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Son Goku Junior
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Vital statistics
Birthplace: North City
Power level:
Homeworld: Earth
Species: Human with Saiyan ancestry
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Mother: Chabata
Father: Acon
Maternal Grandmother: Garmente
Maternal Grandfather: Wryce
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information

Son Goku Jr. is the great great grandson of Pan. He is a descendant of Goku, whom he looks very much like.


Son Goku Jr. was born in North City. His mother was Chabata, the great granddaughter of Pan, and his father was Acon. However, Acon left while Chabata was still pregnant with Goku Jr.

Goku Jr's maternal grandparents were Wryce (Pan's grandson) and Garmente. Wryce earned a modest salary at North City's department store and was pretty much a normal human, aside from his enhanced strength and speed. He never learned how to use ki or fly. The father of Wryce and great grandfather of Goku Jr was Braed, the son of Pan. He could use ki and had some training from Pan, but lived an ordinary life. Goku Jr's patrilineal ancestors were all normal humans with no ki abilities and no Saiyan ancestry.

When Goku Jr was born, Pan was present at the hospital and was visiting Chabata. He was named Goku Jr due to his resemblance to his ancestor.

When Goku Jr was a few months old, an earthquake happened in North City. Chabata and many relatives of Pan lived in North City. They all died in an earthquake, orphaning Goku Jr. Pan adopted him, taking him to Satan City, where he would be raised. The Dragon Balls were not used to reverse the tragedy, considering the events of the Shadow Dragon Saga.

Dragon Ball GTEdit

(The events of Dragon Ball GT from GT's last episode and A Hero's Legacy are canon to this version of the character).

After Dragon Ball GT Edit

At the 64th World Tournament, Goku Jr won against Vegeta Jr, but barely. They had mostly fought evenly and it was a tough fight for Goku Jr. He offered to give some of the prize money to Vegeta Jr, whom refused it.

When Goku Jr was in his senior year of high school, Pan died of old age. He was depressed but Vegeta Jr and his family comforted him, and he even lived with them for a while.