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This is Chapter two for the full story of the Human-Saiyan War Arc.

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Act IVEdit

The Dragon Ball Crisis (1/2)Edit


Mercury was sitting in his office at EDF Headquarters look at a computer screen that showed a brunette haired girl with blue eyes. He thought to himself. “I will not give up Sarah.” When suddenly, he hears a familiar voice.

King Kai: Mercury!

Mercury: King Kai? I have haven’t heard you in months. What’s up?

King Kai: Are you aware of the Dragon balls?

Mercury: You find seven balls and it will summon a dragon that can grant one wish. What about them?

King Kai: There is powerful evil who schemes to use the Dragon Balls.

Mercury: On Earth?

King Kai: No, on the Planet Namek. His name is Frieza. He is a threat that is stronger than the Saiyans. He is going to use the Dragon balls to obtain great power!

Mercury: We can’t allow him to do that, if he obtains that power, then he will be a threat to the galaxy! I need to notify the Director to approve this mission. How strong is this Frieza?

King Kai: He is on a whole new level. He is far stronger than the Saiyans. I don't think you can stop him.

Mercury: We have to do something. Thanks for the info King Kai. (Gets up and instant transmission to Raily’s office. When he appears, Raily is startled)

Director Raily: Jeez! You got to warn someone when you do that Colonel!

Mercury: My bad. I just received a message from King Kai. An entity called Frieza is after the Dragon Balls on the Planet Namek. If he uses them, he will obtain unlimited power. We have to stop him!

Raily: Just how powerful is this Frieza?

Mercury: From what King Kai said, Stronger than the Saiyans.

Raily (stares at Mercury with disbelief): And you want to have my strongest team to go there? You do realize you are getting five new recruits.

Mercury: I understand, but we need to act now. Plus this will look good for the Alliance’s Liberation Campaign. Star Team Alpha with the exception one will go. while this one will train Star Team Beta.

Raily (Leans back in his chair, scratching his head.): Fine. Colonel, I am ordering the Star Team to go to Namek and stop this Frieza at all cost.

Mercury: Understood Director. (Places both index fingers on his forehead and vanishes).

Mercury appears at the Star Team’s building where he gives them new orders to travel to Namek. He also has Jac stay behind and train the new recruits named Yamcha, Tien, Krillin, Chi-Chi and Launch. For their journey, Dr. Briefs gives the ship with a built in gravity generator that can go up to 100 times gravity. The Star Team with the exception of Jac board the ship readying to launch for their 3 month journey. Jac stood by and watched.

Jac: Oh come on! Why do I have to train the recruits?

Mercury: Because, I need you to keep an eye on Earth while we are on Namek. You are strongest besides me you know. Also you did help train me under Master Mutaito.

Jac (Sighs): Alright, they do show promise, I will train them hard. Be careful cousin.

Mercury: Always.

Mercury boards the Ship and it launches into space for planet Namek. Onboard, Mercury then briefs Kendra, Nicholson, Harris and Dre'lon on their mission. He then has the gravity generator turned on at 60 times and to set to increase to 100 during their duration of their journey so they can train and increase their Kaioken for the mission ahead.

Meanwhile on Sadala, Lee'sa was summoned by Hanasia. She makes her way to the throne room to find that she is not there. However her Majordomo was there.

Lee'sa: Where is the Queen?

Majordomo: She awaits you in her training chambers.

Lee’sa: Training Chamber? Where is it at?

He points her to a strange looking metallic door. Lee'sa walks over to it opens the door which makes a loud hissing noise. She enters and see Hanasia waiting for her. Lee’sa approaches her while looking around the chamber. Hanasia was standing next to a console that had numbers on it.

Lee’sa: What is this place?

Hanasia: A gravity chamber. Our scientist where able to reverse Human technology and develop this machine. It can increase the gravity making everything heavy. That is how this Mercury defeated you. (Lee’sa lowers her head in shame.) How long has it been since last trained together.

Lee’sa: 9 years.

Hanasia (Smile Sadistically): Then it’s time that you and I catch up. I want your team to join us as well.

Lee’sa was uneasy to her response but she agreed to train. She summons Pinnu, Inya, Celar and Potao. They all enter the Chamber as the doors closed behind them.

The Star Team arrives to Namek after 3 months and land on the surface of the green planet on a large island. The ship’s door open and Kendra was the first to step out. She observed the planets green skies, blue grass and scattered island. The water was also green which makes up majority of the planet. She is joined by rest of the Team.

Dre’lon: This place looks like home…except for the opposite colors.

Harris: So this is Namek?

Mercury: Alright people, keep your powers suppressed and survey the area. (Sense a high power level).

Nicholson: That power is heading this way!

Mercury: Quick! Capsule the ship and hide in that cave.

Harris runs to the ship and press a red button that poofs the ship into a capsule. He then dashes and joins the others in the cave. They watch as multiple aliens soar pass their location. After a few seconds they are out of sight. Nicholson peeks outside and gives the all clear.

Nicholson: That must be Frieza, and he has an army.

Kendra: I was able to scan their power levels. Frieza is 530,000!

Harris: Even after training in hundred times gravity, its still not enough.

Dre’lon (looks up in the sky and spots three Saiyan pods entering the atmosphere.): You have got to be kidding me! Three Saiyan pods have enter the area north of here.

Mercury: This does not abode well. Ok, Nicholson, Dre’lon and Harris. I want you three to observe and report on the Saiyans. Kendra and I will observe Frieza. Gather as much information as you can.

Star Team: Understood.

They then separated to the destination to observe. Harris, Dre’lon and Nicholson soon arrived to where the three Saiyans have landed and hid from the sight and suppressed their powers. The saiyans exit their pods and surveyed the area. They are Vegeta, Nappa and Turles.

Turles: Planet Namek; home of the slug people.

Nappa: Yeah, I heard that there some who are great fighters.

Vegeta: Stay focus. We are here for the Dragon Balls. If anyone gets in our way, we will deal with them. (Scouter begins to beep.) Speak of the devil. (A violet skinned alien approaches them and lands in front of him. He had an arrogant smile on his face as he looks at the saiyans)

Cui: Well hello Saiyans. What reason do you have for being on this world?

Vegeta: We can ask you the same thing.

Cui: Well, if you must know. Lord Frieza is on this planet. I advise that you leave or I will force you.

Nappa (Laughs): Quite the hotshot isn’t he?

Cui: Quiet Saiyan! You three are no match for me. I scan your power levels. You're all weak.

Turles: You think we are weak, but you underestimate us. Your scouter deceives you. (At inhuman speeds, Turles strikes Cui in the stomach break piece of his armor around his fist. The Alien felt his eye were about to pop out.) We know how to control our power level.

The alien was clearly terrified when he saw their true power. He desperately tried to flee, but he was incinerated by Nappa who fired a Ki blast from his month. Nicholson, Harris, and Dre’lon looked with shock. They watched the three saiyans fly away to find the Dragon balls. The three humans followed at a distance. Later, Mercury and Kendra caught up with Frieza and his posse at a Namekian village. They watched in disgust as Frieza's men raid the village and kill any Namekians that tried to run. Kendra was getting angry, but Mercury calmed her. He continued to look at Frieza who was sitting lazily in his personal vehicle between two aliens named Zarbon and Dodoria who both held two large dragon balls. One of Frieza men brought out an older Namekian named Moori and his two Children, Dende and Trom. He was also hold a 2-star Dragon ball.

