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"I'm the blacksmith of all Saiyan, Goku. I am proud to you have killed Jiren, but help me stop the evil demonic leader Archon. If you have Saiyan Armor because he is overpowered, immediately equip it and stop Archon with both of us!"
— Hawth Bowserth to Goku

Hawth Bowserth
Hawth Bowserth, the Blacksmith of Saiyans
Detailed Information:
Appearances: DBZ: SMRPG:LOTMS Destiny
Nicknames: The blacksmith of Saiyans

Destroyer of the Multiverse

Species: Saiyan, Demon
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Unknown
Birthdate: Birth of the universe; unknown
Date of Death: He is currently alive.
Birth Power Level: 200.000.000
Maximum Power Level: 256 decillion+
Personal Pronouns: He
Height: 6'2
Weight: Same as Broly
Hair Color: Orange
Eye Color: Black
Rank: Blacksmith Master; Commander of the Primal Saiyans
Organizations: Primal Saiyan Armed Forces: He is commander
Favorite Food: All type of meats
Favorite Vehicle: None
Hobbies: Blacksmithing
Family: None
Voice Actor: Christopher Xu

Hawth Bowserth (ホース ・ バウサース) is a character in a Dragon Ball Z. He has Saiyan features like Goku and is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. His job is only war and blacksmithing, if he is at war and in a difficult situation, he can turn into the Astral Divinity form, which is 100 times stronger than Mastered Ultra Instinct. Also, in the Astral Divinity form, he can cause various supernova explosions, black hole formations, hypernovas, and enough energy to destroy the entire universe.

He is also the primal Saiyan - older than Yamoshi. His age is still unknown, but some scientists consider he was born in the early days of the universe (from the process of its formation). In addition, those who live in Namek see him as a grandfather. So some people are said to be older than Zeno-sama.



Hawth Bowserth massacreEdit

In Age 754, they surprise people with his dwarf appearance, they see him in costume, but the armor in him is not a costume. It is a real primitive armor. Those in the city laughed at him because they were likening the lack of technology. He bothered him very much from this situation and turned into Burning SSGSS form. When he transformed, the people around him were very scared and started to escape. It triggered severe earthquakes due to the heavy gravitational force during the transformation. Hundreds of buildings were destroyed after the earthquake and more than 250 people died. Goku learned this situation in the news and went to him immediately. When Goku arrived, Hawth was crying because a whole had ruined the city. Goku got angry at this situation and strongly condemned people. Goku was so angry that it caused him to turn into SSGSS form. After SSGSS form and condemnation, he took Hawth and took it to the Namek Planet via teleportation.

After the Age 754 incident (Hawth Mass Massacre), those who angered him were detained by the police. 400 people were arrested after detention. Their crimes were accused of "causing the city to be destroyed, deliberately killing men, provoking Saiyan, causing great destruction and deaths". Hawth was only in the courtesy for 20 minutes and was completely released by the police. Due to their arrest and the release of Hawth, the Minister of Justice of Homestead IV made a written statement: Hawth-san is an extremely dangerous Saiyadan. Don't make him angry unless you can, because he is much more dangerous than Goku. After this sentence, the Minister of Justice said: "Hawth is very valuable to us because he is one of the rarest Saiyan in the universe. We still do not know his age, but our first findings were the birth of Hawth in the early days of the formation in the universe. In addition, how he lived for billions of years,  she said.
After the Minister of Justice's statement, Homestead IV Interior Minister expanded this Hawth Mass Massacre case and even categorized it as "terrorist proboganda".

