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Goten Chan

Gethen (son)

Marrium (wife)

Gohan (brother)

Videl (sister-in-law)

Pan (niece)

Goku (father)

Chichi (mother)

Ox-King (maternal grandfather)

Bardock (paternal grandfather)

Raditz (uncle)
Half-Saiyan Half-Human
Age of Birth
Age 767


Goten is a character in Dragon Ball Orbs of Destruction. His role in this fanfiction is a supporting character rather than a fighter. He met his wife in Capsule Corp and gave her the Flying Nimbus so that she could go to Capsule Corp. He enjoys hunting fish in the wild. Goten was really happy when he saw his dad for the first time after 10 years. He has dated several girls, yet none of them have accepted his alien heritage except for Marrium.

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