Frieza: Hello there, would you be so kind, and give me that the Dragon Ball. If you do, I’ll let you go unharmed.

Moori: I refused to give it to a tyrant like you.

Frieza: Ho Ho Ho! A brave one. Dodoria would you please. (Their scouters begins to beep. They look up in the direction and see four Namekian warriors flying in. They land between the defenseless Namekians and Frieza’s men).

Mercury (looking at the tall namekian): That one is stronger than the rest.

Kendra: Good, reinforcements.

Namekian Warrior (look at the tall one): Tuba go and protect them, we will handle this. (Tuba nods and goes to the others.)

Romne: These slugs think they can stop us? They must be shaking in their boots. Come on men let get them for Lord Frieza!

They then charge at the three warriors screaming at the top of their voice. The Namekian began to release their energy and attack the men with great speeds. Frieza’s men fired their Ki weapons at the warriors but were unable to hit them due to their great speed. In the dust, the warrior defeat the soldiers one by one. When the dust settled the warriors are still standing. Frieza clapped his hands in amusement. Then he snapped his fingers for Dodoria to face him. With a wicked smile he puts down the Dragon ball and approaches them. The warriors without hesitation charged the fat alien and threw everything they got, but Dodoria was too strong for them. With ease, he annihilates them. It was a massacre. He turns towards the surviving Namekians. Tuba steps forward to protect them. Dodoria then dashes at Tuba, but suddenly Kendra appears and dropkicks the fat alien in his face. The force sends him flying and impacting into a building destroying it. Mercury then appears behind her facing the Namekians.

Mercury: If you want to live follow me! (At first they hesitated) Do you want stay with them or with me. (They nodded in agreement. Mercury then grabs the two children and blast off with the Namekians. Kendra follows behind.)

Dodoria (comes out of the rubble rubbing his bruised left cheek): What was that?

Frieza: Dodoria! Don’t just stand there! Get my Dragon Ball!

Dodoria: Uh…y-yes Lord Frieza (Blast off to pursue them.)

In midflight Mercury was leading the Namekians away with Kendra in tow. Moori point Mercury to another location which was the Grand Guru place. Dodoria soon wound catch up with them. Mercury looked back at Kendra, who looks at him and points at their pursuer. Mercury nods. Kendra then turns and goes for Dodoria as the rest flies away. Kendra then stops as Dodoria stops in front of her.

Dodoria: You got some guts to do a cheap shot on me! Who are you anyway?

Kendra: Major Kendra of the Star Team. I am from Earth.

Dodoria: An Earthling!? You must be really dumb to attack me. You're nothing compared to me!

Kendra: Oh! Is that so? Well, let me show you something then.

At insane speeds, Kendra appears in front of Dodoria and throw a series of consecutive punches and the fat alien could not even see or block. She then strike him in the stomach with her right knee, knocking the air out of Dodoria. The she place her left hand on the alien's chest and looks at him in his terrified eyes.

Kendra: This is for the innocent lives you massacred. (Blast a hole through Dodoria, instantly killing him. His body falls to the waters below. Kendra the turns to join Mercury at Guru's place.)

Mercury and Namekians arrive at Guru’s place on top of a tall plateau. After Mercury releases the two children he was carrying, he introduces himself and Kendra, who arrived few seconds later. As they are talking, Mercury realized that Piccolo was a Namekian as well… an evil one. These people are very peaceful.

Moori: We are very grateful that you came here to help us. Please, take this as a gift of our appreciation, you can have this dragon ball. (Hands the sphere to Mercury who takes it.).

Mercury: Oh, thank you!

The door to guru himself opens and exit another Namekian called Nail. He has the two Earthlings come inside to see Guru. Once they enter they see the giant grand guru of the Namekians.

Guru: Hello my friends. Thank you for helping my people in this time of crisis.

Kendra: It is our duty as part of the United Earth Alliance’s Liberation Campaign. We were told that your planet was in danger, we had to help.

Guru: That you did. Please take this dragon ball for safe keeping. (Picks up a 7 star dragon ball over his head and hands it to Mercury, who is still hold the first one.) There is also something I want to do to help your cause. Mercury, please come to me.

Mercury looked confused, he hands over the dragon balls to Kendra and approaches Guru to his left side. Guru gently place his large hand over Mercury’s head.

Guru: I sense an amazing potential locked within you. I will unlock it for you. (Suddenly Mercury’s white aura erupts around him. He fells a huge surge of power flow through him. He never felt so much power.)

Mercury: Whoa! That Energy! It feels good! I feel better that good! I FEEL SO ALIVE!!

Kendra (Scanning Mercury): Wow! Your power tripled. You were 115,000. Now you are 300,500!

Guru:Kendra, you too have great potential within you, please approach me. (Kendra puts down the dragon balls and goes to Guru. He unlocks her potential as well.)

Kendra: WAHOO! This feels great!

Mercury: I know right!

As the two earthling continued on with their newfound power. Tuba smile slightly thinking to himself. “Earthlings are strange.

Meanwhile, Frieza returns to his ship with four dragon balls that he has placed on the bridge of the ship. He then opens communication and contacts the Ginyu Force. Then he leaves alone to find out were that power surge came from. As he left, Vegeta, Nappa and Turles hid from sight from Frieza and his men. As soon as he was far enough, they begin their attack. They easily wiped out the guards outside and entered from above the ship. Then they blast a hole through the domed window of the bridge and flew out carrying the dragon balls. Harris, Nicholson, and Dre’lon continued to observe. Soon they see Zarbon pursue them. Then they got up and followed at a distance. They caught up with them, hid and watch as Vegeta fights Zarbon, who has transformed into a beast. They clashed, throwing punches and kicks at each other. Soon Vegeta got the upper hand and was able to blast a hole through Zarbon, sending his body flying into the waters.

Dre’lon: Wow, he never stood a chance!

Nicholson: They have five now. Harris contact Mercury, and tell him of the situation.

Harris (nods and pulls out a communicator and calls Mercury.): Harris to Mercury.

Mercury: Go ahead.

Harris: The Saiyans have 5 dragon balls now. The raid Frieza's ship and took four. However before that, they obtain one from a village.

Mercury: Oh, no. What did they do? Are their casualty?

Harris: Actually Sir, it’s not what you think. The village that they went to was already under attack by Frieza’s men. The Saiyans eliminated them and saved the Namekians.

Kendra: Saved them? (Looks at the Guru who nods in confirmation) Could it be that they are here for a different purpose?

Mercury: Maybe? Right now we have two.

Harris (Sense high power level entering the area): Hold on… five aliens just enter the area with the Saiyans. The Leader looks pretty strong… They just took the other five Dragon Balls. They must be with Frieza. They have engaged the Saiyans.

Mercury: Understood, we're on our way, Mercury out. Kendra lets hide the dragon balls and get to them fast.

Kendra: Got it!

Guru: Please take Tuba with you, he is our second greatest warrior.

Mercury (smiles at him): Welcome aboard Tuba, do you know any good hiding spot?

Tuba: I do. Please follow me.

They fly off to the hiding spot. Later, the Ginyu force that fought the saiyans, proved to be stronger than them. Burter was able to obtain all five of the dragon ball at speeds faster that what the Saiyans could see. The saiyans fought against on member of the force and his name was Recoome. He completely dominate all three of them. Turles was knocked unconscious and Nappa and Vegeta are severely wounded.

