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Harmonic Transcendence (ハーモニック 超越 Hāmonikku Chōetsu) is a transformation introduced in Dragon Ball Advanced.


Harmonic Transcendence is a form that one achieves as a result of a calm and clear mind, masterful ki control, fine breathing control, and spirit control. In order to enter this form - the user is required to mimic their own natural heartbeat by either whistling in tune with their heartbeat or any other sound in tune with their natural heartbeat while focusing this ki, concentrating their breathing, and calming their mind.

Once in the form - the user doesn't need to continue to use matching their natural heartbeat once the transformation is complete.

In this state - the user gains red markings around his eyes including a red marking in the centre of the user's forehead resembling an eye, his irides become vermilion red, a reddish-orange aura, and similar to Ultra Instinct and Super Saiyan God - the user's muscle mass decrease.


The method of training requires a Seraph's Tuning Fork which the user holds the fork in place between their thumbs and index and middle fingers as they meditate and focus the on the tune. The Tuning Fork releases tunes based on the user's current heartbeat, however, the user must maintain a calm and clear mind as well as maintaining control over their breathing.

Once they've learned their heart's tune the user mimics the tune of their natural heartbeat by either whistling, snapping their fingers, or any other form sound generation while allowing their ki flow to almost every point of their body. Users that have managed to awaken Ultra Instinct, trained in Spirit Control, and acquired other abilities that enable them to have a level of ki control - are have a higher chance of succeeding before others do.


Harmonic Transcendence has no time limit for its use but it can harm the user especially inexperience users from prolonged use of the form. The user can also accelerate their ki consumption by using energy attacks making them form better suited for melee attacks. Harmonic Transcendence cannot be used in conjunction with other techniques such as Super Saiyan or Kaio-ken and any attempt can either greatly harm the user (Kaio-ken) or simply force them out of the form (Super Saiyan).


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