Heraku(not the one with a human top)

The highly adaptable Horse King Heraku. Ever since Heraku was saved by the Saiseya Ganchoku from a horde of dangerous Gourmet World beasts, the Heraku has since made its home around the Base of Operations, which boasts the largest food supply on the planet. As a result, Heraku has fought every day around this area, helping Ganchoku out. At times, Ganchoku is seen to be riding on itself.


Its regenerative capabilities are a sight to behold, capable of regenerating from thousands of pieces into thousands of bodies, and also boasting some of the most developed Gourmet Cells on the planet. Despite being only 3 meters tall, its strength is just a tad bit weaker than its ally Emperor Land Shark, and it weighs about 100 tons.

Heraku is also a master of Food Enlightenment, similar to its master Ganchoku, and this means that its attack patterns can vary, with the energy costs being reduced to the very bare minimal.

Despite its small size, it has incredible durability, possibly on par with even Bisani Toribra, and its leg muscles are powerful enough to accelerate to light speed in an instant, or send deadly strikes with its hooves. Besides this, it is able to coat itself in a poison armour which creates a form of “sense”, allowing Heraku to home in on its target instantaneously, and successfully react to any approaching attack with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

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