Recoome: Man, that fight was boring. I thought saiyans were suppose to be strong!

Guldo: This job is too easy. (Scouter began to beep) What the? Who’s this?

Harris, Dre’lon and Nicholson hop onto the field between the Ginyu force and the Saiyans. They are soon joined by Mercury, Kendra and Tuba. However Tuba quickly turns around with a shocked expression and blast away. Mercury was confused, but sense a Frieza was at Guru. He understood why Tuba would leave just like that. The saiyans are surprised to see that the Earthlings are here as well. They are even more surprised when the Star Team walked to them and stood in front of them; Protecting them.

Dre’lon (turns around and kneels): We got your back. Here take these and inject them, it will heal you. (Gets back up and turns toward the Ginyu Force.)

Captain Ginyu: Who are you supposed to be?

Jeice: Captain, don’t you recognized them from the Galactic net? That's the Star Team! Their from Earth!

Ginyu: The Star Team eh?. Well, You all came to the wrong place. Because you now face! (They all posed) The Ginyu Force!

Harris (turns toward Nicholson with a confused face): Are these guys for real?

Ginyu (Scans Mercury and notice that he has high power level. Bigger than his. He was shocked, but then smiled sinisterly): Mercury is it? I like your Body. Guldo Now!

The small green Alien then jumps forth and use a technique that paralysis the Star Team. They were unable to move. Ginyu then powers up and looks at Mercury.

Ginyu: Change Now! (A purple beam comes forth from Ginyu towards Mercury. He was defenseless. Kendra, with all her might was able to break the hold. She fired a Ki wave at Guldo erasing him and jumps in front to the beam and is hit. The remaining Star Team is free. Mercury was behind Kendra, who seem dazed.)

Mercury: Kendra are you alright? (Mercury slow stretches out his hand to her when suddenly she turns and backhands him sending him flying a few meters away. He impacts the ground dazed.)

Ginyu (In Kendra’s body examines himself): It not his, but this will do. She has a lot of power!

Kendra (in Ginyu’s body knows what happens): Guys, He switched bodies me! He has my power now!

Ginyu (laughs): Now! Ginyu force Attack! Show no mercy!

Recoome, Jeice and Burter do a attack pose and dash at the Star Team. Recoome headed for Dre’lon and head-butts him send him flying backwards. Dre’lon quickly recovers by performing a back flip and then counterattacks by charging at red haired brute. He moved so fast the Recoome did not even see him until he felt extreme pressure in his abdomen. Dre’lon struck him with his left elbow. Elsewhere, Jeice and Burter would do combined attacks on Harris and Nicholson. They felt confident that they are stronger than the earthlings. However, they never faced the Star Team. At inhuman speed, the two Earthlings would separate the two aliens and like Recoome they are taken down in one hit. Seeing that all of his team annihilated so fast, Ginyu stood in shock.

Ginyu (shock turns to anger): No…. You killed my men… YOU WILL ALL PAY DEARLY!!!

Somehow, Ginyu accidently actives the Kaioken at maximum which is Kaioken 5x. Harris, Dre’lon and Nicholson all ignite their maximum kaioken as well. Kendra runs over to Mercury, who is still dazed. Ginyu goes on the offensive and attacks the 3 earthlings. Later, Vegeta, Nappa, and Turles have recovered thanks to the Dermo-Senzu. They watched in awe at the power of the Star Team and their fight against Ginyu.

Nappa: I heard that the Star Team was formidable, but they are far more powerful than what we were led to believe.

Turles: Why do they want the Dragon balls?

Vegeta: I don’t think they’re here for the Dragon balls.

Meanwhile, Tuba arrives at Guru’s place and it was horrified when he saw the large hole in the celling. He hovers over it and is relieved that the Guru is well. So was Moori and his two children, but Nail was not there.

Tuba: Nail… He’s fighting that tyrant! I have to help him.

Guru: Wait my child! Nail will only slow him down. Frieza is too powerful. Not even the Earthlings would stand a chance. However, with the combined might of Namek, we will have a chance. Tuba fuse with me.

Moori (shocked): Guru, we need you. If you fuse we will not have a leader.

Guru: I am well aware my child. You are the next Guru.

Tuba approached Guru on his left side. The giant Namekian place his hand one Tuba’s head and soon they both glow and fuse together in a bright light. When the light dimmed down Tuba was left standing. He examined himself has he felt power surging through him. Moori approached him.

Moori: Tuba?

Tuba: Its fine Moori, I am alright. I need to find Nail. Dende? I want you to with me. Like guru, I can unlock your potential as well. (Dende approaches him and gets his potential unlocked.) Ok, let’s go.

The Two Namekians blast off to Nail. Meanwhile, the Star Team was having a difficult time with Ginyu in Kendra’s body. Mercury finally was able to come back to reality, but is startled to see Ginyu.

Mercury: What the!?

Kendra: It’s me Kendra. Ginyu has a body switching technique. (Kendra points over to the fighting.) If we can get him to switch again, then I can get my body.

Mercury: Well, that will be easy, he's overusing the Kaioken.

Ginyu (continues to put pressure on the Star Team, but like Mercury said, he feels the immense strain of the Kaioken. He collapses on the ground exhausted and in extreme pain.): What’s going on!? I can’t move!

Mercury: You overused the Kaioken. It backfired on you and now, you are immobilized. Too bad, you don’t have a body that is condition for it.

Ginyu (Looks at Mercury with a Sadistic smile): This time I will. CHANGE NOW! (A purple comes out and heads toward Mercury who stands still. Just as the beam was about to hit, Kendra jumps in front of it and is hit.)

Kendra (In her own Body): Yes, I’m in my own body.

Ginyu (in his own body): No… This can’t be! (Ginyu feels a tab on his right shoulder. With horror he turns to see a smiling Mercury)

Mercury: What sup? (Mercury then throws a powerful Haymaker at his face, breaking Ginyu's neck in the process. His body flies into the waters.)

Mercury then administer the senzu to Kendra and to the rest of the Star Team. Mercury then looks up and see that the Saiyan have left, but they left remaining five dragon balls, totally up to seven for the Star Team. Mercury orders Nicholson, Harris and Dre’lon to the hiding spot and deploy the ship for safe keeping. Mercury stays with Kendra as she recovers. The three members take the balls and fly over to the hiding spot where the last two remain. Harris pulls out the capsule presses the button and throws it. The ship poofs in and they place the dragon balls inside. When they exit ship, a pink Ki beam impacts the ship and explode a piece of the hull off. It was totaled. The three trace the beam and are horrified that it came from Frieza, who is standing on top of a plateau in front of them. He looked pissed.

The Dragon Ball Crisis (2/2)Edit

Mercury (communicator begins to beep rapidly): This is Mercury.

Nicholson: He’s here. We have encounter Frieza, and he is pissed!

Mercury: Understood, hang on as long as you can, we're coming! Kendra, are you able to fight?

Kendra (Looks at Mercury and ignites her Kaioken): What do you think?

Mercury smirks and ignites his kaioken and they blast off to the battlezone. Later, Nicholson, Dre’lon, and Harris are throwing everything they got at Frieza. The tyrant was having difficulty keeping up with them. Nicholson would attack head on while Harris would flank. While Frieza’s focus was on them, Dre’lon would come in for a surprise attack. This would make an opening in Frieza’s defense. They then combined an attack and knocked Frieza down to the waters below. There are exhausted due to the strain of the kaioken. Suddenly, it felt as the whole planet was shaking. The waters below exploded forth and out came Frieza in his second form. He charges straight at Harris and his horns pierce though his stomach. He howls in pain as Frieza swings him around and throws him to the planet below.

