa dashed head on with her. At great speeds, Hanasia grabs Lee’sa, turns and use her a shield as she screams in pain as the beam hits her. She is then thrown at Capper and Tuba who try to catch her, but she collide with them and are sent through a building behind them. Mercury moves in to attack her from below, but Hanasia spots him and fires a ki wave at him. Mercury barely dodges but is hit by the shockwave, blowing him away and destroying his armor in the process. Mercury lands flat on his back as Hanasia lands meters away from him. Jac attacks from above as he charges down at her to throw a punch, but Hanasia steps to the side and Jac crash on top of her without budging her. Jac bounces of her shoulder as she roundhouse kicks him. Jac soars high into the air and is followed by a ki wave the hits and carries him to the skyscraper that impacts it with a large explosion. Hanasia begins to sprint at Mercury, who is staggering to his feet. Broly and Cappa dash head on to the beast to do a combined attack, but she clothesline both of them. Mercury gets to his feet and blocks a kick from Hanasia and is knocked through a building behind him to a large field. He crash and rolls out of it. Hanasia leap to Mercury to stomp him, but she is intercepted by Tuba and Lee’sa when they shoulder charge her in the back. Hanasia turns and fires a ki wave from her mouth at Lee’sa, but Tuba gets in front of her and blocks it, blasting him away as Lee’sa dodges it. Before she could react, Hanasia was on top of her and throws a punch that sends her flying below. Lee’sa slams in the ground causing a large creator to form. She reverts back to her base form. The other fighters too were scattered around the area wounded and exhausted. Hanasia begins to Laugh at the warriors.

Hanasia: You are all a bunch of weaklings! Humans, Saiyans, Namekians, and Arcosians. All of you are worthless!

Mercury: You say that….but you’re dead wrong! (Hanasia turns around towards Mercury who floated up to her.) We are all here to stop a major threat to the whole galaxy, and that threat is you! WE WILL FIGHT TO OUR LAST BREATH TO STOP A MONSTER LIKE YOU!! KAIOKEN TIMES 50!!!

A Violent Crimson aura explodes from Mercury as her charges at Hanasia and throws a mighty punch that sends her flying. Lee’sa manage to stand up and watch with amazement at Mercury’s full power. He was able to hurt the Hanasia. Mercury the rockets behind Hanasia and double kicks her in the back making her soar into the sky. Then with instant transmission he appears behind her again and sledgehammers her to the ground make a huge crater. The he cups his hand to his side and powers up a ki orb. He transfer all of the Kaioken energy in to the orb turning it red. Electricity crackled from the orb and his power cause a wind storm to blow violently in the area.

Mercury: V-O-10!!!

He unleashes the wave as it explodes forward towards Hanasia who get to her and see the massive beam coming towards. Her mouth opens to scream but there is no sound except for a loud explosion that directly hits her. The wave continued onward into space where it was seen by the approaching UEA fleet. The beam then dissipates. On the planet’s surface was a colossal canyon was left by the beam of where Hanasia was standing. Lee’sa was stunned with her mouth open.

Lee’sa: This is his true power!? Incredible!

She looks up at Mercury, who was still in the air, trembling in pain due to overusing the Kaioken. He was exhausted, sweat poured down his face. He looks down at Lee’sa, smiles gives her a thumbs. Lee’sa smiles and nods back, but then her smile turned to horrified expression. Hanasia explodes from the crater below and charges directly at Mercury! The human did not have anytime to think when he was struck in his stomach with a might force. Mercury eyes nearly pop out as he loses his breathe and spits up blood. Hanasia was covered in burns and was total berserker mode! She then grabs Mercury's head head and held him high.


