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Manga name Hatchiyalece
Debut Fanga: "Tale of Two Coolers Saga"
Appears in
Resurrection (SSJJ)
Race 1/2 Saiyan-1/2 Tuffle Machine Hybrid
Gender Male
Date of death June 11th, Age 855 (erased from existence)
  • Hatchiyack (fusee)
  • Turles (fusee)
  • Future Cooler (boss)
  • Cooler 16 (fusee)
  • Jeiyu (comrade/fusee)
  • Slugack (comrade/fusee)
  • Janesuka (comrade/fusee)
  • Hatchiyarles is the EX-Fusion of Hatchiyack and Turles.

    Appearance Edit

    Hatchiyarles has Turles head shape with red piece around his head like a bandana with a blue gem in the middle with a red buffe-like piece that covers his ears, chin, and neck. Large muscles with red-blue pointed shoulder pieces resembling Turles' armour, light red skin on his arms and face with a Metamo-Ring on it, and red-blue metal (mechnical)-plates resembling Turles' vambraces with grey gems on it and his knuckles. His red-blue chest plates covers his torso except his centre where grey gem is, has red-blue plates that cover his waist and crotch area, has red-blue leg plates with a grey gem, and red-blue boots with black metal piece on his upper knees and crotch area; complete with tail wrapped around his waist. With his pieces appearing to be apart of him, and blue spiky hair. He has Turles' eyes, but Hatchiyack's eye shape, and yellow sclera.

    Personality Edit

    He is merciless, prideful, and confident. The combination of his hate and cruelty make him a vicious and formidable foe. Without the restraints placed on Hatchiyack by Chamel; his desire to kills Saiyans have left him to act dangerously and even been disgusted by his fusion. He attempts to force the Metamo-Ring off before Chamel binds it to his body.

    Biography Edit

    Hatchiyarles emerged after his fusion was complete, and easily dispatches of Goku and Vegeta with ease, and even makes them struggle against him.

    Techniques Edit

    • Ki Manipulation and Sensory
    • Revenger Cannon
      • Rapid Charge Counter - By tricking his opponent into thinking his using Revenger Cannon, and he preforms to several physical strikes on his opponent; inflicting heavy damage.
    • Kill Driver
    • Revenger Driver - Combination of Revenger Cannon and Kill Driver
      • Dark Revenger Driver
    • Hate Energy Manipulation
      • Hate Energy Absorption
    • Energy Wave Combo
    • Calamity Blaster
    • Sudden Storm

    Forms and Transformations Edit

    Runaway Full Power-Dark Machine Edit

    As the two were transformed via the Dark Evolution forms; they are in a permanent combined state of the forms, and has the combined form of both fighters.

    Super Saiyan Edit

    Hatchiyarles is capable of becoming Super Saiyan; however is form his different to that of a regular Super Saiyan. He has black red hair with darker coloured eyes and his sclera becomes a darker colour.

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