Frieza (2nd Form): You Earthlings thought that it would be that easy!? You are sadly mistaken!

Frieza then targets Nicholson and charges at him with great speeds. Soon his neck is wrapped around by Frieza’s tail and he is hurled into Dre'lon. Dre'lon is hit by Nicholson and then a death beam is fired from Frieza that goes through both of their shoulders. They fall to an island severely injured. Frieza prepared to fire a large Ki wave to finish them off, but he is hit with a shoulder charge from Kendra that send him crashing through multiple plateaus. She then pursue Frieza. Mercury finds Harris bleeding out and picks him up. He brings them to Dre'lon and Nicholson and gave them their last remaining Senzu. Meanwhile, Kendra catches up with Frieza and begins her attack. They both clash as they threw punches and kicks while blocking and dodging each others attacks. Frieza then whips his tail at Kendra who catches it and began to spin him around and hurl him into a large mountain. She cups her hand as a bright yellow Ki began to form.

Kendra: V-O-5!

A large Ki wave explodes from her hands towards Frieza. The Tyrant blocks the beam, but was carried towards a mountain and impacts it with a large explosion. Kendra’s crimson aura dissipates. She has not fully recovered, and she threw everything she had in that blast. Suddenly, the whole planet shakes again. Frieza has transformed into his third form. He flies at Kendra and stops only a few meters away.

Frieza (Third form): I never thought I’d to have go to this form. Especially for an Earthling. Let me show you what happens when you make a fool out of me!

Kendra was at her limit she was unable to go on, she braced herself to whatever Frieza was going to her. With a wicked grin Frieza raises his right index finger and fires a death beam that hits Kendra left shoulder. She yelps and pain and then screams in agony as Frieza kept firing multiple shots at her. Mercury sensed Kendra essence was falling, he gets up and blasts off to her location. That is when he felt that 3 more presence arrive to that location. Frieza laughed as he continued firing his death beam at Kendra. Soon that laugh turn to painful scream. Turles came from behind and grabbed his tail and Nappa came in and sliced it off. Then Vegeta cupped his hands and formed a purple ki energy wave and fired at Frieza, resulting in a large explosion. Kendra began to fall to the surface when Nappa caught her. Mercury arrived just in time and saw the whole thing. They saved her.

Vegeta (looks at Mercury): Where are the others?

Mercury (points to where the rest of the Star Team): In that direction. Go ahead in go, I’ll take care of this.

The Saiyans nodded and blast of to join with rest of the Star Team. The smoke clears and Frieza is hot with anger. He then see Mercury, but the human closes the distance by striking him in his chest which knocks the air out of him. Mercury then grabs his horns and flips him down to a large island below. Frieza crashes through a large boulder and that knocks up dust. Mercury lands meters away from. Then suddenly the ground began to crack and tremble. Mercury was hit with a powerful shockwave that nearly blew him away. The power was immense! It was on a whole another level! Soon the shaking stopped and the smoke clears. Standing there was Frieza in his final form.

Frieza (Final Form): I haven’t use this form in an along time. You are privileged Mercury to die by my hands in this form. You will not even have a chance against me.

Mercury: Well, it is true. Human may be weak, but if you push us far enough you will awaken a monster. KAIOKEN TIME TEN!!! (A Large Crimson aura erupts around Mercury. He then charges at Frieza.)

Meanwhile, Tuba and Dende arrived to where Nail was and found him severely wounded and lying on the ground. They approached him and Dende hover both of his hands over nail and it began to glow has was healing him. They are soon made aware of Frieza’s power.

Tuba: The Earthlings will not stand a chance against him. We have to fuse it is our only chance.

Nail: Indeed, I feel the presence of Lord Guru. If he agrees to this, then I will follow.

Tuba and Nail then grab hands and fused leaving Tuba. He could feel the power surging through. He was confident to take on Frieza. He also was able to learn a few technique from the Star Team when he saw them in action. Tuba then tells Dende to go to the Star Team to help them for he will go to Frieza.

Mercury was at is maximum Kaioken and he threw every attack at Frieza. All the tyrant did was dodge with ease. Mercury was feeling the strain on the Kaioken. He attack being to slow down. That is when Frieza goes on the offensive. At great speeds he appears behind Mercury and throws a kick that sends him flying into the waters below. Then Frieza hovers over and with his telekinetic ability, she splits the water revealing Mercury. Then wraps his tail around Mercury and slowly chokes him. Mercury gasp for air and then grunts in pain as Frieza began punching him in his spine. Frieza then hurls Mercury to another island where crashed on to the edge of the island. The lower half of his body is still in the waters. Mercury was attempted to pull himself up, but was grabbed by the neck by Frieza and was pulled up. Frieza then at point blank fires a death beam through Mercury right shoulder. Mercury grunts in pain. He was battered and bruised and bleeding internally.

Frieza: Earthlings are so fragile. Where was that monster you spoke of? If you ask me, it was all talk.

Frieza then put points his index finger at Mercury’s head as a purple ki energy grew. As Frieza was about to end Mercury, his face is met with a foot of a certain Namekian; Tuba. The tyrant is sent flying away in to the waters and resulting in a large splash. The Star Team along with the Saiyans and Dende arrive to the area. Kendra was partially healed by Dende. Tuba picks up the unconscious Mercury and place him down in front of Dende who begins to heal him.

Kendra: You certainly grown powerful. Will you be able to take Frieza?

Tuba (turns and smiles at Kendra): I can. After all, I have mimicked you Earthlings. (Blast off towards Frieza)

Dre’lon: What did he mean by that?

Turles: Well whatever it meant, he is very confident about it.

Frieza (explodes up from the waters below.): This is getting old! (Sees Tuba in front of him) Well, would you look at that? Another Namekian asking for death.

Tuba: I am here to defeat you Frieza! You have trampled on our peace, massacred our people and plan to use our sacred dragon balls for you own selfish purpose! This is where you will fall!

Frieza (laughs): Do you honestly think that you can defeat me? Fool, I’m not even at full power!

Tuba: Then show your full power! What are you afraid of?

Frieza: Your funeral, Namekian.

Frieza began to power up to 100%. He muscle began to bulge out with vain popping out. He power has dramatically increased. However, Tuba stood stoic. He was not even fazed by the power. In fact he smirked. Frieza was finished powering up.

Frieza (100%): So Namekian, is this what you wanted?

Tuba (smirking): Yes, it is. KAIOKEN! (A crimson erupts around Tuba. He power skyrockets)

Nicholson (Shocked): Hold on!? Since when did he learned the Kaioken in a matter of minutes. It took us months to learn it.

Nappa: That's what he meant when he said he mimicked you guys. He learned that technique just by watching all of you.

Mercury regains consciousness and sits up and see Dende next him. He was tired and has use a lot of his energy. Mercury warmly smiles and nods in appreciation. He then hops back to his feet and is updated on the situation.

Mercury: We have to help, Tuba’s body is not condition for the kaioken. We will have to use the Spirit bomb. It’s our only option.

Vegeta: Spirit bomb?

Mercury (raise both of his arms high towards the sky to gather energy.): It’s no good, the planets is too damaged.

