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Manga name Guitree
Debut Feasts, Conspiracies, and Training
Appears in
Resurrection (SSJJ)
Race Namekian/Android
Status Alive
Affiliations Guitar (fusee)
Seventhree (fusee)

Guitree (ギツリ Gitsuri) is the EX-Fusion of Guitar and Seventhree.

Appearance Edit

Guitree has a spherical gem between his antennas in the centre of his head, Guitar's eyes, Seventhree's height, and Guitar's ears. He wears reddish-orange baggy pants with a grey tank top with black shoes and black wrappings around his ankles.

Biography Edit

Immediately after fusing; Guitree decided to train all members of his team and immediately copies the powers with Jiren to give him an edge over his teammates. He is evenly matched with Jiren, however, he is able to defeat him after a lengthy battle after copying his powers for a second time.

However, he was utterly defeated by Super Saiyan Old Man Trunks.

Power Edit

Guitree shares the combined power of Guitar and Seventhree.

Techniques Edit

  • Flight - The ability to fly with ki.
  • Copy Ability - The ability to copy the powers of overs for an hour by touching the back of their neck.
    • Jiren's power - Powers copied from Jiren.
      • Power Impact - Guitree fires a red-orange ki blast in the form of a fireball.
      • Energy Punch - Guitree charges his fists with red ki and launches powerful punches.
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