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Goten is the son of Goku and Chi-Chi, brother of Gohan, brother-in law of Videl, uncle of Pan, nephew of Raditz, nephew of Turles, best friend of Trunks, father of Rectrom, and husband of Valese.

He trained in the HyperBolic Time Chamber for weeks with Trunks durring the Majin Buu arc. Fused with best friend Trunks to make ultimate warrior Gotenks many times. He has discreetly acheived SSJ 3. He has achived a level of super saiyan that none other has ever: Perfect Super Saiyan, and Perfected Super Saiyan. He is among the top ten top strongest warrior in recent years.

He is a supporting character in DBZ. He is the protagonist in The Adventures of Goten and Trunks , and a Tritagonist in the upcoming series The Adventures of Pan and Bra.

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