Kendra (raises her arms): Then we will help you. (The rest of the Star Team joins and gives their energy as well. The Spirit bomb begins to grow high above them. The three Saiyan stood by and were hesitant, but soon they joined them and the bomb grew dramatically.)

Mercury: Thanks everyone. This is how bonds are made. Human, Saiyan and Namekian alike are working together to face a common threat. Peace is possible. Still this is not enough, we need more.

Nicholson: Can’t you draw from the surrounding planets?

Mercury nods to the idea and beings drew energy from the surrounding plan. The bomb grew in size. Meanwhile, Tuba and Frieza were equal, however Tuba was getting the better hand over the tyrant. This made Frieza furious. It seemed that everything that Frieza would do, Tuba would successfully counter and Frieza was forced to go on the defense. Frieza attempting to fire a volley of Death beams at Tuba, but at great speeds, the Namekian closed the distance and strikes him in the abdomen, knocking a few meters away before halting himself. Frieza gnashed his teeth in pure rage.

Frieza: How Dare you! I am the Strongest in the universe! I own you! I own this planet! (Forms a Death ball) In fact, FORGET THIS PLANET! (Frieza throws the Death ball toward the surface. Tuba knew if it hits, Namek would be destroyed.)

Tuba (Dives towards the Death ball to intercept.): No!

Tuba is hit and takes the full force of the Death ball, resulting in a massive explosion. Frieza looked at the smoke cloud and see Tuba fall down into the waters, majority of his body was blasted away leaving half of his upper body, he was still alive. Frieza smiled and then notice a glare from the waters below, he looked up and is shocked to see a massive spirit bomb over his head. He looks forward and see the Star Team with the three Saiyans with their arms raised below it. Still full of rage, Frieza blast towards them.

Turles: He's coming this way!

Mercury: Crap, it’s not finish!

Kendra: We need to slow him down! Everyone protect Mercury!

Star Team ignites their Kaioken and the Saiyans power up to full power. They blast towards Frieza leaving Mercury. He knew that they will not last against Frieza at his current power. So he does the unthinkable! He ignites his Kaioken at maximum and begins to absorb the Spirit Bomb. When the group reached Frieza they are unable to attack due to Frieza insane speed. One by one he knocks them away. Their attack was not in vain. Frieza felt the whole planet shake followed by a violent windstorm. Island began to crumple and break apart. Frieza looks at the spirit bomb and see that is shrink and was getting absorbed by the lone Earthling. Mercury screamed at the top of his voice as he was absorbing massive amounts of energy. His crimson Aura grew the same size of the bomb. After he was done, he lets out a roar as his power explodes forth. The waters stand up like walls and island are complete destroyed. Frieza stared in horror, he was unable to move under the intense power the Earthling displayed. Mercury then flies in front of Frieza. He face is intense has he grits his teeth. He then throws a punch the goes clean through Frieza’s abdomen. Then Mercury lifts him into the air release all the gathered energy into that one punch. Frieza lets out shriek as he is ripped apart until finally he was no more. The bomb then explodes in a brilliant flash of light that covers the whole planet. The light then diminishes as the waters rush down with a huge splash and finally coming to a rest.

Mercury awakens staring up into the green sky of Namek, he looks to his right and see Dende healing him who smiles at him. Mercury smiles back, pats him on the head and sits up slowly. He looks around and see Tuba standing off with Nicholson talking to him. He also see Kendra, Harris, and Dre’lon speaking with Nappa, Turles and Vegeta.

Dende: Everyone! He’s awake! (Everyone turns and see Mercury sitting up. His teammates are the first to go to him)

Dre’lon: Bro! That was incredible!

Kendra: Yeah and crazy! Are you ok?

Mercury: Yep, I not doing that again.

Nicholson: Well that stunt you just pulled saved all of us and this planet.

Mercury: It wasn't just me. It is was also the help for our Namekian friend Tuba and our new Saiyan allies.

Vegeta: That is why I want to make a request. May we join you? We understand that our species is at war with yours, but we want to end this useless war and bring peace just as much as you do.

Nappa: That is why he came here. We hoped to gain the Namekians trust to help us to use the dragon balls to end this war.

Turles: You may have thought that Saiyans are brutal, power hungry savages who take every planet they please. We are not, that is not what we're supposed to be.

Vegeta: We Saiyans are a race of proud and honorable warriors who want to help other who do not have that power, but our Queen Hanasia changed for unknown reason. Now we are being used by the Planet Trade Organization to do these horrible things. If you want peace, free my people from the clutches of the Organization.

Harris: Wow, we never knew that!

Mercury: Thank you Vegeta, Nappa and Turles for this info. I promise, we will liberate your people as part of our Liberation Campaign. Harris get back to the she and call head… (Interrupted)

Harris: Uhh… That is not possible. Frieza damage our ship. Communication is out and our ship is totaled.

Turles: Frieza's ship is still functional, the only damaged we did was blast a hole in their bride window. His men still remain there.

Mercury (stands up): Then let’s go.

The group flies of to Frieza ship round up his men. Mercury was able to convince them to defect from the Organization with promise of liberation. The Star Team also returned all seven of the Dragon balls to Moori, who rewards them with a wish from their dragon Porunga. The Star Team and the Saiyan agreed to use the wish to restore their planet. The Namekians are so grateful that they asked agreed to forge an alliance with Earth. After hours have passed, Frieza ship is repaired with parts salvaged from their Star Team’s Ship. Mercury was able to contact Earth and notify Director Raily that the mission is successful and to tell them on the current situation and of the Planet Trade Organization. Raily gives them coordinates to Space Outpost 23 where they meet up with Jac and Star Team Beta. Mercury also asked Tuba if would joined them and he agreed. The Ship then lifts off into space and Warps to the station.

With Intel on the Organization, the Alliance launched a preemptive strike on their outposts and liberated planets under their control within the next few weeks. The Organization was quickly losing its territory. On the Planet Arcos in a large palace, King Cold was growing irritated at losing his territory to the Earthlings.

Cold: These Earthlings are growing tiresome! They think they can just attack my property and get away with it.

Cooler: They will pay dearly father. I will avenge my brother. If I see this Mercury, I will have his head.

Cold: Cappa! Have the Fleet gather at Sector-0273 for a counter attack.

Cappa: Yes Lord Cold, It shall be done.

Cappa leaves the room and heads for the communications room. He sends out an order for the fleet to gather. An Female Arcosian enters the room. She looks around, check for hidden cameras and hands Cappa a data disk. Cappa takes it and downloads all Intel of Fleet movements and location of planets vital to the Organization.

Female Arcosian: Are you sure they can help our rebellion, I mean… their just Earthlings.

Cappa: These Earthlings took out Frieza, who was at full power. A Saiyan is more likely to do that, but a Earthling? Yeah, they can help us. (Takes out data disk after download and hands it back to her. She leaves the room.) I hope you are as strong as they say, Mercury.

