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Not to be confused with the name Gotan is the hypothetical fusion of Goku and Mr. Satan that is formed by the Potara earrings

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Anime name Gotan
Manga name Gotan
Alternate names Son Gotan
Debut Dragon Ball AF
Appears in Dragon Ball AF
Race Saiyan/Human hydrid
Gender Male
Date of birth ?????
Height ?????
  • Bardock (ancestor)
  • Gine (ancestor)
  • Ox-King (ancestor)
  • Chi-Chi's mother (ancestor)
  • Goku (ancestor)
  • Raditz (ancestor)
  • Chi-Chi (ancestor)
  • Gohan (ancestor)
  • Videl (ancestor)
  • Mr. Satan (ancestor)
  • Miguel (ancestor)
  • Goten (ancestor)
  • Pan (ancestor)
  • Goku Jr. (ancestor)
  • Diri (sister)
  • Gotan is a descendant of Goku Jr. and Goku's family, and the older brother of Diri, is a character of the series PGV's Dragon Ball AF.

    Biography[edit | edit source]

    Thanks to Goku, Baby has been, definitively eliminated many years later.

    The peace returned prevailing on the Earth, but only for a short time. In fact one new threat has been introduced. Cause the dragonballs have been used in improper way, their negative energy became so powerful to be in a position to destroy the whole universe. After a courageous battle Goku suceeded to defeat the 7 evil Dragons and to eliminate the negative energy.

    After this battle Goku became the new God of the Earth and went with Shenron, carrying the seven Dragonballs. 100 years later Goku came back on the Earth in order to restore the Four-Star Dragonball and to donate it to Goku Jr..

    From that time passed 600 more years and the Shenron Dragon in again able to realize desires, since Goku has restored a Dragonball every 100 years.

    In the center of the famous where Goku defeated the last Dragon there are five statues dedicated to the five unbeatable warriors: Goten, Trunks, Gohan, Vegeta and Goku. There are hundreds of descendants of the Saiyans on the Planet Earth. The greater part of them live as the common citizens and ignore their own origins, only some of them have inherited the great power of the Saiyan and the ability to transform themself in Super Saiyan.

    A descendant of the Son Goku's family is about to lay some flowers to the feet of the family tomb with his sister; they are called Gotan and Diri.

    And now Zeel and his henchmen were all there, in the main Dragon Ball timeline, to a few minutes distance from the Earth, ready to get the revenge for the destruction of Planet Plant and the Tuffles. Finally Zeel's spaceship lands. Saber and Lord Nutti remain on it, while Zeel goes to eliminate the Saiyans with Greyn and Kutiengo. Gotan immediately perceives an evil aura in the individuals and tells his sister to go home, but not in time to move that the beings came. Greyn creates an energy wave and kills Diri, the sister of Gotan.

    Gotan is disperate for his uncapacity to save his sister, he looks at her, starts to cry and transform into Super Saiyan.

    Kutiengo asks Zeel if he can eliminate the Saiyan child. Zeel agrees, saying that Gotan is a so weak monkey who is not worth to be destroyed by him. Gotan does not succeed to contrast Kutiengo, then, destroyed from the fight he begins to cry for the impossibility of being able to have a revenge for his sister and asks the enemies who are they. The monster answers saying that he is Zeel, a descendent of the evil Baby, defeated by Goku, and that he is much more powerful. He says also of having three intentions: to eliminate all the Saiyans, to reach a perfect body and to conquer the universe. To this point, after having explained to Gotan who was he, Zeel makes a signal to Kutiengo and this goes against Gotan reducing him near death. Gotan looses consciousness; believing him died and not knowing the resistance of the Saiyans, the aliens go away to reach the most powerful descendant of Vegeta.

    A voice awakes Gotan and explains what is happening... it is King Kai! Kai says him that it is too late to stop the Tuffle, in fact he has already killed the descendant of Vegeta and even the Super Saiyan 3 or the Super Saiyan 4 can't stop him. The definitive Tuffle... A frightful being... Gotan perceives that its power is gone up to the limits of the imagination and this time to interrupt the speech of King Kai is the participation of Kibito Kai, who explains that the only thing to make is to reawake the 5 UNBEATABLE WARRIORS. He says to Gotan to take the Dragonballs that are held in Goku's grandpa's house, on the Mount Paozu, and to express the desire. Gotan reaches Goku's old house, collects the seven Dragonballs and calls Shenron. The sky turns to black, Shenron appears and Gotan screams: "Shenron Dragon, make come back to life the 5 Unbeatable Warriors!" Shenron answers: "Sorry, I can't..."

    Transformations[edit | edit source]

    • Super Saiyan

    Techniques[edit | edit source]

    • Super Saiyan
    • Kamehameha
    • Masenko
    • Ki
    • Flight

    Battles[edit | edit source]

    • Gotan (Base/Super Saiyan) vs. Zeel Base Form (1st Form), Greyn and Kutiengo
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