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This article is currently under construction and is incomplete at the moment.

G DBU.jpg
Son Gokū
Appears In
Episode 1
1.79 cm (5’9)
137 lbs
Birth Date
April 16, 737
Professional Status
Martial Artist
Personal Status
Gohan (son, deceased)

Goku ( 孫そん悟空 Son Gokū ) is the main protagonist of the fan story, Dragon Ball Ultra.


Goku first starts with his first scene in episode 1 without his top wear. Besides that, he wears the casual Turtle School Uniform pants and shoes.


Goku still keeps his energetic, cheerful, and love of competition personality. Though in the start of the episode he appears extremely angry due to the !SPOILERS! (Click expand below to see)

death of his comrades, Vegeta, Piccolo, Frieza, Krillin, Granolah, Broly and Gohan that were on the ground before him.


Episode 1[]

Main article: [[Dragon Ball Ultra - Episode 1]]

Gohan brutally murdered

Goku appears in episode 1 dropping onto the ground in the middle of nowhere and seeing the horrific death of friends, Vegeta, Piccolo, Frieza, Granolah, Broly, and even Gohan all over the floor covered in blood and stabbed with crystals similar to that of Lagss.

Goku growls in Super Saiyan

The Grand Priest in his Final Form teleports to earth, confronting Goku. Goku is absolutely shocked and horrified at the same time seemingly due to the Grand Priest’s power of form. But even so, Goku explodes in anger by intially gripping his fist so hard to the point where his vein appears extremely visible and where heat emits from all over his body. He then growls and growls while turning into a Super Saiyan, then a Super Saiyan God, then Super Saiyan Blue, then what seems to be Ultra Instinct but is actually the new form that he slowly develops through rage. At last, he lets out an immense battle cry and proceeds to transform into his new, Super Saiyan Infinity form. [Unfinished]


!SPOILERS! (Click expand below to see)

With the death of his most important allies,

Goku goes into rage and sorrow like never before and awakens a form named, Super Saiyan Infinity. With this, Goku is sure to defeat the Grand Priest in his Final Form showing just how strong Goku in that form could be.


Super Saiyan

Following the intense rage, Goku let’s out his Super Saiyan form while trying to reach Super Saiyan Infinity.

Super Saiyan God

Following the intense rage, Goku let’s out his Super Saiyan God form after his Super Saiyan Form while trying to reach Super Saiyan Infinity

Super Saiyan Blue

Following the intense rage, Goku let’s out his Suprr Saiyan Blue form after his Super Saiyan God form while trying to reach Super Saiyan Infinity.

Super Saiyan Infinity

Goku unleashes this form through extreme and intense rage like never before.