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Hello Android 65! The Para Para Brothers in Universe 2! is a fanfiction made by 35Baragon.

Plot SynposisEdit

As they arrive in Universe 2, the Para Para Brothers and meet three young triplet androids.


The story begins on Earth which is in Universe 2 as three young female androids, Android 65Android 66 and Android 67, better known as the Android Triplets, are currently flying above the ocean, enjoying their day when they eventually spot a island where they could have a pinic. In the meantime, a portal opens in the sky as the Para Para Brothers' spaceship emerges from it as the ships lands on the island where the Android Triplets are currently at.


Main CharactersEdit


  • Android 65: Why are those guys dancing for us?
  • Android 66: I don't know, it's messed up.
  • Android 67: They have no style.




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