After the Great Massacre and his first trainingEdit

The Hawth Mass Massacre trial resulted in Age 756: More than 1000 people were arrested and fined for 713 people. Hawth, on the other hand, was temporarily restricted from entering Homestead IV because of the potential danger. Goku did not respond to this situation but was angry with this decision. Goku said to him: "You won't be able to enter this planet for a while, but let's train with you." After this sentence, Goku called Whis, Beerus' trainer. Whis would take him to Universe 7 and test for strength by the Zeno-sama. After the test, Whis was very surprised: because he had a dense energy that was imbalanced enough to kill Zeno-sama. In fact, the power ratio was 256 decillion and an extremely high number. After the high power rate, the birth power rate was surprisingly explained: 200 million. This figure is also the highest power ratio of Saiyan in the entire universe. After the power ratios were announced, Hawth's armor durability test was performed and it was determined that 5 of them were designed against all attacks of MUI Goku. In addition, his armor was still fresh even after billions of years, no broken scratches and was intact.

His first training days and visiting Dai-ShinkanEdit

His education began in Age 770. He was learning very fast and he finished his control education fast. Its energy is so intense that it causes intense earthquakes around. Whis was very surprised and finished his training fast and took Hawth to Dai-Shinkan, the king of all angels. Dai-Shinkan spoke to him for a long time and Dai-Shinkan spoke to all the angels and the gods of destruction: Hawth Bowserth-sama is now a multiverse destroyer, He is our most powerful Saiyan ever. he said.

His armor has been renewed and designed against all powerful attacks. In fact, Jiren's energy placed it in this armor.

Attending to Blacksmith of SaiyansEdit

Daishinkan immediately hired him as the Grand Blacksmith's Master in the Zeno-sama's main blacksmith quarry next to the main building because of his overpowering and intense interest in blacksmithing. He was also making weapons and armors of surprising powers, as he was the master of the great blacksmith. Nowadays, Hawth is witnessing mankind and the strongest blacksmith in Saiyan history. According to Saiyan law, Hawth had to cut his beard, but Daishinkan refused it and his energy was accepting the beard.


Hawth Bowserth is an autistic Saiyan. His autism also takes care of Goku's behavior, but he can control his own behavior. So he also has anger issues, getting angry by a person can cause death. In the form of Astral Divinity, it does not forgive anyone and attacks everyone until death.

He is a bearded colossal dwarf and is also a devil. His armor is heavy armor used by dwarf blacksmiths.

Biography Edit

His biology may be the most interesting. Because he's biology is complex, he contains many organs. Hawth's skin has a lot of hard skin that provides full protection against Saiyan attacks. He can erupt from fire, cause earthquakes, and even activate volcanoes.

He loves Goku very much and is hostile to Vegeta and Beerus. If Goku dies, he will switch to the Astral Divinity form and explode the universe. After the explosion, Hawth can generate a new Big Bang.

Hawth's shout is stronger than Goku's Ultra Instinct roar. In his astral form, his shout sounds like a double voice with oozaru.

Transformations Edit

Super Saiyan 3Edit

  • YNsCJmc

    His SSJ3 aura

    Super Saiyan 3: Hawth also skips Super Saiyan 1 and 2 because he is an extremely powerful Saiyan. Due to the his intense energy mass, he directly reaches Super Saiyan 3 by jumping 1 and 2. In Super Saiyan 3, it covers the hair in half or completely. But instead of the hair, the beard grows longer than his own length. It grows a little in the hair.

Burning SSGSSEdit


Burning SSGSS Aura

  • Burning SSGSS Form: In the SSGSS form, blue fire aura usually appears, but when he turns into it, the fire turns to a purple and original fire color, not blue. When he transforms, he has a purple flame like Beerus. Also this conversion form is more powerful than full power LSSJ Broly. It will cause a big fire explosion when he uses Kaioken x10.

Astral DivinityEdit

  • Astral Divinity: (星の神性 Hoshi no Shinsei, hepburn Star Divinity) is a type of transformation. This transformation form makes he strong enough to destroy the universe and kill Beerus instantly. His sword returns to normal fire, but supernova and hypernova explosions; reaches an absolute power that can cause. This Hawth turns into this transformation when he is overly irritated. His beard turns blue and reaches absolute temperatures. After an absolute transformation, he faints and remains unconscious for months.

