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This article, Goku Vs. Uub (part three), is the property of Jimmykiller9.

Note: This story isn't nccessarily canon. At all, really.

Last Time on Goku Vs. Uub

"Uub, you've disappointed me. Not only did you never fight me with your full power, but you also changed me back and refused to kill me. You know how I'm going to punish you?"

"Twenty laps around the world, I know, I know." Uub starts to leave.


Goku turns around and destroys the entrance.

"Now you have no choice but to fight me, Uub. If you don't give me your full power, I'm going to obliterate you."

"W-WHAT? Are you CRAZY??? We'll never get out of here!!!" Uub shouts at Goku.

"Ha, don't act dumb with me. I know you know the way out of here." Goku says.

"NO I DON"T!! What, do you think Mr. Popo told me or something? I thought you new!" shouts Uub.

"Huh? Don't you have Buu's memories in you? Don't you remember how he got out?!?"


"Oh. I guess we are stuck then. That stinks."

"AAAAAGH!!" Uub flies at Goku and slams into him. He then shoots a Super-Duper Kamehameha and Goku catches it.

"HEY! I WASN"T READY YET!" He shouts.

"TOO BAD, GOKU!" Uub puts all of his energy into the attack, which quickly overpowers Goku. When the smoke clears, Goku wasn't there.

"I-I did it. I KILLED GOKU!!!" Uub shouts.

"Heh. Think again. You've failed me once again, Uub. Now's it time we got down to buisness."