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H.O.P.E. (Hero of Planet Earth) is an upcoming Dragon Ball Spin-Off by MrFluffman. It takes place after Dragon Ball GT, and mostly follows a young Saiyan hybrid known as Kame.

Darkest Aftermath[]

One day,

I went to the museum,

and tried to touch an antique spear.

It fell on my head,

and cut it open.


The Z-Fighters stood in a semicircle, still stunned after Goku's quick departure. Pan was holding his clothers like they were life itself, and Vegeta was just staring in the distance, not moving. The others will in thier own states of either amazement or shock.

Pan pulled the clothers tighter, as though afraid they might slip away. Suddenly she felt a wind whip through the area, and she looked up. She wasn't in the same place.

She was in a sort of clearing, the sun shining happily overhead. A boulder stretched over a large river in the left of the clearing. A boy sat on the edge of the boulder, holding a large fish. He carried a stone knife in his hand, and was slowly skinning the fish.

Pan looked up as a hand touched her shoulder. A old, wrinkled Namekian stood beside her. Her breath caught. It must be Kami! She had heard of him, but never seen him.

He pointed to the boy, who had now set up a medievel spit and fire. He began to cook the fish, and when his head turned, catching the light, she gasped.

Two long, red scars stretched from his bottom eyelids to the end of his cheeks. She took a step back. Kami sighed, then pointed again. He spoke.

"That boy, there. He will be the one you seek. He will be the one who saves you from the Tyrant. He is your only hope. Trust him. Find him."

Suddenly Pan was back with the others, in her old position. What had happened?

Prophecy Proven[]

Coming Soon!