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After witnessing Xicor's amazing power Goku transforms into a Super


Evil goku

Saiyan 7 causing him madness. This form of Goku is pure evil and due to his extreme power he had no choice but to destroy himself..


In this form Goku has black fur. This form of super saiyan it is also known as the Black Super Saiyan 7 but it's only achieved by Goku.


In this form Goku is so powerful, that he can't control himself, so in the end he blows up himself. He is later wished back to life as a good person with complete control of his power.


In this form Goku is ruthless and doesn't even hesitate to kill his loved ones. After he destroys Xicor he kills Gohan and Vegeta. After realising what he had done he blew up himself into pieces.