Lore Edit

He has absolute power. Hawth may be a primitive fire giant, but modern technology was gaining momentum. Today Hawth is a demon who lives in the Asgard. What makes it special is that it sees the formation of the earth, the moon and the sun step by step. He's a giant, a star, a black hole, a galaxy. Thanks to his absolute power, he knows everything. At the Asgard, he is now the universe observer of a Yggdrasil.

In middle-technology age: This story is not yet finished, There's more. His story can fit into a 500-page book. Like the epic, the story of Hawth by a writer has been written too long. Earth, Moon and the formation of the Sun is also concerned. Scientists have taken this book under protection. Scientists have done some research on Hawth and have failed. It was included in the "Unexplained Files" category because it was unknown layering, attack power, and more. This file was put for protection by the Shixia Archives. Scientists were regarded as a half-devil half-human, but, although it is in the book of Scandinavian mythology, the origin is still unknown. He is a special entity, and as a result of unexplained files, scientists' origins, layering, bearing power, attack power, speed, endurance, intelligence are still unknown. Hawth is an ancient unknown colossal entity. Future technology and even supercomputers cannot be solved. 35 billion people live in the world. There are 12 million supercomputers around the world. In Norway, the volcano where he lives, scientists can not enter because of the temperature. Every time he hits a hammer on the sword, it's 10 times brighter than the sun's surface. There's technology to reduce brightness, but it's inadequate. In spite of his future age, he retains his principle and mystery. How he entered the Asgard is still unclear.

Also, in middle-technology age, a new page was opened for research purposes about this ancient devil. New findings have still not arrived. Some scientists think it's Tier 0, and some don't know it at all. Extremely mysterious monster. Yggdrasil is still solved while the new mystery has been added. And this mystery scientists named the file that could not be explained as the "Mystery of Hawth's Existence." He made a terrific claim by a philosopher while still preserving the mystery: '' He was created from fire. Not by planet impact. The creator of it is a Yog-Sogthoth. The whole world started to work with Yog-Sogthoth as an example. The new skills of Hawth, the beneficiary of this ancient half-dead being, were discovered. But his statistics are still a mystery. It will increasingly preserve its mystery, no high-tech will discover it. Will scientists soon discover all its features? This question is unknown and will not know.

Skills Edit


  • Ki: The skill used by all characters.
  • Supernova Explosion Kamehameha: He can do similar to Goku's movement and cause an intense energy explosion. He also shoots "Go to Muspelheim!" Instead of "Kamehameha", causing an explosion of energy. Sometimes the flow of energy can instantly kill his enemies.
  • Fire Breath: Hawth is also a dwarf-like demon and can cause an intense fire burst from his mouth. By squeezing his hands like Broly, he can fire his target with full accuracy. Even if there is no breath of fire, he can fire the fireball.
  • Armor protection: It can resist Kamehameha's destructive power. It can also resist Genkidama (Goku's nuclear bomb, spirit bomb).
  • Flight: Hawth can also fly like a fighter jet, so he can fly at the speed to penetrate the sound wall. He can also accelerate to the speed of light in space. While at the speed of light, he can travel intergalactic. In combat: Hawth is constantly at the speed of light, severely injuring his enemies, and sometimes even killing fists. His fist is also close to Saitama's power and can destroy a large mountain.
  • Hyper power: Due to his 256-decillion power, he can destroy everything in the universe. He can even destroy the supermassive black hole.
  • Energy explosion: While Hawth charges the ki energy, burning energy bursts in dense waves and his lush sound can cause sonic explosions.
  • Nuclear explosions: Using Hawth kamehameha, it can sometimes cause nuclear explosions due to nuclear fusion; it can also cause radioactive rain (nuclear holocaust). Nuclear explosions can also instantly kill Saiyan in Super Saiyan 3 mode. Also, this power is stronger than Vegeta's Final Explosion skill.
  • Fast Teleport: He can also teleport very quickly and easily escape enemy attacks. It also has his very reflexing move.


Theme Edit

Battle theme

Astral Divinity
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