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Chapter 23: The Truth is Finally Revealed

Gohan shivered; it was probably a little more than fifty degrees out here, and he no longer had the fur on his body to keep him warm. He found a few huge leaves several feet from him, and decided that Harry and Ron probably would like him covered up by now. He grabbed them, and used his tail as a belt to keep the leaves covering his lower half. By this time the car had regained its control of itself again and started up once more, the roar of the engine making Harry and Ron jump with a start. The car stormed back into the darkest corners of the forest, the engine could be heard for minutes and the form of the car slowly disappearing in the darkness. Gohan smiled; apparently that car still had an attitude problem.

It was until he heard gasping of breath that he finally remembered and noticed that Harry and Ron were still there, apparently he forgot for a second that he had spoken to them earlier. He looked at his friend’s expressions, which were an amusing combination of fear, astonishment, and curiosity.

“I guess I should have thrown my clothes off before I went ape huh?” He joked. “But I couldn’t waste any time seeing as those annoyances were closing in on you guys fast.” He then had a frown on his face, “The next time I see Hagrid, I think I’ll have a talk with him about his opinions on morals of carnivorous creatures. Follow the spiders, honestly.”

They didn’t respond, still frozen in the same spot, looking down on him.

Gohan sighed, “I suppose this isn’t the best time to be joking around. Let’s go back up to the Dormitory now that we’re done here, I need to get some clothes out of my-”

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” Ron blurted out. “You expect us to ignore the fact that YOU’RE the monster (at that remark, Gohan frowned) that was making a racket here before, and that you have a TAIL and you shot those- those things out of your mouth?!”

“They are actually beams of very powerful energy released from my mouth that I can only do while in that form (from the mouth),” Gohan replied calmly, “And no I don’t expect you to forget what I did. I promised you that I would explain everything after we were through, and that’s a promise that I intend to keep. I’m merely suggesting that we do it in a place where I am fully clothed, we are all warm, and there is no chance that the remaining spiders will come back for retaliation.”

Harry and Ron cast each other nervous looks; they didn’t want to be here if the spiders came back with even more of their family, not after what Gohan did to probably aggravate them so much.

“Good point,” Harry said, as Gohan jumped onto the rock and joined them by their sides, “But it’ll take us at least an hour to get back to the castle; we didn’t go this way before and we have no idea where we are.”

“I do.” Gohan stated, “We’re about three fourths of a mile maybe from the spiders, and about an hour and a half walk from the castle. But I can get us back to the castle fast.”

He signaled for them to come closer with his hand, Ron and Harry responded by walking slowly toward their friend. He tapped his shoulders for them to notice them for what he would say next.

“Alright guys, now each of you hold on to one of my shoulders, and don’t let go.”

They did as he said, and Gohan raised his left hand. As he was putting his index and middle finger on his forehead, Harry asked him something.

“How do you know all of this?”

“Who do you think left this place as the mess it is now?” Gohan retorted coolly.

Both boys’ eyes widened as they heard this, and then in the next instant they were disappearing from sight, only to end up in the Gryffindor common room. Gohan brought his hand down now, and started walking towards the boy’s dormitory while Harry and Ron were looking from him to the rest of the room, clearly puzzled at how they arrived here. And then as he reached the door, Gohan paused, and turned to face his two friends.

“Just wait out here for a few minutes, I need to get dressed. Once I am, I’ll explain everything to you guys.”

They nodded, shaking slightly. Gohan nodded back, and then disappeared through the door. A couple of minutes later (earlier Harry and Ron sat down on a couch) Gohan emerged from the doors again, wearing his fighting Gi that was like his fathers with the Dragonball around his neck. Both boys looked unsettled as they saw him approach them, clearly amazed at how muscular their friend was.

“I know how you feel; the robes don’t exactly show much of your body.” Gohan grinned as he sat down. “So, you guys want to know why I did that back there I understand.”

They nodded.

“We just want to understand Gohan.” Harry replied. “You really scared use back there when you did that… when you… changed I suppose.”

“Yeah,” Ron added, “And it didn’t help much when we saw you had a tail. I mean, not a lot of wizards have tails unless a transfiguration spell went wrong, and even then they can always get it fixed.”

“That’s true, but I’m not just a wizard.” Gohan retorted, knowing that there was no turning back now.

Harry and Ron apparently, still didn’t understand.

“Well of course you’re not,” Ron said, “You’re muggle-born.”

