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Huji is one of the inhabitants of Planet Vegeta. He is never seen again after Planet Vegeta's Destruction, except for the unnamed cameo in Dragon Ball Z: In Requim.


Huji was 7 when his father was killed by Frieza for not following directions. Huji's motherwas cursed with a rare heart disease (Goku also went through this). Huji became hard-working and rebeled against Frieza. Seven years later, Huji went into training with Bardock (Goku's Father). Huji was able to transform into a Great Ape in 2 months. Bardock was suprised about his power level: 2190. King Vegeta recieved letter that Huji had beaten one of Frieza's imperial guards. King Vegeta talked to Bardock about Huji and said that he had to be turned over and killed or Huji had to be contained. Bardock signed himself for release. Huji wasn't happy about this so he blasted the two saiyans and took Bardock. King Vegeta had them cornered after the interruption. Huji didn't want Bardock killed so he turned himself over. King Vegeta took Huji to his labatory. He placed Huji ing a containment cell and started to pour venom into the tank. Huji tried to destroy the cell, but King Vegeta sucked his powers right out of him. The cell malfunctioned and he was poised with dark matter and energy. His power level boosted to 45876. Huji was put in a coma right afterword. Ten years later, Huji's charges were dropped and he was a free man. He teamed up with Kaddish, a fellow inhabitant as well and secretly took down Frieza's empire 1-by-1. Frieza ordered Yuji, Huji's evil counterpart, to kill them. Huji beat Yuji and nearly killed him. He then fought and defeated Frieza at level 78,234. He was then caught by a sneak attack by Frieza. Frieza then ordered Huji for arrest for life. Fifteen months later, Frieza ordered all the Siayans to assemble outside, including Huji and Bardock and them tried to kill Frieza for imprisoning Huji. Frieza then launched a dark spirit bomb at the saiyans, engulfing them, and Planet Vegeta. The only survivors were Huji (presumably) and others.


Huji has saiyan armor and is SSJ-styled. He is taller than Ledas but shorter than Vegeta. His hair color is red.


Huji is outgoing and fun. Sometimes Huji breaks the rules for all the right reasons.

King Vegeta: Horrible

Frieza: Horrible

Bardock: Awesome

Kaddish: Friendly

Yuji: Unspecified


Ultimate Huji (top left): Used when training with Bardock after his arrest.

Venom Huji (middle): Used when King Vegeta nearly killed him with to much poisen.

Great Ape (bottom): Used when training with Bardock before his arrest.

SSJ Evil Goku

Huji,the Super Saiyan within

Final form ichigo

Huji, after the containment error

Great Ape (Huji)

Huji's Wild Side