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DBZ Teen Goten Fighting by Risachantag

Goten at the World Martial Arts Tournament.

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Goten is the younger brother of Gohan and the older brother of Gochan. He is the uncle of Pan (DBXD) and Rohan. He is the second son Goku and Chi-Chi. He broke the Z warriors up into three squads, two per squad. His squad partner is Pan.


He made his own move called the KamehameRing. He traps his enemy in a ring made of the same energy as the Kamehameha and blows the ring up along with his enemy. He can turn Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2. He can also turn Super Saiyan 3. He can also make several Kamehamehas at once using both of his hands. During his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber he became an Ascended Super Saiyan 3.


His best friend is Trunks. In the Coraza saga he was blown to New Planet Namek by Coraza. When Pan and Trunks went to save Goten it turned out to be a trap so Coraza could lead his invasion of Earth. In the end Goten used Masenko to help defeat Coraza. He helps the Z warriors in stopping Majin Buu from killing all the Kais. When Krillin Jr and Kid Kai stall Majin Buu he helps Sora, Pan, and Sora, teleport the Grand Kai to a remote planet with the other Kais. He was also defeated by Prince Kiko. After Goten and the others were defeated Krillin Jr cut his head off with the KamehameDisk. He defeated Majin Buu with the power of his newly unlocked Super Saiyan 2. He used the Spirit Bomb with energy from every world including the spirit worlds. He was fighting King Kiko's minions while Krillin Jr. (DBXD) decided to kill him. He and the others met Julia (DBXD) after Krillin Jr killed King Kiko. He went left in the Ancient Labyrinth. He was defeated by Kozin. He turned Super Saiyan 3 and killed Janemba with a Mega Kamehameha.

Teen Goten SSJ DB UC by JJJawor

Goten super saiyan 2

Goten Kamehameha

Goten firing a Kamehameha as a Super Saiyan.