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Gotae (Gotay) is Gohan's second son. Gohan left when he was a baby

Super Saiyan 2 Gohan

Gotae turns ssj 2 after fighting Frezia

so he's only been living with Videl until a time machine takes him to

the time Gohan was born,the time machine was broken, but he was

going to learn more about his dad.


In the first couple of episodes of Dragon Ball Beyond he has black hair and his hair style is similar to Gohan in the (Vegeta saga). He also has blue eyes similar to Videl and in the first couple of episodes he wears a turtle school uniform with a blue long sleeve shirt with the sleeves pulled up and a pair of Goku's boots.

powers and abilities[]

  • Flight:See's Raditz past steal Gohan
  • Ki Blast:Not mentioned how he learned
  • Kamehameha:Not mentioned how he learned
  • Destructo Disk:Trains with Krillin to fight the saiyns
  • Masenko:Pan teaches him

Manga name Son Gotae
Debut The great monkey man
Appears in Dragon Ball New Age
Race 1/4 Saiyan-3/4 Human
Date of birth Unknown
Family and friends
  • Videl (Mother)
  • Pan (Older Sister)
  • Gohan (Father)
  • Gotue (Twin brother)
  • ChiChi (Grandmother)
  • Goku (Grandfather)
  • Mater Roshi past (Mentor)
  • Raditz (great uncle)
  • Ox King (great grampa)
  • Trunks Past (friend)
  • Goten (uncle)
  • Past Goten (uncle and best friend)