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This page, Haimaru's Empire, is property of KidVegeta.

Haimaru's Empire

October 3, Age 765




Northern territory



Main Members:

Admiral Nectarian
Empress Tliccu Nakki


Telnauki Empire
Icer's Empire
Kuriza's Empire
Yuki's Empire
Katchiguri Force


Haimaru's Empire is a portion of the Planet Trade Organization that is ruled by Haimaru and Raimie, the twin children of Cooler. Following their father's death in Age 765 on Earth, the infant Arcosians were taken from Ipha, a moon of The Stomping Grounds, by Admiral Nectarian to Melirion, a world located on the northern border of the Planet Trade Organization. The two grew up on the planet and subjugated it. However, until Age 767, when Pax Arcosia was declared, this was the extent of their empire. Emperor Icer recognized their claim to the Planet Trade Organization and gave them a modest sum of forty outposts to grow their empire. However, any further planets would have to be conquered by the young Arcosians or their soldiers.


In Age 778, Somen arrived inside the throne room on Melirion. There, he found Telnauki soldiers surrounding Emperor Haimaru on his throne. Somen finished off the first bottle of beer as he watched them. Into the room strode Admiral Nectarian. He held an onyx dagger in his hand. As he approached the throne, he bowed. The young Arcosian seated there told him to rise. Nectarian declared Haimaru, son of Cooler, the rightful heir to the Planet Trade Organization. The bugs screamed "blood for blood". Nectarian repeated the phrase and called forth the Time-Eater, Myaku, to give Haimaru a boost in strength.

He cut Haimaru on the forearm. Blood sprayed down the steps; the bugs parted to make it visible to all. Suddenly, the demon appeared in a black portal over the throne. It swam through the air down to the floor, where the blood had pooled. Somen, having finished off his second beer, felt anxious. He knew he had to leave, but couldn't concentrate on another planet to teleport to. The creature drank Haimaru's blood. Somen screamed, dropping the bottle, and the beast looked to him. The others did as well. Somen was petrified; he couldn't move. The creature lunged at him and he fell back, nearly fainting. Jimizu suddenly appeared and teleported the two of them away before anything could happen to the boy.

Known members[]

  • Haimaru – Emperor
  • Raimie – Empress
  • Admiral Nectarian
  • Malus
  • Veniderre
  • Jari
  • Aran
  • Ryn
  • Empress Tliccu Nakki

Subjugated species[]

  • Telnauki
  • Neldirion

Planets controlled[]

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