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"You presume to know what is coming? Don't you understand that these mortal shadows can never stand against their divine counterparts?!" Tale 29 - Beyond Super Saiyan

Heiwa - is an avatar of the Grand Supreme Kai, though he refers to himself as the "son" of the Dai-Kaioshin, and who he considers his father. He is the primary antagonist of Dragon Ball Z Elsewhere, and a powerful fighter who was sealed on Earth, alongside his brother, Anshin.

Appearance Edit

Heiwa bears a resemblance to most Kaioshin, such as former East Supreme kai, Shin. He has spiky, lavender hair styled in a mohawk, similar to the Dai-Kaioshin. But unlike Shin, his complexion is similar to that of both the South and West Supreme Kai. He is unique in appearance, however, in that he does not wear the full traditional garb of a Kaioshin, seemingly preferring to leave his torso bare.

Heiwa also possesses a muscular physique, not unlike the South Supreme Kai, and wears gauntlet-like objects on his forearms, lending to his appearance as a warrior. He also has two tribal tattoo designs on his chest, though it is unknown if they have any special meaning, or if any of the other Kaioshin have them.

Personality Edit

Like most Kaioshin, Heiwa initially appears noble and good-natured and speaks in such a manner. However, unlike most Kaioshin, he seemingly bears contempt for mortals, particularly those who are evil or impure and doesn't believe they can be redeemed. When Kyonshi approaches him and requests his power as a reward for freeing him, Heiwa vehemently rejects him. He is immediately able to see through the serpent master's intentions and scorns him both for the sins he committed, as well as willingly transforming himself into an undead creature, in order to cheat death.

Unlike other Kaioshin, however, he seems more battle-hungry, not being above accepting challenges from mortals or challenging them himself. After being released, he takes notice of Yamcha's power and, recognizing that he is the strongest person present, immediately challenges the Wolf heir to a fight, even going so far as to threaten to destroy the entire area if his challenge is not accepted. Later, in the Otherworld, when Goku and Yamcha confront him outside of a prison transport, Goku challenges Heiwa to a fight.

He is fully confident in, and proud of his skills and strength, and is not above boasting about them. Upon tracking down the wizard, Babidi, Heiwa is confronted by Dabura, and despite recognizing the demon king's evil and strength, states that he was born to fight beings like him. Likewise, he respects the strength of other strong beings and is not above acknowledging them. When Yamcha powers up against him in their first confrontation, Heiwa compliments his power as being impressive, while also pointing out how little control he had over his power. Later, after observing his fight against the Android, Dr. Gero, Heiwa admonishes Yamcha's performance, stating that his brother has his work cut out for him. After defeating Goku, who was in his SSJ2 state, Heiwa is astonished at the Saiyan's strength and tells Yamcha that had Goku been alive when they were released, his brother would have chosen him as his vessel instead of Yamcha.

He is also prone to anger and rage as well. After discovering the fate of his father from Shin, Heiwa declares that he will not rest until he has killed Buu and freed him. He proceeds to search throughout the North galaxy, and even goes as far as destroying a planet, something that is not typical of a Kaioshin, declaring that he will do so to the entire galaxy if it means finding the wizard, Babidi.

Biography Edit

Millions of years ago, shortly before Buu's rampage, the Dai-Kaioshin created two avatars of his being, Anshin, and Heiwa, who he treated as his sons. In turn, they acknowledged him as their father. After a debate on the nature of mortals, the two eventually set out on a journey throughout the mortal plane. While Anshin preferred to make peace upon mortals, Heiwa felt they should be destroyed, and intended to do so. However, before he could act out his murderous desires, he was sealed on Earth alongside his brother Anshin. While inside the seal, Anshin was able to communicate with individuals whose nature resembled his own, namely the monk Shimenawa and later the founder of the four sacred martial art schools, Coffee.

Heiwa Released

Heiwa is released from the great seal.

These two beings were given the secret to undoing the seal, which they then passed on, through Shimenawa's writings, and through Coffee's students. Eventually, this secret made its way into the hands of the four masters of the sacred schools, though it would be the master of the Serpent style, Kyonshi, who would become obsessed with opening the seal. In order for the seal to be opened, members of the four schools must be brought together under one mind. He was eventually successful, managing to break the seal by using Yamcha and his childhood friend, Barracks, to do so. Upon breaking the seal, Heiwa was the only being to appear, as Anshin's spirit went to possess Yamcha, unlocking the Wolf heir's latent potential in the process.
Heiwa Defeats Yamcha

A newly released Heiwa defeats Yamcha with one blow.

After being released, Heiwa is approached by Kyonshi, who takes credit for being responsible for Heiwa's release, and requests godly power as a reward. Kyonshi states that he intends to use this power to bring order to a corrupt world. However, Heiwa is able to see through him, recognizing the sins he's committed and knocks him away by flaring his ki. Upon taking in his surroundings, he notices Yamcha, Barracks, Yunomi, Pigero, and Solace standing nearby. He immediately singles out Yamcha, challenging him to a fight, and threatens to destroy the area if his challenge isn't accepted. He compliments the fighter's power, though is unbothered by it, and is able to take Yamcha down with one blow.

