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"Wait, i was supposed to FIGHT you? I thought my power would just scare you away..."
— Gotenks to Aqan

Gotenks is the fusion of Goten and Trunks and is the strongest character in TNG. He "defeated" Aqan and injured Terris. Right when Gotenks was about to kill Aqan, the fusion defused. Also, when he was beating Terris to a pulp Vegeta got arrogant and used the Galic Cannon on Terris. The cannon gave Terris more power and Gotenks had a hard time with Terris then.


10x Final Flash, a move which clashed with the Full Power Cookiecutter Beam and overpowered it, injuring Aqan.

Big Bang Kaiokenm a combo which Gotenks uses a Kaio-ken times 10 and uses multiple Big Bang Attacks, He used this on Aqan and injured him, convincing Aqan to do an beam clash.

Super Saiyan, the ability to increase ones power 50x

Super Saiyan 3, the ability to increase ones power 400x

Kamehameha, it is a energy beam passed down through generations.

Breakdance Finisher, he starts breakdancing/fighting at the same time. It is ended with a Big Tree Kamehameha to the face.

Big Tree Kamehameha, a move which blew a hole straight through Terris, making him defuse with the Tri-Orb.

Flying Falcon Kick, he uses a Big Tree Cannon on himself and transfers that power into one lethal kick. He used this in the Hologram chamber to kill Hologram Aran.

Flying Falcon Punch, identical to the Flying Falcon Kick except it is a punch. Used to destroy Terris once and for all.

Catch! Gotenks makes a energy ball, and throws it at the speed of light to the enemy, Used during training with Tiencha.