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Dragon Ball Generations Character
Vital statistics
Species: Unknown
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Red
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information


Hao (ハオ) is an evil sorcerer who wants nothing but universal domination. He has his own small group of servants known as the Mikon. He is the great-nephew of Bibidi.


Hao was born several million years before Age. From a young age, it was shown his body was too weak to handle the strain put on it in battle, however, he was a brilliant strategist and genius in all fields. This caused him to develop a special spell similar to that used by his cousin Babidi, but more emphasis was put on the power raising aspect of it than the control.


Hao is a short and stubby wizard with pink skin, an antennae, red eyes, and an odd-shaped head. He normally wears a black vest, a white kilt and a yellow cape.



  • Mikon Creation Spell: This is a short yet draining technique used to create a Mikon. In it, he points his index finger at the target, and fires an energy blast at their forehead. When it hits, it forms a stylized cross in center of the forehead. A flash of light appears around the target, and they are then transformed. There are a few disatvantes to this, however:
    • This technique is very draining, so much so that it can only be used once every nine months.
    • If the target is unwilling to turn into a Mikon, the techniqe is unaffective and the draining occurs.
    • Those with a great willpower can break the controlling aspect of the spell, giving them the power and appearance (besides the cross being turned into an X).
  • Flight: Hao can use ki to push of the ground and fly.