“Yes, but I’m not only related to muggles.” Gohan answered back, loosing his patience.

Harry blinked, “I don’t get it. So are you related to some sort of magical creature?”

This was something Gohan knew that they suspected him of being (when he read their minds), so wasn’t surprised that one of them would have asked that.

“No, but you’re pretty close.”


“ARE YOU PEOPLE THAT DENSE?!” Gohan yelled (though not too loud). This startled the other boys, jumping in their places faintly.

“Sorry about that. It is just hard for me say this. I’ve kept this a secret my whole life, apart from the only people that knew when I found out.”

“What are you bloody talking about?!” Harry and Ron asked.

“….. Do you guys believe in aliens?”

Harry looked like he couldn’t believe what he was hearing, while Ron on the other hand was confused beyond a doubt.

“Er-what’s an alien?”

“An alien is a creature that was not created on Earth Ron.” Harry explained, knowing from watching some television on the subject that Dudley found interesting, seeing as he had no control of it. “It’s not human and lives on a different planet, and most people believe they look like monsters or something. Nobody ever had legitimate proof to believe that there was any other life in the universe because so many people make fake alien things to profit from people that believe in them,” he then turned to Gohan, looking at him with wide eyes, “unless what I think you’re saying is true.”

“I believe I should probably start from the beginning; how this all started,” Gohan suggested readily, “But I’ll have to ask you guys if you can hold all of your questions until I’m through or let you, this’ll probably take a while.”

Gohan sighed; he was going to have to rely on a lot of the history Vegeta taught (or the more appropriate word forced him to listen to after locking him in the Gravity Room) him over the year, most of it being things Vegeta picked up as rumors from the other fighters back when he worked for Frieza.

“You see, a little less than fifty years ago (I’m pretty sure that is accurate) there was a planet that existed deep within the darkness and depths of space, the Tuffle Planet (or the Planet Plant). On that planet there lived two races of beings, each lived on one half of the planet. The first was the Tuffles, who named the planet after themselves since they were the only ones out of the two races that were sophisticated at the time. The Tuffles were a race with technology and intellectual status that was far superior to Earths, and very well may have been for a very long time. They (The Tuffles) lived in peace with one another and no fights or wars ever occurred between them. They were a race far superior in mental power and machinery than any other in there time, but that couldn’t help them in the long run once things started to turn for the worst.

You see the other race that lived on the Tuffle Planet was a much more primitive one, and lived on the other side of the planet that the Tuffles wouldn’t and never did set foot on. These beings were called Saiyans, and they would be the cause of the entire annihilation of the Tuffle race. If you want a visual of what they would look like they are very similar to humans except that they would have brown furry tails, like monkeys I guess you could say (at this Harry and Ron gazed down at Gohan’s wiggling tail, who ignored them). Their hair would also always grow back to the way it was born as and almost always (he thought of Trunks as he said this) they would have black hair and dark eyes. You see, Saiyans were a bit more complicated than the Tuffles both physically and psychologically. Think of Saiyans as the prehistoric muggle man, the whole cave man thing. All Saiyans are gifted with an unbelievable amount of strength and power when they are born compared to humans. Sometimes, a normal Saiyan baby would have as much if not more strength than twenty human adults. As time would go by if they trained they could get even stronger. But that wasn’t the only way that they can grow more powerful; since the Saiyans weren’t as smart as their neighbors, for entertainment they would fight each other very brutally and savagely. Most of the time though they fought because they had to; Saiyans have a strong urge to fight in battle against anything that could put up a good struggle and sometimes prove a good challenge to their strength so they could improve themselves. If one of them managed to survive a near death experience, if they were on the brink of death and survived their strength, speed and power would increase dramatically beyond what it originally was. And to keep up with their fighting and abnormally immense strength they needed to eat a lot of food and keep their energy up so that they could generate as much power as they could in battle; or they were just extremely hungry all the time, I’d just imagine that would be the reason. Another trait that they had was they age differently than humans; since Saiyans were born as the ultimate warriors they biologically age slower then humans, retaining their youthful physical features longer, though they can’t live like a hundred years or something. But as their power grew over time, so did their arrogance and cockiness.”

“So, are you saying that you are one of… those things?” Harry asked, stunned.