Power LevelsEdit

Star Team

  • Mercury: 51,750
  • Mercury (100x Gravity training): 115,000
  • Mercury (Potential unlocked): 300,250
  • Mercury (Kaioken 10x): 3,002,500
  • Mercury (Super Spirit Bomb absorbed): 200,000,000
  • Kendra: 48,000
  • Kendra (100x Gravity training) : 105,750
  • Kendra (Potential unlocked): 220,900
  • Kendra (Kaioken 5x): 1,104,500
  • Kendra (Ginyu's body): 120,000
  • Nicholson: 46,100
  • Nicholson (100x Gravity training): 102,000
  • Nicholson (Kaioken 3x): 306,000
  • Harris: 44,000
  • Harris (100x Gravity training): 99,000
  • Harris (Kaioken 3x): 297,000
  • Dre'lon: 42,900
  • Dre'lon (100x Gravity training): 97,000
  • Dre'lon (Kaioken 3x): 291,000


  • Tuba: 38,000
  • Tuba (Fused with Guru): 10,000,000
  • Tuba (Fused with Nail): 61,000,000
  • Tuba (Kaioken): 122,000,000
  • Nail: 240,000
  • Namekian warriors (Average): 10,000


  • Vegeta: 30,000
  • Vegeta (Zenkai): 280,000
  • Nappa: 26,000
  • Nappa(Zenkai): 250,000
  • Turles: 21,000
  • Turles(Zenkai): 235,000

Frieza Force

  • Captain Ginyu: 120,000
  • Captain Ginyu (Kendra's Body): 220,900
  • Captain Ginyu (Kendra's Body Kaioken 5x): 1,104,500
  • Captain Ginyu (Kendra's Body Fatigue): 5,000
  • Recoome: 55,000
  • Jeice: 54,000
  • Burter: 54,000
  • Guldo: 12,000
  • Frieza: 530,000
  • Frieza (Second form): 1,800,000
  • Frieza (Third form): 2,500,000
  • Frieza (Final form 25%): 30,000,000
  • Frieza (Final form 100%): 120,000,000
  • Death Ball: 130,000,000

Act VEdit

The Planet Trade Organiztion. Liberating the SaiyansEdit

On Sadala, Lee’sa was receiving reports that the Alliance has begun to the attack the Planet Trade Organization. She began to wonder if Mercury had a hand it in. After all, it was revealed that he defeated King Cold’s son Frieza. Curious, Lee’sa summoned Bardock and his team. They arrived in her room moments later.

Lee’sa: Hello, I summoned you all because I wanted to get some more information on Earthlings. You all were prisoner there for three years on Earth and you are the only ones to know who they really are.

Borgos: I wouldn’t say that we were prisoners.

Tora: We were more like restricted guest.

Lee’sa: Restricted Guest?

Fasha: Yes, they allowed us roam freely but remained in a certain location. Sentra City it was called. They treat us like we were one of them. They even allowed us to have jobs.

Lee’sa: Why would they do this?

Gine: It was Mercury who arranged this. He wanted to make us feel like we were home.

Bardock: And the weird thing is, it felt like we were home.

Lee’sa: Mercury, We fought before. He is strong.

Shugesh: Not only that, but it seems that he knows that he has limits, but he does not let that stop him. (This caught Lee’sa’s attention).

Fasha: He has a goal in mind. And he told us this. He wanted to get stronger in order to protect those that he loves. He is quite the Man… for an Earthling.

Lee’sa (in thought): Are you the one I’m looking for?

Bardock: Uh, are you blushing?

Lee’sa (surprised): What? No! I-I was just….

Gine: Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us.

Lee’sa: It better be! You’re free to Leave.

Meanwhile on aboard the ASV Ender Spire, Tuba was in the ships Mess hall. He was sitting by himself with 8 Large glasses of water. His arm was crossed and eyes closed for he was meditating. He hears foots steps and opens one eye and see Mercury. He closes it. Mercury with a tray of food sat down next to Tuba.

Mercury: So Tuba, how is your new life treating you?

Tuba: Fine… You Earthlings are strange though.

Mercury (chuckles): Looks who’s talking? You only need water to survive.

They are soon joined by Vegeta, Nappa and Turles who change from their battle damage armor into a black jumpsuit that was provided to them. They carried a tray stack with food. They began to wolf down the food non-stop. Mercury and Tuba stares at them in amazement. Tuba was clearing disgusted, but Mercury was interested.

Mercury: Remind me to take y’all to an eating contest. (After sometime passed, Tuba left to go train and Mercury was with the Three Saiyans). Hey, before you all go, I have a question? I have ever heard of Lee’sa?

Turles: Who hasn’t heard of Lee’sa? She is the strongest saiyan on Sadala, second to the Queen.

Nappa: She is very easy to spot out in a crowd. She is the only one to have green hair and violet eyes.

Mercury: Have you met her?

Vegeta: I have, twice.

Mercury: What’s she like?

Vegeta: She is a strong-willed women. Proud, honorable and kind.

Mercury: Yes she is.

Turles: You like her don’t you?

Mercury (surprised): Uh… Well. She way out of my league. I’m just a human after all.

Nappa: I don’t know, you have already proven yourself on more than one occasions.

Vegeta: Tell you what Mercury. When this War is over and you visit our planet and she is your mate. Drinks are on me!

Mercury: Heh, We shall see.

Intercom: Colonel Mercury, please report to Battle room.

Mercury gets up and makes his way to the battle room. When he enters he meets with rest of the Star Team. They sat in chairs facing a large screen. Next to the screen was Captain Elsita. She types on the console and screen shows Director Raily.

Raily: This is Director Raily, greetings Star Team. As you well aware, we have begun our attacks on the Planet Trade Organization. Based on the Intel we have received, we were able gained over 60% of their territory. However, I am not here to give you an update. Last night, we have received a communique that was traced back to a Planet called Arcos. This message gave detailed information on the organization, including fleet movements, vital location and finally the coordinates to their main base where this King Cold is. The Sender is requesting, by name the Star Teams assistance. That is all, Raily out. (End Transmission)

Captain Elsita: We have received new orders. We’re going to rendezvous at Planet Arcos with the Hyperion Fleet. At this moment, the fleet has already engaged in battle. Star Team is going to land on the surface of planet and meet with our contact. Also this is an Ice planet, so were your thermal gear. Is that clear?

Star Team: Understood!

The exit the room into the corridor, Vegeta and Tuba was standing against the wall. Mercury walks up to them and ask them to be back is things get crazy.

The ship goes to warp and arrives at co-ordinates and finds a massive space battle between Alliance Fleet and the Organization’s fleets. The Endar Spire rockets through the battle to get closer to the planet. Two Organization Cruiser pursue the battleship and fires their weapons. The ship is hit on the rear but was protected by shields. The rear cannons target the enemy ships and fires on the two cruiser destroying them. The ship is in range of the planet and Star Team launches in a shuttle craft and lands on the ice surface outside to what seems to be a palace fortress. They exit the shuttle in their Thermal gear and meets a red skinned Arcosian who leads them to a secret entrance to the complex.

Jac (Leans to Kendra): That’s an Arcosian?

Kendra: Yep.

The rebel leads them to another Arcosian who is a 8 inches shorter than Mercury. He almost looked exactly like Frieza in his final form, with the exception of the orbs being gold. He had the same blue lips and ivory skin and red eyes. And a blue armored shell and black spandex and white boots. He smiled when they approached.

Cappa (bows): Greetings Star Team, my name is Cappa. I am your contact and the means to end the reign of King Cold and his son Cooler.

Mercury: Good to meet you Cappa, I’m Colonel Mercury.

Cappa: You’re Mercury? You’re the one who defeated Frieza?

Mercury: Not alone, it was a tough fight, but we managed to pull through. Big thanks to the Namekians and three Saiyans.

