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Great Ape's Roar
Debut Truth and Reconciliation
Appears in The Mrovian Series
Inventor Chaiva
Users Chaiva
Class Mouth energy wave
Color       &      
Similar techniques Break Cannon
Gigantic Breath
Gigantic Roar
Recoome Eraser Gun
Revenge Cannon
Super Galick Blaster

Great Ape's Roar (大猿の咆哮 Ōzaru no Hōkō) is a very powerful blue-white mouth energy wave invented and used by Chaiva, and one of her most powerful attacks.


Chaiva first uses Great Ape's Roar in a beam struggle against Cuber's Fusion Cyclone in Truth and Reconciliation. She later uses it multiple times as a Great Ape in an effort to kill Clen. She also uses it, alongside Cuber's Fusion Cyclone, to counter Priyep's Final Defiant Cannon in another beam struggle that results in the death of Nappa's son. Chaiva is last seen using Great Ape's Roar on Chukberry, who effortlessly shrugs off her mouth energy wave, being many times stronger than the young Saiyan.