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Goten Jr is the son of Goku Jr, though he may look a bit prideful, he is good at fighting enemies. Goten Jr has alot to practice on like transforming into SSJ2. He went away from home to practice on his power, but instead he met Xicor who defeated him out of the blue. After returning home he practiced instant transmission and using kamehameha. A few days later he was finally able to become SSJ2, with the help of Gohan who was revived a day before his SSJ2 training. He became much stronger. He went too search for Xicor and found him


this time Goten Jr won. In AF Goten was known too be the only son of Goku Jr, though he is shown in episode 6 of DBZ AF. The title is A New Hero's Paradise which was the greatest episode of AF. Goten Jr is actually friends with Vegeta Jr's son Trunks Jr, who Goten Jr mostly calls Cave. Cave and G-Jr are best friends, a few episodes in front which is episode 23 where the two boy's learn how too fusion for the first time, but that doesn't stop Goten Jr from saving the world with his family and friends.


  • Future Goku [ Alternate Greatful Grandfather ]
  • Bardock [ Great Great Great GrandFather ]
  • Raditz [ Great Great Great GrandUncle ]
  • Grandpa Gohan [ Adoptive Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather ]
  • Chi-Chi [ Great Great Great Grandmother ]
  • Ox-King [ Great Great Great Great Grandfather ]
  • Gohan [ Great Great GrandUncle ]
  • Goten [ Great Great GrandUncle ]
  • Videl [ Great Great Grandmother ]
  • Pan [ Great-Grandmother ]
  • Goku Jr. [ Father ]
  • Xicor [ Grandfather ]


  • Super Saiyan
  • Super Saiyan 2
  • Super Saiyan 3
  • Super Saiyan 4
  • Ultimate Goten Jr.
  • Kaioken Goten Jr.