Hanasia begins to squeeze Mercury's head. He screams in agony and terror as he felt his skull crack under the pressure. Lee’sa could only watch as the one she has fallen in love is suffering. She grows hot with rage. Hanasia then takes Mercury and blast toward the surface and slam in him into the ground forming a large crater that is the size of two football stadiums. The ground around Lee’sa splits and cracks, adding fuel to her rage. Hanasia then releases and begins punch Mercury deeper into the ground with each punch shaking it. Lee’sa gnashes her teeth as Mercury is ruthlessly being beaten in the ground. She began to tremble in rage and it kept increase with every punch. Hanasia finally stop and steps back. Suddenly, Mercury’s hand rises with coin shaped energy ball on his index finger and flings it at Hanasia's face. Her rage returns and she stretches her hand and fires a lime green Ki blast at Mercury with a large explosion. It was at that moment the Lee’sa no longer felt Mercury’s essence. It was gone. She snaps and lets out a roar as her golden aura violently erupts from within her. Hanasia turn towards her spectacular display of power. Her hair becomes even spikier and her aura now emits electricity. The scattered warriors were able to come together and witness Lee’sa new power. She had ascended to Super Saiyan 2. She turns toward Hanasia with an intense stoic face. Tears ran down both of her eyes.

Hanasia (smiles sadistically): Looks like I hit a nerve. You do love this worm. That’s pitiful, even for… (Before She finished, Lee’sa moved so fast that Hanasia couldn’t even see her. She is struck in the left chin that sends her tail spinning in to a large boulder.)

Lee’sa: You’re not the Hanasia I know. You’re a murderer and a traitor to the saiyan race! Mercury… He’s the true warrior, a true hero! I will avenge his death!

Lee’sa blasts off towards Hanasia, who was staggering to her feet. Lee’sa then throws an onslaught of strikes that Hanasia could not keep up. Lee’sa then leaps behind her and grabs her by the tail and swings her into a nearby building which ripped her tail off in the process. Lee’sa does not let up. She pursued Hanasia and fires a volley of ki waves as he got closer to Hanasia. She blocks the volleys and thrust a punch at Lee’sa and strikes her in her face with her left fist. To Hanasia horror, she did not budge! Lee’sa grabs her and flips Hanasia on her back, twist and breaks Hanasia left arm. She screams in pain and then she is kicked off the ground and sent flying towards the nearby mountain. She slammed hard into mountain side and fell to the surface below. Hanasia was starting to lose control of herself and power that was within. It was becoming overwhelming. She watched as Lee’sa landed meters away from her and was walking towards her.


In a blind rage, Hanasia then charges at Lee’sa with all her might, breaking the ground behind her as she leaps. Lee’sa also put all of her power into one punch. They both get close to each with Hanasia throwing the first punch at Lee’sa, but only skins her faces. Lee’sa then throws her powerful punch directly into and through Hanasia’s abdomen. The energy with her began to spiral out of control! It was too much for her to handle. Her whole body begins to expand as the energy within grows. She lets out a final shriek as she explodes in a bright light that is seen from all around the planet and in orbit. The light disappears and Lee’sa is left standing alone. She reverts back to her base for and falls to her knees. She looks up and see the Endar Spire entering the atmosphere. She senses Cappa coming up behind her, he was partially healed, thanks to Tuba healing powers.

Cappa: Lee’sa, it’s Mercury, he is still alive, but barely. Tuba is keeping him sta… (Before Cappa finish, she blasts off towards the other group. Cappa stood there with dumb look on his face.) Yep, there is definitely something going on between those two.

Tuba was kneeling with both hands over Mercury, who was almost completely charred. Lee’sa lands next to Tuba and kneeled down as well. Mercury, opens one eye looks at her and manages to smile. Lee’sa could not contain her tears anymore.

Lee’sa: I thought I lost you.

Mercury: nope… still here… heh.

Jac: The medical team is on the way, but I feel he won't last much longer.

Broly: We need put him in the Healing tank, the liquid will regenerate his body at the cellular level. In fact, that castle has one, it’s old so it won’t be as fast as the newer models.

