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Helios is the main planet featured in No Way Out. Many dangerous creatures are native to it.



Helios is a dangerous planet. The Planet Trade Organization attempted to conquer it multiple times; but they almost always failed because, most of the time, the ships were mysteriously destroyed in the atmosphere. All of these failings were blamed on things like demons, monsters, or magic. Any Planet Trade Organization operatives that survived the atmospheric destructions reported mysterious happenings, most likely because of seclusion, which would drive the operatives insane. Any surviving operatives disappeared soon after reach the planet's surface, most likely from being attacked by the native animals.

During No Way Out, a group of Saiyans crash-landed on Helios after fleeing from the Planet Trade Organization soldiers trying to kill them. After the Saiyans transformed to Oozaru forms to fight off the Planet Trade Organization forces, they destroyed a good part of the valley they lived in. A survivor of this fight for the Planet Trade Organization side was Leo; and as he attempted to flee from the carnage of the Oozarus, Leo found a town on the planet, which included a space bar and a native population of sentient beings.