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Ssj3 goku transformed animation by moxie2d-d58qkxf
Race: Saiyan
Birth age: 737

Family: Chichi (wife) Gohan (son) Goten (son) Pan (grand daughter)

Gethen ( grandson) 

Goku is a powerful Saiyan who trained uub from the year 784 to the year 794. He taught Uub many techniques and also trained Uub's mind. He then defeated Vegeta in their long awaited battle. He found one of the orbs of destruction and has to face a guy named Incinerator. Goku is much stronger than in dbz since he could defeat Majin Buu without transforming now. Goku died to a monster named Xeon in the year Age 840 and refused to be revived since Uub has surpassed him and his wife is in the Other World.

Goku has learned many new techniques and forms.

Super Saiyan

Super Saiyan 

Super Saiyan 2 

Super Saiyan 3 

Ultra Super Saiyan 3 

Kaio-ken times 2  Ultra Super Super Saiyan 3

Goku has learned 2 new techniques so far.

New techniques

instantaneous movement: Can travel without a ki source

Rapid bomb: A giant massive energy ball that uses 95% of the user's energy into one attack that moves extremely fast. The attack takes only seconds.

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