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Gotwelve's first appearence

"Dad... I'm sorry I couldn't do it... it's just... you wouldn't want a son... who's blind...."
— Gotwelve after being hurt by the Super Saiyan Slayer.

Gotwelve is the third son of Chi Chi and Goku, and younger brother to Gohan and Goten. He made his first appearence in the special Dragon Ball Z: The Super Saiyan Slayer.


Gotwelve first appeared in The Super Saiyan Slayer, where he narrowly saved Goten from being brutally killed by the Slayer. When Goten asked him who he was, Gotwelve only replied "Someone familiar". Shortly after, Chi Chi gave birth to another son, whom she named Gotwelve. Drawing the connection, Gohan tried to interrogate the youth, but he escaped.

During Gohan's fight with the Slayer, Gotwelve appeared and helped him fire a Double Kamehameha, though Gohan still tried to ask him questions. When the Slayer knocked Gohan out, Gotwelve fought the Slayer for a brief time before being knocked to the ground. Falling four stories, Gotwelve was rescued by a returned Goku. Gotwelve then apologized for failing him "twice" and then flicked back the bangs that hung over his eyes, revealing he was blind.

He apparently had been blinded while training with Goten, who accidently shot a Kamehameha into his eyes, ruining them. Goku then teaches Gotwelve how to go Super Saiyan, and leaves back to Otherworld. Gotwelve confronts the Slayer with Gohan and Goten, and he went Super Saiyan. To his great suprise, when he went Super Saiyan, he could see once more. However, this was a small victory, as the Slayer was still too strong. Finally, Goku returned again, and he and Gotwelve fired a Family Kamehameha, which destroyed the Slayer.

Upon defeating the Slayer, Gotwelve merged with his present day counterpart, turning him into a ten-year old (similar to Goten's age in the second Broly movie). Blind once more, he assumed a normal-ish life.


"Ummm... Gohan, do you hear the words coming out of your mouth?"
— Gotwelve talking to Gohan

Gotwelve's Theme Song

Gotwelve is a flippant individual, even more so in his present form. He jokes about almost everything, and often points out flaws in plans.