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A young Kakarotto being sent to Earth moments before Vegeta's destruction.

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This article, Goku Never Hit His Head (ITH episode), takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
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This story takes place between the time of Goku being a child to Goku being an adult. I was inspired from this by Dragon Ball Multiverse. Considering the author's busy personal life, she will work whenever she can.

There The Planet Goes...Boom![]

An infant Kakarotto was in his ship.His destination. Earth, to destroy every living being on it. Behind him, there in a hoverchair, Freeza sadistically laughing at Planet Vegeta's destruction. "Lord Cooler! I see a saiyan pod in it! Shall we destroy it?" A Cooler Soldier asked. "No. Leave it alone, the monkey will be of no significant threat later, we will merely kill him," Cooler replied. Kakarotto was continuing his path to Earth.

Here We Are, Enter Grandpa Gohan.[]

Kakarotto landed about 5 kilometers from Grandpa Gohan's house in Mount Paozu. Grandpa Gohan was looking for food, when he saw a Saiyan Pod. "Hmm, what's a baby doing out here? Well, I guess I'll take you as my kid," Grandpa Gohan said to Kakarotto. Kakarotto was strange, he was a very mischievous, violent boy with a tail. He refused to do anything Grandpa Gohan said, and Grandpa Gohan often had bruises. Kakarotto hated him in general!

The Walk That Changed Everything.[]

One day, Kakarotto went with Grandpa Gohan to hunt. Kakarotto nearly fell, but Grandpa caught him. Grandpa endured a whole twelve years of raising a violent boy, training him either way. This would cost him his life. As Kakarotto took his first time charging the Kamehameha, he brutally murdered the man who raised and taught him to fight. He walked for days, with no food, no water, until he came to Muten Roshi just starting to train Krillin.

Vs Muten Roshi and Krillin, Well, Not Much Of A Fight.[]