Gohan nodded, “But I’ll get to that later. Anyway, the leader of those Saiyans, King Vegeta led the Saiyans to go and battle the Tuffles on their turf. The Tuffles tried to put up a fight with their weapons, and for some time did manage to keep the Saiyans at bay even though most of their attacks had no effect on them. But the strength of the Saiyans was too great for them. The Tuffles met their end when an unfortunate event happened… their moon showed up. Unlike our moon theirs shows up not so often, and when it did the Saiyans saw an opportunity and seized it. You see the when the full moon is out a Saiyan has a choice of having their power increased to a place they would usually never reach. But to do this, they need to absorb a certain amount of energy known as Bruits (or Blutz) Waves from the moon into their eyes. Once they do, they start to transform into a Saiyans most powerful form (he’s speaking about the Saiyans not on Earth of course). This is our giant ape state,” Gohan smirked, “which needless to say I don’t have to describe what happens when we transform or what they look like. We grow to about fifty feet tall in that form (In my last chapter, Harry and Ron thought Gohan was over a hundred feet tall), but a few of the more powerful Saiyans can get a little taller than that (meaning him and Vegeta). The Saiyans, when transformed into this ape being, would have no control of themselves and their animal instincts would take over unless they had complete control and trained themselves to do this. But a perk was that their power would be ten times that of their maximum power as themselves, and they could shoot energy blasts of great power and devastation from their mouths (Harry and Ron flinched as they remembered what Gohan could do). Although a bad side to this is that in order to turn into one, you have to have a tail (his tail wiggled around to face them for emphasis). The tails are a Saiyan’s main weakness, and if you pull on it really hard a normal Saiyan would fall to the ground and be weak, his body wouldn’t move and he couldn’t stop you from grabbing it. But that won’t work on me though; I’ve trained my tail to resist such assaults so I don’t have that limitation. A Saiyans tail can be cut off though, which is what happened to all Saiyans I know of, though mine is the only one I know of that’s grown back (His dad never told him his tail grew back before, seeing as it was gone when Gohan was always around).

But back to the story at hand; once the Full moon showed up all the Saiyans transformed and easily killed and destroyed the Tuffles in one night. When the full moon ended, the Saiyans transformed back to their normal shape they claimed the planet and named it after the man that led them to victory, hence Planet Vegeta being born. As they grew smarter they used the remains of the Tuffle life to their advantage, seeing as their inventions were still working and functioning perfectly. They learned the Tuffle’s technology quickly enough; they even used some of their inventions for everyday use. Soon they met a race called the Arconians. These are people responsible for supplying the Saiyans with the technology they used. In return for this technology the Saiyans would do things for the Arconians, but I’ll get into that later. They used these things called Scouters that could tell how strong your ki was, since most people couldn’t fide how strong they really were at that time it was good if you wanted to find out where your enemies were and if you could beat them. Another more practical item was the Space Pods that they used; they were spherical and could only seat one person so that the Saiyans could travel around space for their…” Gohan spat venom out along with the next word, “business.”

“What do you mean by business?” Ron said nervously.

“…. My ancestors didn’t improve their morals as their minds expanded as much as I would have hoped otherwise. Not that long after they took over the whole of Planet Vegeta a ruthless tyrant, who was at that time the most powerful being in the universe, known as Frieza (he said the name with disgust) soon came to Planet Vegeta, hearing of the Saiyans impressive power and their eagerness for a quick buck. Frieza made a deal with them and they agreed to be hired by him and they became the… I guess you could say they were the real-estate agents of the universe.”

“What do you mean?” Harry asked carefully.

“I mean that they would send Saiyans down to a planet and either enslave the beings living there to Frieza or wipe them all out, and then make the planet sellable and put it on the market the planet to the highest bidder to claim.” Gohan spat out, his eyes showing anger and sadness in them.

Harry and Ron gasped, horrified by what they heard. Gohan smiled sadly.

“I know, I don’t approve of it either but I was only four or five when I found out. Sometimes they sent many groups of people to exterminate life on a planet if they all weren’t very strong. But most of the time they would send between a group to a couple of people per planet so that they could get around faster and richer. A lot of times though they would send Saiyan infants and babies to a planet in those space pods, and they had information planted into their heads that told them that their mission was to kill all life on the planet in question and get it ready for being sold. This worked a lot of the time, since Saiyans, even as babies, possess incredible strength and could easily accomplish this.

