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ハイッシス, Haisshisu
Detailed Information:
Appearances: KidVegeta's Theogony: From Silence to the Greater Kais
Nicknames: Chaos
Gender: No Gender
God of: Chaos
Preferred Plane: Mytos, Universe, Underworld
Percentage of Universe's Energy Owned: 50%
Rank in the 12 Divines: Stronger than all 12
Personal Pronouns: 朕 (ちん)
Rank: Embodiment of Chaos

Heisis was the embodiment of Chaos, created from the hearts of the Twelve Divines. At its birth, it held half of the power in existence. Heisis is genderless, though is often portrayed as a hermaphrodite instead of a being lacking either gender. Despite this, Heisis never mated with anything, and no descendants came from it. Heisis looks like a tall dark figure with long wings, though it has the ability to change into nearly anything at any time. Often, it will move as just a cloud of blackness.


After The Nameless Being split into the Twelve, the Twelve then created Heisis collectively. They were wary of Heisis not only for what it embodied, but because it was more than seven times as strong as their strongest member - though it was equal in power to all of them put together. After Mytos was created, the Twelve could not keep Heisis from following them to it. Heisis roamed the grassy hills of Mytos often, rarely conversing with the others, though it occasionally spoke up in some matters. It simply watched as Icaeus tricked Iantos into creating life, as the Shima and Keishin warred, and as the two species rebelled. After Iantos created the four lower planes of existence, Heisis watched over them as well, though it did not go into them.

After the Shima-Keishin rebellion was dispelled, Heisis put Chaos into the hearts of its brothers and sisters, and influenced them to mate with one another. They did so and created numerous second-generation gods. These gods were the main gods to spread their powers in the Universe and Underworld. Chaos was in their hearts too, so Heisis did not need to do much itself as the other gods were inadvertently doing its bidding anyway. After Icaeus brought language and intelligence to lesser beings and the Daman rose up to take over as the caretakers of the universe, Amoon created the Shin race. Amoon slowly whittled away the Daman and replaced them with his own caretakers. When he did this, Heisis felt it was a good time to descend into the universe, and ever since then, Chaos has been great in the universe.


  • Born of chaos
  • Chaos-bringer
  • The true darkness
  • The corrupter
  • Who cannot be turned away
  • Whose reign will come
  • Suffocator
  • Whose desire is absolute

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