So they carefully pick up and take Mercury to the castle. They find and placed him in the tank and place a breath mask on his face. The fluid begins to fill then tank. Mercury no longer felt pain and was relaxed. He watched as everyone leaves except for Lee’sa, who sat in front of the tank watching him. Mercury then closes his eye and falls to sleep. 16 hours have passed, and the Healing tank has completed it cycle. The liquid drains and the capsule doors open. Mercury steps out still wearing a tattered spandex is completely healed. Lee’sa was sitting in a chair holding his UEA dress uniform. She stands up as Mercury approached her.

Mercury: That was the best sleep I had in years! I don’t know why, but the bubbles are the best part. (Lee’sa giggled as she handed him his uniform. She turns around as Mercury changes and peaks to see if he was decent.)

Lee’sa (Turns towards Mercury): I want to tell you something. Of all the males among my species ad others, you are only one who is selfless, honorable, and powerful. Even though you are Earthling and you have limits, you never allow that to stop you. (Moves closer to Mercury) Fighting against and along with you made me happy, and I want to be with you, forever. I love you.

Mercury (smiles warmly): I never met a women like you. You truly are a powerful warrior with pride. I love you too. (Kneels on right knee and takes her hand) Lee’sa, will you marry me?

Lee’sa (confused): What’s that? Is that a food?

Mercury: Uh… well… it is an agreement that show that we will be mates for life. Bonded as one flesh. That is how we do it on Earth. Now there will be a feast afterwards with lots of food.

Lee’sa: Then yes, I would love to marry you!

Mercury grins and embrace Lee’sa. They have a huge wedding hours before the Signing of the peace treaty. When the time came, Saiyans, Humans, Arcosian, Namekians and many more species that was involved in the War including former Planet Trade Organization species gathered at the Sadala capital which is where the royal palace was located. The signing was broadcasted on the galactic net. President Furry and King Paragus signed the Treaty of Parniss and forged a alliance together. They shake hands and make the announcement.

Paragus: On this day, mark a new era for the Saiyan race...

Furry: ...and the Human race. With the signing of the treaty. THE WAR IS NOW OVER!!!

The crowd cheer in celebration of the end of the war. The Star Team and Lee’sa Team stood together, they too cheered as well. Mercury and Lee’sa stood together. They turn toward each other and kiss as Fireworks explode in the sky.

Power Levels[edit | edit source]


  • Mercury: 8,000,000
  • Mercury (Kaioken 21x): 168,000,000
  • Mercury (Kaioken 50x): 400,000,000
  • Mercury (Near-death): 0.1
  • Jac: 6,750,000
  • Jac (Kaioken 15x): 101,250,000
  • Lee'sa (Zenkai): 20,000,000
  • Lee'sa (Super Saiyan): 250,000,000
  • Lee'sa (Super Saiyan 2): 500,000,000
  • Broly: 15,000,000
  • Broly (Super Saiyan):210,000,000
  • Cappa: 50,000,000
  • Cappa (100%): 190,000,000
  • Tuba: 19,000,000
  • Tuba (Kaioken 10x):190,000,000


  • Hanasia: 30,000,000
  • Hanasia (Super Saiyan Anomaly): 450,000,000

Epilogue[edit | edit source]

12 days later.

Mercury and Lee’sa were on Sadala for the 2 week. They both are invited to known saiyan bar by unknown person. They walked up a flight of stairs. Lee’sa was wearing her white saiyan armor and Mercury was wearing blue jeans with an orange Hawaiian shirt.

Mercury: Are you sure about this? You think a place like this is ready for a human to walk in?

Lee’sa: They better, after all you did married a super saiyan.

Mercury: True.

They come to a door that slide open automatically to bar. The saiyans were eating and drinking way, but then caught sight of Mercury, who starts to sweat a little. He knows that he can easily overpower all of them at once, but he respects the saiyans power. He see a group of female saiyans giving him a seductive look.

Lee’sa: Alright listen up! (Grabs Mercury by the arm) This human is my mate! If you want him, you have to come through me! (Mercury smiles nervously. Then he hears a familiar voice.)

Vegeta: Well, looks like you won the heart of our elite!

Mercury: Vegeta!? Long time no see!

The fiery haired saiyan wear his usual white armor in light blue spandex walks up to Mercury. They both do a fist bump. He nods at Lee’sa in respect.