Upon defeating Yamcha, Heiwa admonishes him for thinking he challenge a god. However, he is rebuked by his brother, Anshin, who reveals himself to have possessed the comatose fighter. The two exchange words, with Heiwa questioning why Anshin would choose to unlock Yamcha's potential, rather than giving him his power. While Anshin declares that they are not gods and that his purity cannot be compromised. Heiwa agrees, citing Yamcha's negative emotions as reasons why he is not a worthy vessel. However, Anshin disagrees, stating that he chose Yamcha particularly for those reasons, as the fighter desires righteousness and that Anshin will help him, to show that mortals can be redeemed. Heiwa accepts this challenge, giving his brother one Namekian year, 130 Earth days, to accomplish this goal.

Heiwa Greets Shin

Heiwa greets Shin

He then departs for the world of the Kais, where he joyfully greets Shin and his attendant Kibito, both of whom are shocked to see him. Heiwa apologizes for being abrupt, saying that he must speak with his father immediately. Realizing that he's unaware of the events that have transpired over time, Shin reluctantly informs him of the Dai-Kaioshin's fate, as well as those of the other Kaioshin, at the betrayal of Bibidi (who Shin states as being his attendant) and the monster, Majin Buu. Shin then grows suspicious of Heiwa, asking where he has been, and where his brother is. Rather than answer, Heiwa declares that he will defeat Majin Buu and free his father, before demanding the last known location of Babidi, Bibidi's son. After teleporting away, he begins a rampage across the North galaxy, even destroying a planet in his pursuit.

Heiwa Rampages

Heiwa destroys a planet in the North galaxy

He eventually locates the wizard, confronting him immediately after recognizing signs of Bibidi's magic, only for Babidi to summon Dabura to fight him. Upon being confronted by the demon king, Heiwa laughs at the notion that such a being could allow himself to be controlled by someone like Babidi. Heiwa then removes the spell on Dabura, remarking that the demon king's power didn't diminish at all. Upon realizing he has no allies left, Babidi begs for Heiwa to spare him, agreeing to not only find Buu (who he was already searching for), but also help free the Dai-Kaioshn. After Babidi informs him of what he suspects is Buu's location, and that a great amount of kili is needed in order to undo the spell that keeps Buu contained, Heiwa agrees to work with the wizard by recruiting powerful fighters from the Otherworld, for him.

The two split up, and Heiwa journeys to the Otherworld, where he spectates the fight between Yamcha and the reformed Android, Dr. Gero. After defeating the Android, Yamcha, Goku, Olibu, and Pikkon confront Heiwa outside of the prison that contains Frieza, King Cold, Cell, and the Ginyu force. Heiwa mocks Yamcha's performance against Gero, then attempts to recruit the prisoners to submit themselves to him in exchange for the power to crush their enemies. Both Frieza and Cell reject the offer, each one believing that their loss was a fluke and that they will defeat Goku through their own power. Heiwa remarks on their pride, stating that they could only say such things because they have no real scope of what Hell really is, and assures them that there places far worse than the temporary prison they're housed in. Noticing that Cold hasn't spoken, Heiwa makes the same offer to him, but before the former galactic emperor can answer, Heiwa is challenged to a fight by Goku.

Heiwa Battles Goku

Heiwa fights SSJ Goku

Heiwa assumes through their connection that Goku is Yamcha's brother, and after being informed that Goku is a member of the sacred martial arts school of Earth, accepts Goku's challenge. Goku powers up to Super Saiyan, however, he is no match for Heiwa as the Kaioshin casually blocks, evades, and shrugs off the Saiyan's attacks and kicks him away. Heiwa then admonishes Goku for testing him while hiding his true power and demands that the Saiyan show his true power. Realizing that SSJ won't be enough, Goku powers up even further, shocking both Yamcha and Cell as they instantly recognize what is happening. Goku finishes transforming, becoming SSJ2, and proceeds to re-engage the Kaioshin in battle. Although the battle becomes more competitive, with Goku being able to even land a blow on the Kaioshin, Heiwa quickly reveals that he still has the upper hand, as he's able to dish out more attacks, which are able to do more damage.

Despite Goku's newest transformation, and utilizing his best tactics, Heiwa still proves himself too much for the Saiyan. Heiwa wonders just who this mortal is, preparing to use his strongest attack, the Dragon's fist. Yamcha warns Goku that the attacks Heiwa is using are variations of the sacred school techniques and that he is likely to use those of the Serpent style next. Utilizing a strategy that he used during his fight with Cell, Goku performs an instant transmission+kamehameha combo, appearing to land the attack on his opponent. However, Heiwa's power proves even greater, as his dragon's fist attack is initially able to power through the beam of ki. Realizing this, Goku powers the attack more, boosting its power with a Kaioken x4. The strategy works, as Heiwa is overwhelmed by the powerful attack, allowing Goku the chance to land his own powered up punch on Heiwa.

