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Gyoza Son
Son Gyoza
Anime name Gyoza
Manga name Gyoza
Alternate names Jiaozi (Chinese Anime and Manga Only)
Debut Dragon Ball Z: SH/Prologue
Appears in Dragon Ball Z: SH
Race 1/2 Saiyan

1/2 Human

Date of birth May 8th, 758 Age
Date of death 767 Age (Revived)
Height 5'2"
Weight 110 pounds
Affiliations Goku- Father

Chi Chi- Mother

Gohan- Big Brother

Goten- Little Brother

Videl- Sister In Law

Pan- Niece

"You're shitting me, right?"
— Gyoza's catch phrase

Gyoza is the younger sister of Gohan by a year, Goten's older sister, and Chi Chi and Goku's daughter.


Gyoza has short, bushy hair and thick eyebrows as a child and an adolescent. She cuts and tames her hair and eyebrows, and has Goku's dark skin. She is said to resemble greatly Goku's mother, Rukkora, except she lacks a widows peak, and she has light skin.


She can be very annoying and she knows everyone's annoy factor. She is very arrogant and is prideful in herself. She respects Vegeta and Piccolo very much. Gyoza is very fearless, and doesn't show her soft side, except to Gohan. She curses out her enemies, is very cruel to her enemies, and often curses out her brother at the end of the Buu Saga for "slacking off of training," while completely ignoring the 4 year old Pan standing next to her. She is very smart, and often uses logic to defeat her enemies, and picks up attacks the first time she sees them, and if she wants to learn them.


Kiiroi Hono- Her signature attack, she fires (any size) of a yellow, burning energy blast.

Hono Kitsu- A slicing attack, used many times in the series.

Kamehameha- Taught to her by her father and Muten Roshi.

Instant Transmission- Saw Goku use it, and learned it.

Ki Usage- Basic skill learned at a young age

Flight- Learned at the age of two, taught by Goku.

Strength- Born with it

Hybrid Power- Her and Gohan fire their signature attacks, repeatedly punch the enemy, and fire a Kamehameha.