Vegeta: Just like I promised. I told you drinks are on me when you Lee’sa becomes you mate. (Points to a large table with other saiyans sitting at it, all of them Mercury and Lee’sa recognized)

Mercury: Nappa, Turles, Bardock and crew, good to see you all too!

Nappa: Feelings is mutual comrade. (They all sat down. They talked and had laughs. They also had drinks and feast of food. Hours have passed and the sun was starting to set.)

Mercury: So, all you can go super saiyan now, that’s awesome! I’m jealous actually. We humans can’t even transform. You will never hear of a Super Human. Kaioken is all we have.

Kakarot: That Kaioken is something! I love to learn it someday. Perhaps mix it in with super saiyan and make Super Kaioken.

Lee’sa: That’s not a bad idea Kakarot.

Mercury (puts is right arm around Lee’sa): You know, I’m glad you are all here. Lee’sa and I have be discussing about this. On Earth, we have the Star Team, which is made up of all human fighters.

Lee’sa: We wanted to make two more teams. One is an all-Super saiyan team. We decide to call them the Regiment. But this last teams is going to be an multi-species fighting force.

Mercury: They are the Z-Fighters

Turles: I like it, but who is the leader of these teams.

Lee’sa: For the Regiment, We agreed that Pinnu. He has proven himself more of a capable Leader.

Pinnu: It will be an honor.

Mercury: The Star team is Kendra. Finally for the Z-Fighters; Myself.

Lee’sa: As far as a base of operation, we are still trying to decide, we will keep you all inform, but for now we will be located on Earth.

Mercury: what do you all think?

They all agreed with enthusiasm. After few minutes, Lee’sa and Mercury bid the Regiment farewell. Lee’sa take Mercury on a tour of Sadala. Mercury spots a strange white structure protruding from a crater made by Hanasia’s stray Ki blast.

Mercury: Hey! What’s that over there?

Lee’sa (stops and looks): I don’t know. I never seen it before. (They fly to the structure and land in front of it. It looked like it was a door, and it was still shiny. They walk closer to it and examine it. Mercury notice something familiar with the metal.)

Lee’sa: What is this?

Mercury: I have no idea.

Suddenly, the door activates and opens slowly to them. They hear a female voice say “Lifeform presence recognized, Welcome home.” Mercury and Lee’sa are baffled. They slowly enter into the structure into a dark area when suddenly the lights turn on. They continue to walk down the corridor as the door behind them close. They made their way to another door and it was a locked door and on the door in bold letter in English it reads; Initiative.

Lee’sa: Ok, I am completely confused. What did it mean by lifeform recognized?

Mercury (shrugs): We are about to find out. Now I’m curious.

Lee’sa: What if it’s a trap?

Mercury: It’s nothing we can’t handle.

Mercury examines the door closely and see what looks to be a scanner. As he gets closer the screen flash green. Mercury jumps back as the door makes a loud hiss and opens. They hear the same female voice say, “Access approve, Welcome Administrator.” Mercury and Lee’sa look at each other confused. Inside the area looked like a lobby. There was a circler desk that to had the words Initiative on it too. Mercury examines a computer that he has never seen before. Lee’sa turned her attention to a wall that had pictures.

Lee’sa: Mercury, Look at this. I don’t understand.

Mercury (walks over to her and looks at the pictures, then a shocking realization came to him): They’re… Humans?

Lee’sa (looks at her husband with a shocked look): What? That’s impossible.

They took more of an interest with two people. One was a woman and under her picture it says Tiffany Sadala PH.D, Founder of the Initiative. Second, was a man and his name, Akira Saijan. MD, Chief Geneticist.

Lee’sa: Tiffany Sadala? Sadala is our planet. But this Akira Saijan, it also sounds like…

Mercury: Saiyan… (Glances to the left and sees a room with a sign over it) Hey look, archives.

Lee’sa (turns and looks): Let’s check it out.