Cappa: Impressive! Anyways, we don’t have much time, Cold and Cooler plan on entering the battle in orbit. These two are more powerful than Frieza. We need move and stop them before they enter the battle, lets go. (Cappa leads them through the corridors of the palace until they reached the throne room where Cold and Cooler awaits. When they enter the two Arcosian tyrants are surprised.)

Cooler: Cappa! What’s the meaning of this! (Recognizes Mercury) It that the Human? So, you brought me a gift?

Cappa: On the contrary, we are here to put an end to your reign.

Cold: Hmph! You must be joking. You think these mere Earthlings can help you? What make you think you can stop us traitor? Do you not know where at? This is my palace, and what I say goes!

Cooler is the first to move. He was heading towards Mercury and throws a punch, but was caught by Cappa. He then uppercuts Cooler through the ceiling to the outside. Leaving the Star Team with Cold. Mercury ignites his Kaioken and charges at Cold who knocks him away, but behind him was rest of the team dashing at Cold. The Star Team threw everything they had at the tyrant who was on the defense. Despite is high power level, the Earthlings were well coordinated. Later, Cappa and Cooler’s clash reached into space right in the midst of the Space battle. Cappa was easily getting the best of Cooler. The Arcosian was perplexed on how Cappa was holding this much power without them noticing. This angers him so he into transforms into a new form, a fifth form. Cappa expected this, so he goes to 100% of his power and was able to keep up with Cooler. Back on the Surface, Cold was starting to get the best of the Star Team, but this did not discourage the Earthlings. With a combined effort, they attack cold with a combined Ki wave infused with the Kaioken energy. Cold blocks the beam, but the sheer willpower of the earthlings’ strengthen the beam and Cold could not hold anymore. He was horrified to see that he was bested by Earthlings. Out of desperation, he attempts to transform, but that mistake exposed him. The beam blast clear through him leaving a gaping hole in his chest as he collapse to the ground dead. The Star Team too collapse to the ground exhausted and wounded. Back in space, Cappa and Cooler continued to clash, but gradually Cappa was getting the best of him.

Cooler: How is this possible!? Where did you get this much power!?

Cappa: While you sat on your lazy tail and forced everyone else to do your dirty work. I worked hard and trained hard. I learned a lot of things and I waited for this moment to free my people from this organization. True, I had to do horrible things to maintain my mission. (Forms a Supernova) But it ends today! (Flings the supernova right into Cooler who blocks and holds it. The power was too great that it begins to envelop him.)

Cooler: NO!! HOW CAN THIS BE!!!!

Cooler was then consumed by Cappa’s supernova. Seeing this, the Planet Trade Organization immediately surrendered to the Alliance forces, and the Arcosian rebellion capture the throne. Cappa then flies back the planet’s surface into the throne room. He finds Cold with a hole in his chest and the Star Team cleaning their wounds. Cappa walks over to Mercury who turns around towards him.

Cappa: I must say, you do live up to your name. Rumors say that Earthlings are weak and pathetic. They are completely wrong. Earthlings are the most resilient fighters I have ever seen, and I can see why the Saiyans are having difficulties with you.

Mercury: Well, I hope that the fall of this organization will show the saiyans that they are free from their grasp, and that we want to end this war.

Cappa: Maybe, but in the meantime, I can see that you need all the help that you need. If you don’t mind, I like to join you on you're adventures. (Extends his hand towards) My people can take it from here.

Mercury: Thanks! Welcome aboard! (Grabs and shakes his hand)

The Alliance Fleet withdraws from Arcos and the Arcosian Provisional Government forms an alliance with Earth. News of the Planet trade Organization collapse spreads like wildfire throughout the Galaxy. Planets under Organization control have been liberated. Public opinion in the galaxy was positive about the United Earth Alliance. Even on Sadala, many Saiyans are extremely grateful for the Earthlings for freeing them from the Organization. Many began to support ending the war peacefully with Earth.

In the Throne room on Sadala, Hanasia, with Lee’sa at her side, watched the monitors showing the Galactic media broadcasting the fall of the Organization.

Hanasia: So, the Earthlings managed to eliminate the organization.

Male Saiyan: That is correct my queen. We are free from their grip on us.

Hanasia: Ha! You fool, they never had a hold on us anyways. They were always weak, and that was proved by the Earthlings. (screen flashes to Mercury who is getting interviewed.)

Galactic Media: Why would Earth attack the Organization even though you were not at war?

Mercury: As part of the United Earth Alliance’s Liberation Campaign; Any planet or species, even if it is our enemies should have freedom. The Saiyans are victims of oppression as well. We hope that this act of kindness shows them that we want to end this war. (Lee’sa smiles and blushes)

Hanasia (smirks): Peace huh? (looks at Lee’sa and notice that she is blushing) Lee’sa!

Lee’sa (jumps a little): Y-yes my queen.

Hanasia: Contact the UEA, I want to… start negotiation for peace, and I want the Star Team to represent. I thinks it time I meet this Mercury…

Lee’sa nods and walks out the room, she couldn't shake the feeling that Hanasia notice. She goes to the communication room and contacts the UEA. Meanwhile at the Alliance Space Outpost 23. The Star Team was taking R&R after their mission. Mercury was sitting at a table playing chess with Cappa after losing three times.

Cappa: Checkmate again! I never realized this earth game is so fun!

Mercury (face palming): Yeah…fun….

Cappa: Care to go another round?

Intercom: Colonel Mercury, please report to the bridge.

Mercury (gets up): Maybe some other time. (Cappa shrugs and puts up the chess pieces as Mercury exits. He make his way to the Bridge and see Raily on the view screen)

Raily: Colonel, I have a new assignment for you. One that we never expected.

Mercury: Oh?

Raily: Queen Hanasia of the Saiyan Imperium is requesting Peace negations. She asked by name for the Star Team to represent the alliance.

Mercury was surprised by this order, when Raily ended transmission he told the Team on the mission and they are surprised as well. However Jac was suspicious about it.

Jac: I don’t like this. It could be a trap.

Krillin: I’m with Jac on this. I mean why would they specially ask for us.

Dre’lon: The Star Team has been on the frontline of this war. Maybe she is curious to see us in person.

Tuba: Still it is an opportunity not to pass.

Cappa: I agree.

Mercury (looked towards Vegeta): What do you think?

Vegeta: I don’t trust Hanasia, not one bit. However, this is an opportunity to possibly expose her. I say you should go.

Mercury contemplated and then agrees. He choose Jac, Kendra, Harris, Nicholson, and Dre’lon to come with him for this mission. The Endar Spires goes to warp to Sadala. A few days pass and they arrive over the planet below. Saiyan escort ships guide them in to land in the shipyards. On the Surface, many saiyans look up to the pink sky and see the Earth ship entering the atmosphere. Later at the throne room.

Lee’sa: The Earth ship has enter our atmosphere and is being escorted to land in docking zone 4.

Hanasia: Lee’sa, I want you to be their envoy.

Lee’sa (heart begins to flutter for she knew she was going to see Mercury): Y-yes my Queen!

Lee’sa turns and leaves. Hanasia frowns at Lee’sa reaction. She started to see that Lee’sa had Mercury on her mind. Lee’sa makes preparation for an envoy to meet the Star Team at the docking zone. She left in one of the two vehicles for the Earthlings. Meanwhile the Endar Spire docks and the bay doors open. Mercury and the Star Team step out of the ship in their dress uniform. They felt that the gravity was high on the planet.

