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Baby Broly final form by alessandelpho


Helyos is the third most powerful member of the Planet Trade Organization. He resembles Broly and wears the royal garnments of the Planet Trade Organization. This reveals he is a important part of the Planet Trade Organization and it's old leaders


His jewlery is just common jewlery worn along his galaxy, the southern galaxy, while his vest and shoulder garnments display similarities to the head advisors. This simply shows that he himself may be an advisor of the leader, Zaf, or, may not be. This has not been proven in the story or outside of it.


  • Omega Rush (Helyos's most powerful technique: A technique where Helyos punches and kicks his enemy multiple times, then, knocks them to the ground and uses Multi-Form. He then charged the Omega Blaster with his four clones, and ultimately throws it at his enemy, dominating them)
  • Omega Blaster
  • Multi-Form
  • Full Power Energy Wave
  • Continous Energy Bullets
  • Ki Wave
  • Ki Blast