They walk to the door and enter and see a large screen in front of them and a computer next to it with a blue screen that reads; System ready. Mercury walks to it, he looks down to a keyboard and presses a button that reads enter. Lee’sa was looking around when she see the screen activating. And begins talking. Mercury turns and looks at the screen and sees and man who looks like Akira Saijan, but way older.

Akira Saijan: Hello my children, if you are seeing this, it means that I have passed. The date is June 7, 2071 or like some would call it Age 209. I made this to remind you of where you come from, and how we got here to our new home. This is your home now, while my home planet, Earth has died.

Lee’sa: Earth!? Humans!? How!?

Mercury: He said it was Age 209. Its 749 today… This was made 540 years ago. (Types on the keyboard) Here are more archives, this one is on Earth. (Inputs the command and the screen changes to what looks like a News media.)

Newsman: This is INN, International News Network bringing you a special report. Today on May 25, 2018, a large meteorite has landed in South America in the Amazon forest. The United Nations has sent in a containment unit to the impact site. (The screen then transitions to another news).

(January 4, 2019) Newswoman: Since the impact of the Meteor, Scientist have discovered that the meteor contains massive amount of a powerful energy source. They are calling it Kinergy. However the World Health Organization discovers that the Kinergy has also created a new radiation sickness. (The screen then transitions to another news)

(February 15, 2019) Newswoman: Professor Tiffany Sadala, founder of the Initiative as recently discover an exo-planet that has been confirmed to be exactly like our own planet. NASA and Star Tech Systems has agreed to construct a new State-of-the-Art Colony Starship which will utilize Kinergy as it power source. The mission will be called the Izumo Plan. (The screen then transitions to another news)

(October 15, 2022) Newsman: The death toll continues to rise due the Sickness spreading and the cataclysmic changes to our planet. Due to this Raccoon City, Missouri suffered a catastrophic Earthquake that caused a nuclear explosion, killing over 100,000 people. The United States President has issued a state of emergency. In other news, the Initiative’s New Generation Colony ship is nearing completion. (The screen then transitions to another news)

(September 29, 2024) Newswomen: With the New Generation complete, construction of the Event Horizon is underway. Social media is calling our time, the Cataclysm Era, many see the Initiative as the hope of the human race. The New Generation is set to launch on November 12, 2026. (The screen then transitions to another news)

(January 16, 2026) Newsman: Tragedy has struck the Initiative as Professor Tiffany Sadala succumbed to the sickness. Administrator Simon Smith is taking over as coordinator of the Initiative and is continuing to launch the New Generation as schedule. This morning he gave a speech at the press conference.

Simon Smith: The loss of Professor Sadala has greatly impacted us, but we will not let this tragic loss stop us. We will continue the Izumo Plan as scheduled. (screen transition in to a video showing the Launch of the New Generation. The transitions to another news on board the New Generation)

(June 30, 2027) Initiative Reporter: This is the Initiative Bulletin. What would take 200 years to reach our destination, will only take one year thanks to the state-of-the-art Jump Drive. (camera turns to the planet below) This is Planet TS-001, however the planet will be renamed to Sadala in remembrance of our founder. (the screen then transitions to news on Earth)

(2028 CE) INN News: The Death toll has skyrocketed since the launch of the New Generation. Worldwide, many nations have entered in to a state of emergency as many cities are crumbling with the catastrophic change caused by the Kinergy crisis. Administrator Smith made this special announcement last night.

Simon Smith: Due to the fatal changes worldwide, the Izumo Plan will be cancelled. However, we have located a suitable area that is completely safe from the cataclysm. We will call this location; Dragonland. We are also discovered that 1/3 of the population have developed an immunity to the sickness. Henceforth, we will begin the Dragon Plan. We the Initiative will save as many people as possible. (the screen then transitions to Sadala)

(2029 CE – Age 167) Initiative Reporter: It has been one year since establishing the New Arcadia underground settlement. We are unable to go outside due to the extremely gravity. Food and supplies are running short, and some have contracted the Sickness. However, Chief Geneticist Dr. Akira Saijan and brought forth an Idea. He plans to infuse Kinergy with the embryos in hopes in rising genetically modified oofsprings to survive the climates outside. The Board has considered his request.

