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Anime name Goten
Manga name Son Goten
Race 1/2 Saiyan-1/2 Human-type Earthling
Gender Male
Date of birth Age 767
Height 134 cm (4'5") "child"
Weight 34 kg (77 lbs) "child"
Occupation Martial Artist
Allegiance Dragon Team
Affiliations Grandpa Gohan (adoptive great-grandfather)
Bardock (paternal grandfather)
Gine (paternal grandmother)
Ox-King (maternal grandfather)
Maternal grandmother
Goku (father)
Chi-Chi (mother)
Raditz (paternal uncle)
Counterparts Future Goten
Future Goten (Cell's timeline)

Future Goten (Unknown timeline)

Mentors Goku

Son Goten ( 孫悟天 'Son Goten') is the Earthling and Saiyan hybrid son of Goku and Chi-Chi.


Goten has either red or dark blonde hair color and his mother's(wrathful form) red eyes. He has his father's eye shape, facial features and pale skin and his hair turns bright blond and eyes turn (pupil-less) green when he becomes a Super Saiyan. Goten bares a strong resemblance, and he is much more taller than his father as a child. Several characters, such as Vegeta, Krillin and Bulma, remark how much Goten resembles Goku. For the majority of the Buu Saga, Present Goten wears a dark orange gi, a dark green sash, green wristbands and grey shin guards.


As a child, Goten is shown to be kind-hearted, yet blunt and straightforward just like his father, as well as laid-back and rambunctious, most likely due to the fact that this Goten grew up with his father Goku and enjoyed the luxuries of peace, while Future Goten grew up without Future Goku and in an apocalyptic world, causing him to be much more serious and aggressive. Despite being the heir to the throne of earth and being pampered by his family, Goten grows up to be a surprisingly humble and respectful child. which is thanks to his parents fairly strict and structured manner of raising him, he tends to show more common sense and proper manners than his father did as a child. Goten has a combination of both of his parents' personalities: determined and confident like his father and adventurous and sincere like his mother. While being forced to study by his mother, and trained hard by his father, his parents allowed Goten to have more freedom to explore his own interests; Chi-Chi even sometimes takes  it upon herself to have friendly sparring matches with Goten. This allowed him to develop love for play-fighting, training, and nature. He is shown to be loving and caring towards his parents and grandfather and will not think twice about defending his family. Goten is very respectful towards his father and thinks highly of him, with him having an overall good relationship with his father. Despite being the younger of the two, Goten tends to usually keep the older Trunks behavior and antics grounded, due to him being somewhat more mature and stronger (during childhood). He has a competitive streak and passion for fighting, another trait he inherited from his father, though less aggressive than their father’s. As Goten is always shown to compete Trunks and is prone to getting into fights with him over petty or childish matters. He also is proud of his Saiyan heritage, and comes to believe that the Saiyans are a powerful warrior race that are not to be trifled with. Goten also shares his mother's love for adventure, possessing  little to no interest in inheriting the family throne, preferring to train rather than work, although he does so out of respect for his mother and grandfather, and also the fact he is next in line to inherit it.



Goten was able to achieve the Super Saiyan form much earlier than his father and future counterpart. And due to a combination of his Saiyan heritage and having trained under his father Goku at an early age, Goten has proven himself to be a capable fighter. He continuously trains with his father.

At the age of seven, he became the Junior Division Champion of the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament following his defeat of Trunks. Due to his strong friendship and friendly rivalry with Trunks, both are shown to work well as a team, this made him and Trunks ideal candidates for the Potara Fusion, due the innate rivalry and clashing natures of the two boys makes the fusion more compatible and by extension far more powerful than usual. After training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for a week and managing to have Trunkten achieve Super Saiyan 3, Goten is confident that he and Trunks have become more than twice as strong as before.


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