The Saiyans didn’t really care that they were serving Frieza; they got roofs over their heads, plenty of food to eat, the money wasn’t that bad, and they always got to fight when taking over a planet. The Saiyans also got to keep their rulers too; they still had King Vegeta as their leader and he spoke with Frieza regarding demands the Saiyans requested and such. The Saiyan population within Frieza’s continuously growing army was mainly made of low class warriors, fighters that had the lowest ki and strength out of them all. Mainly the Royal family (family of King Vegeta) and Saiyans that have proved themselves excellent in battle got the rank of Elite Class warrior, obviously meaning the fighters within the Frieza’s grasp that had the highest level of power. Being an Elite Class fighter meant that you would able to take over planets with a group of other people in your class, some would be Saiyans while most would be of other species, rather than an army of Low Classes.

In any case, as time grew on Frieza got nervous when it came to the Saiyans. A group of powerful low level Saiyans was being noticed by many. They were taking jobs and assignments that even the Elites wouldn’t try, and they accomplished them to great success. Frieza knew that they, as well as the entire Saiyan population was growing stronger and stronger with every day and every planet conquered, and the fact that they would get stronger with every battle and injury didn’t help his thoughts too. It was only a matter of time until they could prove a threat to him, and one Saiyan would eventually get powerful enough to be a match for him and stop him from ruling the Universe with an iron fist. And what happened soon after didn’t help his judgment either. One of the low level Saiyans stood up against Frieza, and tried to fight him and claim freedom when he heard that Frieza was nervous about the Saiyans. Unfortunately for him even without Frieza knowing this ahead of time, he effortlessly stopped all of his assaults on Frieza.”

“What happened next?” Harry inquired a look of worry in his eyes.

Gohan smiled miserably, “Frieza made up his mind. That one Saiyan showed him that some if not all Saiyans had a will of their own and had no problem standing up against him if they wanted to, which was bad if he wanted to keep control over his growing empire. And he also knew that although one lone person was powerless against him, a whole army of them could prove to be a colossal problem. So as soon as that Saiyan finished his assault, Frieza did the only thing he thought sensible… he destroyed the whole of Planet Vegeta, along with every Saiyan and anyone else that was in its path.”

Harry and Ron’s eyes bulged out, their mouths hanging open in shock. They could not believe what they were hearing.

“That’s… that’s horrible.” Ron stuttered.

“The only person I could think of that’s that cruel… is Voldemort (Ron cringes at the sound of the name).”

“That may be true, but Voldemort is nothing, and when I say this I truly mean NOTHING compared to Frieza (and some other people I might add).” Gohan declared.

Harry and Ron were going to argue against this statement, but Gohan beat them to it.

“But when a door closes, a window opens eventually. What Frieza either didn’t know or didn’t care about was that there were four (if I want to add Broly or other Saiyans that were only mentioned in the movies I’ll correct this statement) Saiyans that survived, not being on the Planet when it happened. Two were on a job making another planet available for potential buyers: King Vegeta’s son (who at that time was only a child), the Prince of Saiyans also named Vegeta, and his guardian/ partner Nappa. Another one was known as Raditz, who I can only guess was on another planet also dispersing the people on a planet for sale.

The last one was only a baby when it happened. He was being sent off to a planet for extermination like many others before him before the attack. From what I understand his father was the Saiyan that stood up to Frieza (Frieza said this when he first met Goku, that he looked like that Saiyan that fought him before. He also heard about Bardock fighting back and his friends from Vegeta, who heard rumors while working for Frieza), the one that caused Frieza to finally decide to eradicate the race. The baby landed on the planet and was found by an old man, who although saw he had a tail and was different took what he thought abandoned baby in as his own. The baby resisted this offer with violence at first, persistent to accomplish what he was programmed to do. But one day the child fell and hit his head very hard, erasing all memory of this and leaving him a regular, happy child from then on. This Saiyan baby was called Kakarot (Gohan smiled as he said this), and he would grow up to be the savoir of the planet he landed on.”

“How do you know all of that?” Harry asked incredulously.

“You’re on the planet that he was assigned to enslave.” Gohan answered dully.

This time Ron and Harry made it really obvious that this was freaking them out. Ron whimpered while Harry looked intently at Gohan with a stare that could not consider a reality what he was being told by his friend.

“The old man that took him in,” Gohan continued, ignoring the responses he received, “Gave him a name, not knowing what his Saiyan name was. This name would be one that many people would revere for many years, earning titles that only the best of the best could receive. The old man gave him his last name also, and the Saiyan boy cherished the man so much that he called the person his grandpa. Gohan Son was the old man’s name, and from the day they met the boys name was Goku Son, my father, who named me after his grandpa. There’s a lot more to tell you both, but for now I’ll just leave you guys with the basics to think about.”