Kendra: So this is Sadala? It's beautiful.

Dre’lon: Phew! It's hot too! (The Envoy arrives)

Mercury: Well, it is a different planet after…all (Mercury felt his heart drop as he see Lee’sa step out the vehicle to greet them.)

Lee’sa (keeping herself from blushing): W-welcome Star Team to Sadala. I am Lee’sa, I believe we have met before. Please come me, I will take you to our Queen.

Mercury (Watches Lee’sa as she goes to the first vehicle) Ok, the rest y'all can ride in the 2nd car, I'll go in the first.

Jac: I’m pretty sure some of us can go in the first one…

Mercury: That’s an order Major. (Walks to the first car).

Nicholson: It is me or is Mercury acting weird.

Lee’sa enters the vehicle and sit in the seat. She looks up and is shocked to see Mercury get in on the opposite side. She signals the driver to go and envoy moves to the palace. They sat in an awkward silence. They kept their eyes from meeting, however they would glance every moment. Mercury secretly scanned her power level. It was over 9,000,000!

Mercury: You know, uh, we never had a proper greeting when we first met. (Lee’sa looks at him) I want to try again this time. (Extends his hand towards her) Hello, my name is Mercury. It’s a pleasure to me you.

Lee’sa (shakes his hand): Pleasure is all mines Mercury. I’m Lee’sa.

Mercury: Well Lee’sa, once this is all over and our people are at peace. I like to get to know you more.

Lee’sa (Smile and blushes): We shall see.

The Envoy arrives to the palace. Lee’sa leads them to the throne room. Inside, the throne room had Saiyans lined up down to the Hanasia. Pinnu, Inya, Celar and Potao was at the end of the line opposite of each other next to Hanasia. Lee’sa introduces them to Hanasia and took her stand next to Hanasia. The Star Team take of the uniform hats in respected. Hanasia looks them over, but was more interested in Mercury.

Hanasia: Identified yourself.

Mercury: I’m Colonel Mercury, Commander of the Star Team. We are representing the United Earth Alliance. I hope that this negotiation would end this senseless war.

Hanasia (stands up and walks to Mercury and stood face to face with him. She is as tall as he is.) End the war… Why? Fighting you is too fun.

Mercury: With all due respect your highness, but as you can see, if this war continues both of our people will be extinct.

Hanasia (starts to walk around him): Well, your wrong about one thing, the Human race will be the ones to be extinct. We Saiyan are bred to fight. It’s in our nature. That is what make us superior to any other races… especially Earthlings. (Lee’sa watched in disbelief, Hanasia never wanted peace, she looked to Inya who was looking back at her shaken her head.) I heard so much about you Mercury. How you repel my forces on that pathetic backwater planet of yours. How you defeated the frost demons of the Organization on Namek and Arcos. I getting real sick of hearing a worthless, waste of space, insect like you. (As Hanasia turns around and walks back to her throne, the rest of the Star Team glared with anger at Hanasia insults. Lee’sa was shocked at Hanasia rants.)

Mercury: This is not a peace negotiations. All I hear are the boasting of Saiyan superiority. I challenge that superiority! (Whispering is heard among the Saiyans. Hanasia turns around with a smirk)

Hanasia: You challenge us? Don’t make me laugh.

Mercury: Yes! I challenge your so called superiority to a battle that will decide the fate of both of our worlds!

Jac (Whispers): What are you doing!?

Mercury: Five of Earth’s mightiest against five of Sadala’s Elites. There is a dead planet were the battle can take place.

Hanasia (Smile sadistically): I accepted your challenge. When we win, Earthlings will become the property of the Imperium.

Mercury: I accepted and if we win, this war is over! The battle will begin one year from today. Also, call a cease fire until then

Hanasia: You have a deal Mercury. I will call a cease fire.

Mercury: If you excuse us, we will take our leave. (Glance at Lee’sa one last time as the Star Team place their hands on his shoulder. Mercury puts index finger on his forehead and instant Transmission.)

Hanasia (sit back down on her throne an waves everyone to leave. She then looks at Lee’sa with serious look that sent chills down her spine.): I want you to gather your team and destroy them. It’s time to use you new form.

Meanwhile, The Ender Spire launches back into space and warps back to SO-23. Mercury contacted Raily and told him everything what happen, including the challenge he made.

Raily: Are you freaking kidding me!? You have to learn to keep that big mouth shut of yours Colonel!

Mercury: I'm Sorry, sir. In the spur of that moment I reacted.

Raily: Once again, you throw a Hail Mary pass in hopes that we can win! Do you not remember that every time a saiyan is near death they get a power boost!?

Mercury: I understand that sir, but….

Raily: You barely survived against Frieza, How can you survive against fives saiyans with that Lee’sa’s power level?

Mercury: I don’t know sir! But what’s done is done. Now the next step is to prepare for this battle in one year!

Raily(sighs): The reason why you have not been court martialed is because I trust you. Despite whatever situation, you always pull through. I will speak to the council.

Mercury: Good, in the meantime, we will go under the most intense train of our lives. (Vegeta was listening outside. He enters into the room)

Vegeta: We can help with that. I think it’s time for the Star Team receive training… The Saiyan way.

Mercury chooses, Jac, Kendra, Nicholson and Harris for Team Earth. With the help of Vegeta, Nappa and Turles. They had to endure brutal and intense training in a upgraded gravity chamber that can generate 500 times gravity. For the next year, Team Earth would train non-stop. On Sadala, Lee'sa and her teammates; Inya, Pinnu, Celar and Potao are Team Sadala. They trained as well in their version of the gravity chamber, but not as hard as Team Earth. Both Teams prepared for the coming battle, however both teams have a secret objective as well.

Power LevelsEdit

Star Team

  • Mercury: 400,000
  • Mercury (Kaioken 16x): 6,400,000
  • Jac: 365,000
  • Jac (Kaioken 13x): 4,745,000
  • Kendra: 300,000
  • Kendra (Kaioken 10x): 3,000,000
  • Nicholson: 250,000
  • Nicholson (Kaioken 8x): 2,000,000
  • Harris: 240,000
  • Harris (Kaioken 8x): 1,920,000
  • Dre'lon: 220,000
  • Dre'lon (Kaioken 7x): 1,540,000
  • Yamcha: 200,000
  • Yamcha (Kaioken 8x): 1,600,000
  • Tien: 200,000
  • Tien (Kaioken 7x): 1,400,000
  • Krillin: 210,000
  • Krillin (Kaioken 7x): 1,470,000
  • Chi-Chi: 215,00,
  • Chi-Chi (Kaioken 7x): 1,505,000
  • Launch: 205,000
  • Launch (Kaioken 7x):: 1,435,000


  • Tuba: 71,000,000
  • Vegeta (100x Gravity): 3,000,000
  • Nappa (100x Gravity): 1,500,000
  • Turles (100x Gravity):1,250,000

United Earth Alliance

  • Alliance Fighters (EAS-02X): 250,000

Arcosian Resistance

  • Cappa (supressed):20,000,000
  • Cappa (100%): 230,000,000
  • Arcosian Fighters (Average): 1,000,000

Planet Trade Organiztion

  • Cold: 25,000,000
  • Cooler (fifth form): 220,000,000
  • PTO Fighters (Average): 100,000

Saiyan Imperium

  • Lee'sa: 10,000,000

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