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Goxen is the third son of Goku & Chi-Chi. He was born 3 years later when Goku returns from his training with Shenron.


Final Flash- Obtaines when training with Goten.

Max Power/Ultra Form: Obtained when training with Trunks and drinking the sap from the Tree Of Might.

Instant Transmission: Obtained when in the Other World when Goku took him to the tournament in the Grand Kai's planet.

I Am My Father's Son: Obtained when Chi-Chi told Goxen the story of Goku's journey to the 23rd World Tournament.

Ki Blast: Obtained when Goxenlearned how to control his power.

Spirit Ball: Obtained when he gathered all his energy and channeled it toward the sky.


False Super Saiyan: Tried this as a practical joke so he would get out of training.

Super Saiyan: After vigorous training with Goku, he finally turned into a super saiyan.

False Super Saiyan by Tycon23

Naughty Goxen. Trying to get outta training with your papa

Ultra Super Saiyan: Easily breezed past this form when he wanted the Super Saiyan 3 transformation.

Super Saiyan

SSJ Teen Goxen by Tycon23

Super Saiyan Goxen

2: When Goxen tried to turn SSJ3, he went past this level of power.

Super Saiyan 3: After 4 years of training, he finally got the hang of this form.

Son Goxen

Tis stage was easy but he still is using it.

Super Saiyan 3 by Tycon23

I've finally reached my form