There was a stunned silence then, all three boys acknowledging that the truth was out between them. Gohan knew that there was no way he could give back the information he told them now, and hoped they would still be his friend and wouldn’t tell anyone.

Gohan grinned, “I did try to tell you that this would be a lot to take in.”

The next few minutes went by as Gohan went on to explain to them that they couldn’t tell anyone. He also told them that Dumbledore and Hagrid and some other people (he never mentioned Lucius Malfoy specifically) knew what he was. Harry and Ron took a few minutes before they could speak again; Gohan didn’t figure they would be this shocked.

“I mean, come on. You guys live in a world where you have wands that can do practically everything and you fly on brooms and other junk that people can only imagine in fairytales. I don’t think this is any more unbelievable.” Gohan said.

“We know that but…” Ron grinned, “What you can do and stuff is just unbelievable!”

“Yeah,” Harry agreed, “I mean what everyone in the magic world can do is cool, but you’re like super strong, fast, you have a tail and you can turn into one of those cool monkey things. By the way, does that mean when you were that ape thing that was when you were most powerful, since you said you were ten times your maximum power when you were?”

Gohan shook his head, “No, I can become a lot more powerful than that. That’s why I rarely use my ape form; it’s just a big, slow body with a lot of power that I can easily transcend if I wanted to.”

“Then why did you transform into it to fight the spiders?” Ron asked. “Wouldn’t it have been better if you didn’t change, since you could have plowed all the spiders easier from what you say?”

“You’re right; it would have been too easy to get rid of them if I wasn’t in my ape form. But the spiders didn’t know that nor would have cared.” Gohan responded. “They may have been able to speak like humans and think rationally when they wanted to, but they’re still monsters that were extremely ravenous. The smallest ones were twice our size and the biggest that came after us were more than five times our size. Even if I did try to attack them they would keep coming after us because we were smaller than them, just like all living things. Their were hundreds of them coming up to us when we were on that rock, there was no way they would stop coming if I attacked them like this, looking like a person. They underestimated us by our size, and would continue their attack until they got you or me; I can’t keep an eye on all of them while I’m attacking, and they may have gotten you. I learned that a long time ago (Piccolo trained him in the woods, dinosaurs chasing him), and it’s a very accurate and useful assumption on life. The only way they would have retreated, and the only way for me to be sure that while I would be attacking them they wouldn’t sneak up behind you guys was if I changed into something bigger and in their opinion, more threatening and dangerous to them.”

“…. Right. I’ll take your word for that.” Harry said. “But, I’d like to change the subject so that we won’t be up all night hearing you answer any more questions. This is like picking up a good book and not wanting to put it down.”

Gohan nodded, “I won’t argue with that. Speaking of which, did anyone else think that what Aragog said was a load of crud?”

“Yeah,” Ron added, “What did we gain from that little meeting back there? We didn’t find out anything new from what I heard.”

“We know Hagrid’s not the Heir,” Harry stated, “At least we now know for certain that Hagrid didn’t do anything wrong, and that Riddle blamed the wrong person.”

Yeah, you may have just figured that out, but I’ve know this for almost a month. Gohan thought irritably.

Gohan yawned, “Well, as much as I’d love to keep talking and waste time for me to rest my eyes for whatever torture Snape’s planned for us, but I think we should go to bed. We’ll talk more about this tomorrow, and if you want we can talk about my being half alien thing too; just not in public (obviously) and I won’t answer questions I don’t want to.” He added as he saw their faces, “Though I will eventually answer them. I just don’t think you guys can take so much in so little time.”

He started walking towards the boy’s dormitory, and as he reached for the handle to the door he paused, and turned around. He saw that both boys had taken a few steps forward, having confused looks on their faces.

Gohan grinned, “Relax, what you’ll hear later isn’t all as bad as it sounds at first…. Well…. Some of it isn’t at least.”


“I still can’t believe that we’ve been in that bathroom most of the time we’ve been here this year and the answer to this whole catastrophe was probably moaning and floating around us the whole time!” Harry complained.

“Yeah, all those times we’ve been in that bathroom, she was just three stalls away.” Ron added bitterly.

“It does make sense though.” Gohan said. “A girl died in a bathroom when the Chamber was opened before, and the ghost of a girl we (unfortunately) know haunts a bathroom here. She couldn’t have just said after she died “Well, now that I’m dead I guess I’ll just go and haunt a bathroom the rest of existence and annoy everyone I meet with talks about death and how I’m not alive”. How much do you want to bet that she died fifty years ago if we asked her?”

