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Detailed Information:
Appearances: Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series
Species: Mrovian
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Mrov
Birthdate: 6 million years Before Age
Date of Death: 6 million years Before Age
Maximum Power Level: 98
Height: 239 cm or 7'10"
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Blue
Organizations: Asursha

Gykul (pronounced /'gaɪkəl/) was a Mrovian who existed 6 million years Before Age and is widely regarded as Mrov's greatest hero.

Physical appearanceEdit

As a Mrovian, Gykul possessed green skin and did not have a nose, a mouth, or ears; being a female, she had a very slim figure. Gykul greatly resembles Aysuida, especially with her aesthetically identical attire, consisting of the tiara, right manica, gauntlets, and greaves.


The Grand Supreme Kai's visitEdit

About 6 million years before Age, the Mrovians had entered the iron age and had formed separate nations. It was during this iron age that the Grand Supreme Kai visited Mrov. Impressed with the Mrovians' potential to grow and improve as a species, the Supreme Kai had the 100,000-kilometer-high Spire of Ascension constructed on the planet's surface and placed a glaive and shield made out of Katchin at its peak as a gift to whoever could climb to the top of the tower. Over the centuries after the Grand Supreme Kai's departure, many Mrovian warriors attempted the journey up the immense structure, but only Gykul successfully climbed to the peak to claim the legendary weapons for herself.

The Ravenous WarEdit

Only a few decades after Gykul climbed the Spire of Ascension, creatures known as the Ravenous began attacking Mrovian homes. Although they were still divided at the start of the war, the Mrovian soon recognized a common threat and began uniting to defend their species. Possessing little experience in cooperating as a single large force, the Mrovians ultimately lost many villages and cities, until only two havens remained – Aegklar and Asursha.

Aware of the state of their enemies, all of the Ravenous attacked Asursha, which was not as well-defended as Aegklar, intending to overpower each population center individually. The civilians within Asursha ignited a beacon to alert the other haven that they were under attack, while the warriors remained at the perimeter, hopelessly outnumbered. While the reinforcements left Aegklar to assist their allies, the defenders of Asursha inevitably fell until only the leader, Gykul, remained. Instead of entering Asursha, the Ravenous were drawn to the lone female warrior, who began slaughtering them by the dozens. After slaying hundreds of her enemies, Gykul too, was eventually consumed by the overwhelming numbers. However, just before the remaining Ravenous could enter the Mrovian haven, the reinforcements from Aeglkar arrived in time to defend Asursha. As Gykul had singlehandedly slain over half of the entire Ravenous army, the warriors from Aeglkar were able to finish off the rest of the attackers. Gykul was ultimately hailed as the hero of Mrov. Years after the war, the Shieldmaidens, female Mrovians appointed to guard important Mrovian locations, were established, in order to honor Gykul’s sacrifice.


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