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Writer note : this Goku Black is NOT Zamasu Goku, but a evil version of Goku (Let's assume he's the evil side of Goku, when he hit his head)
Goku Black

Black-goku-ha-llegado-al-pasado 760089.jpg

  • Goku
  • Kakarot
  • Yin Goku
  • Date Of Birth:
  • Age 738 (Goku hits his head, and his evil self was formed into Goku Black)
  • Date of Death:
  • Age 780 (revived)
  • Debut:
  • How Black becames Bartek's henchman
  • Family:
  • Bartek (master)
  • Pan Black ("granddauther")
  • Future Goku (yang side)
  • Future Gohan Black ("son")
  • Gohan Black ("son", alternate timeline)
  • Merged Gohan Black (fusion of "sons")
  • Appears in:
  • Dragon Ball Z: The epilogue of the Future warriors
  • Dragon Ball GT: new heroes

  • Goku Black is a villain in Trunks's timeline. In BH fanfics right after he came to DBS universe, Prince Bartek came along and offers him to join him, however since black insulted Turles's clone and called Bartek a shit brat, Bartek used taiyoken on him and killed him with the kienzan, and then blowing his remains into ashes. But he eventually came back to Bartek's slave

    DBZ Gohan & Trunks story[edit | edit source]

    Half year after the defeat of Broly, Future Videl and Future Pan were shopping, they met a Goku look alike who named himself "Son Goku (Yin)", Videl quickly pointed out he looks indecial to her father in law (whom she first met at BH Game) and dubbed him "Goku Black", he later told them that he is the evil formed after Goku fall on his head as a baby, and was untrackable since he learned to hide his KI. He later killed the Supreme Kais and gained the potara earring of one of them. Goku Black then attacked Videl and the KOed Videl told her dauther to go get her father, Pan with tears quickly run for help. Upon arriving to the scene, Gohan (upon seeing his "father") thought it was another one of BH's tricks, but Goku Black didn't know who Bartek is. Goku Black was killed by Gohan's SSJ3 form and Goten's and Trunks's combined attacks

    DBGT : New heroes[edit | edit source]

    When Princess Pan visited that universe, Black comes with Pan Black (as a request by Prince Bartek) to test her skills, he's shocked to see her (Princess Pan) as a Super Saiyan 4, then later, the newly ressurected Future Pan joined the fight.

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