The other night, Harry woke Ron and Gohan up and mentioned how Aragog said a girl died in a bathroom, and the three boys figured it must have been Moaning Myrtle. Gohan was surprised that they figured out something long before Gohan had; usually he wouldn’t have heard of anything new from them because either he had already figured it out ages ago or Piccolo would have told him. Besides, the other night had tired him a lot. He didn’t really think that what he told them was important when Vegeta and his dad (who was told by King Kai) had told him at first. But it eventually became useful; the only way for them to fully understand all the other things he’d tell them was if they knew everything from the beginning. They hadn’t asked him about anything else at all, seeing this new discovery about Moaning Myrtle could tell everything they needed to know.

“Well, it’ll be a while until we may actually get to ask her. With homework and if we can’t stop it exams coming up soon we won’t have any time to talk.” Ron said gloomily.

And Ron was right unfortunately. Ten minutes into Transfiguration Professor McGonagall was telling them that their exams were still scheduled for June regardless of the attacks and Dumbledore’s absence. Professor McGonagall then snapped (though you couldn’t tell by the tone of her voice) at Seamus when he complained they were still having exams, telling him that Dumbledore would want the exams to continue and that they needed to show that keeping the school open was not a mistake for the Ministry of Magic to have made (not in those exact words, but you can tell that’s what she meant). The sea of students in the room scowled and muttered to one another, each of them unhappy with this news. Then McGonagall silenced them all and had them start turning rabbits into slippers.

Halfway through the lesson, Professor McGonagall walked up to Gohan’s desk (which had two snow white slippers on it ever since a little after they started working), who was currently trying to work out a few new spell ideas on some piece of spare parchment for later use. She tapped him on the shoulder, and Gohan (who immediately knew who it was) jumped a little in his seat and folded the portion of parchment and stuffed it into his robes, hoping she wouldn’t find this suspicious.

“Yes, Professor McGonagall?” Gohan asked tentatively.

“I forgot to mention to you Mr. Son that your exam procedure will differ slightly than usual.” Professor McGonagall replied with her stern voice. “Because you didn’t go through your First Year, and that obviously means you skipped through your First Year exam, you will have to take the First along with the Second Year exam.”

People around him paused from their work, and stared at the teacher and student; shock being the reigning emotion on their faces. Harry and Ron stopped attempting to do their work completely, their mouths open and eyes going from Gohan to McGonagall. The strange thing was that Gohan didn’t seem to be phased at all from this information. In fact, he looked rather satisfied and excited with the whole thing.

“Sure, whatever you guys want.” Gohan said pleasantly, smiling at his teacher. “Will they be at separate times, or will I have to take them on the same day as the others?”

Professor McGonagall was very surprised at his reaction, her face showing it.

“Well, since all of the years take their exams at the same time, I’m afraid that you will have to take you Second Year exam with your peers, and the First Year exam with the First Years. If you want, there is another choice; I can talk with your other teachers and have you taken the First Year exams before everyone else on this weekend, giving you limited time to study if you choose.”

Gohan nodded, ignoring the stares he received, “I’d like that. I’ll go with the taking my First Year Exams before my other ones this weekend please.”

“Very well. I can arrange it so that you won’t have any homework so that you can study both years of work until your exams are finished, and you may practice your First Year work during classes rather than Second Year work if your teachers allow it.”

“Thank you Professor. I’m not sure I’ll need it, but thank you regardless what I’ll do.” Gohan said, looking grateful.

She smiled slightly at him (a first), and then went back up to her desk to work. People still stared at him, amazed at what they knew would never see happen again. Harry and Ron leaned in to him, and started questioning him astonishingly.

“You just pulled a miracle mate.” Ron whispered to him. “Nobody’s ever gotten McGonagall to cut off work and homework in this class.”

Gohan shrugged, “I don’t really care whether I have more time or not; I already know enough to pass every single one of my exams with flying colors as it is. A few extra days wouldn’t help that much.”

“But still,” Harry said as he was watching McGonagall go back to her desk, “She must either feel really sorry for you or really like you to suggest that.”

“Which of these do you think is more difficult to believe?” Gohan asked, “The fact that our Head of House decided to give me some extra days to study work and homework free, or the fact that your friend is an alien-human hybrid and could easily annihilate this whole place in an instant?”

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