Heiwa Defeats Goku

Heiwa survives his battle with Goku

An explosion occurs as a result, and Yamcha flies in, worried about his friend's safety. As the smoke clears, he sees a pale Goku briefly stand, before collapsing as the Saiyan remarks on how the Kaioshin could be so strong. Yamcha catches Goku before he can fall, and lowers him to the ground. But Yamcha is shocked to see Heiwa rise from the ground, astonishing Olibu, and Pikkon as well, as he emerges from the debris, seemingly unharmed. However, this is shown to be a ruse, as upon approaching the two fighters, Heiwa collapses, revealing Goku's last attack did more damage than was believed.

As Yamcha approaches him, prepared to finish him off, Heiwa states that if he kills him, he dooms his friend, as he is the only one who can help restore Goku's spirit and save his life. After a brief internal struggle, Yamcha accepts the proposal, placing the life of his friend over the safety of the universe. Heiwa then uses his godly power to restore Goku's body and instructs Yamcha to transfer some of his ki to Goku in order to replenish the Saiyan's soul. After confirming his friend is alive, Yamcha questions why Heiwa would help them. The Kaioshin states that it was due to his respect for Goku's fighting ability, stating that had the Saiyan been alive, his brother would have chosen him as his vessel. Heiwa goes on to state that Goku is worthy of the power of the gods, not Yamcha, before disappearing.

Power Edit

Sacred Schools Mastery

Heiwa shows his mastery over the Sacred School variants

As the avatar of the Dai-Kaioshin, Heiwa is an exceptionally powerful and skilled fighter. His power is so great, that Shin acknowledges that it is possible he could defeat Majin Buu. He is able to defeat Yamcha, who had not only spent 6 months training in extreme gravity (reaching up to 400G's) after Cell's defeat but also trained in the Room of Spirit & Time for two days (the equivalent of training at King Kaio's planet for two years) and had his potential unlocked by Anshin, with one blow and after being sealed away for millions of years. Heiwa was also able to easily handle Goku in his Super Saiyan form, who had defeated the likes of Frieza, and after 5 years of training (including 2 years in the Room of Spirit & Time) fought near evenly with Perfect Cell, and had been training for the past year with King Kaio's best fighters in the Otherworld.

After forcing Goku to transform to Super Saiyan 2, Heiwa still displayed incredible fighting ability, shrugging off Goku's attacks while landing his own. He displayed full mastery of the four sacred martial arts schools of Earth (Turtle, Serpent, Crane and Wolf), though he reveals that these styles are merely imitations of the divine arts (Tortoise, Dragon, Phoenix, and Tiger) that he employs. It took Goku, in his SSJ2 form, using a Kaioken x4 (which power-wise is on par with the SSJ3 transformation) just to be able to damage Heiwa enough to hurt him.

Abilities Edit

Along with his immense power, Heiwa displays a unique variety of techniques, showing both his combat knowledge and his abilities as a Kaioshin.

Flight - like most characters, Heiwa has the ability to fly using his ki.

Kiai - Heiwa blows an invisible wave of ki through his mouth, which he uses to dispel two Kamehameha blasts Goku fired at him

Ki Blast - like most characters, Heiwa is able to use ki to fire basic attacks.

Magic mastery - Heiwa has shown knowledge of basic magic developed by the Kais, and which he claims were stolen by Bibidi and who did not truly understand them. He is shown capable of both instantly recognizing a spell, as well as being able to reverse and recast it with ease.

Tiger Claw Smash

Heiwa slashes Goku with a claw-like attack

Sacred School Martial Arts mastery - Heiwa is a master of the original divine martial arts style from which Earth's four most famous martial arts styles (Turtle, Wolf, Crane, and Serpent) are derived. As such, he is able to use techniques that are far more powerful than their Earthly counterparts.

Tiger Claw Slash - an unnamed technique used against Goku, and is similar to the Wolf Fang Fist technique used by Yamcha. Heiwa uses both hands shaped like claws, to deliver slashing blows to his opponent. The user's aura appears as a tiger when this technique is used.

Phoenix Tail Dodonpa - the only named technique he uses against Goku, Heiwa fires a beam of ki from his finger, similar to the technique used by Tenshinhan,

Phoenix Tail Dodonpa

Heiwa uses an advanced variation of the Dodonpa ki beam

Chiaotzu, and Mercenary Tao. However, unlike their attacks, six fiery-like beams of ki are split from the primary attack and burn the opponent once they connect. The user's aura appears as a phoenix when this technique is used.

Dragon's Fist - another unnamed technique used against Goku. Heiwa charges his fist with ki, before charging at the opponent and thrusting his fist forward. Similar to the Ryuken used by Goku in Wrath of the Dragon, the user's aura appears as a dragon when this technique is used.

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