(March 14,2029) Screen transition to a woman giving birth to a child, a boy with spiky hair and a brown tail.

A shocked look appears on Lee’sa and Mercury’s face. The screen shows a nursery with more and more newborns like the first child that was born. They watch the screen transitions back to earth.

(2033 CE -Age 172) INN Reporter: As the Dragon Plan continues, Radical nations that supported the Izumo Plan launch a military attack on the Initiative Headquarters at Arcadia, Greenland. Their attack was unsuccessful thanks to the prepared Private military on site. However, Initiative Administrator Simon Smith is presumed killed in action. Social order has decayed and the United Nation has collapsed. (the screen then transitions to Sadala)

(2035 CE- Age 174) Initiative Reporter: Many more genetically modified children are being born. The colonist would call them Saiyans since the look exactly like an old cartoon on Earth. We have breaking news: a transmission from Initiative headquarters on Earth was just received from Administrator Smith.

Simon Smith: This will be the last transmission. The global network is gone and social orders is gone. The Cataclysm has stop, but nearly 80% of the population has lost their lives to the sickness and the cataclysmic change. Earth is gone. You are the last of Humanity. Keep our species alive. Farewell from Earth. (Screen transitions)

Two elder human couples sitting together on a sofa. They are then joined by their family. 4 adult Saiyans, 2 males and 2 females with their children of 3. They sit together and smile at the camera. At the bottom corner of the screen it said, “the Saijan family.” The screen blacks out. Lee’sa and Mercury sat on a bench with stunned look on the faces.

Mercury: Saiyans… Are humans? (continues to look through the archives)

Lee’sa (Flabbergasted): no-no-no-no-no, that can’t be. Saiyans are a warrior race. There is No way we're humans.

Mercury (pulls up a file on the computer): Its true all of it. The first Saiyan recorded in history. He was born March 14, 2029 Age 168. Since then many more were born and they saved they colony and expanded.

Lee’sa (walks over to him and examines the files.): I think I starting to know how my people were enslaved. Search for Tuffle.

Mercury (types on keyboard): Tuffle… Ah, tuffle…. Tuffle Confederacy? It says here that first contact was made on October 4 ,2198, Age 337. They were hostile. It says that the Initiative fought back but the Tuffles had advance technology unlike anything they seen. They located and wiped out all the Humans. It says that the Tuffles deem them unworthy to live. The Saiyans at that time must of thought that the humans were extinct. After that, that’s it. The archives end.

Lee’sa: That explains everything. We were enslaved for 400 years. Everything about the Initiative and the humans, was lost.

Mercury: Until now, but what about Earth. It said that an Initiative base there was attack but not destroyed and this Simon Smith was in fact still alive. There might be more archives there.

Lee’sa: What I’m more worried about is how this will affect everyone.

Mercury: Then let’s call a private meeting with the president and the King. They should handle this. (Lee’sa agrees to this.)

They left the compound and flew straight to King Paragus. They contacted President Furry and told them everything and as well as showed them the archives they brought back On Mercury’s request, The Alliance sent an expedition team to set coordinates and found the ruins of the Initiative base under the ice. When they was able to cut their way inside. They find the preserve froze remains of Simon Smith and more archives. A sample was collected from the body for examination and it was revealed that Mercury is his descendant! The Archives were then released to the public. While it did cause mass disturbance on both Earth and Sadala, they quickly accept it and the relation was greatly strength. After all that Mercury and Lee’sa goes on Earth. That following morning, Mercury was cooking a large breakfast, mainly for his wife. A few minutes later Lee’sa walks into the kitchen with a smile.

Mercury: Good morning honey, breakfast will be done soon.

Lee’sa: Mercury, I’m pregnant! (Mercury stops cold and turns around slow towards Lee’sa with a huge grin.)


Next Story: the Tuffle Arc: Chapter One.

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