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Gohsan is the 1/4th Human/Saiyan Father of Gotex and Son of Goten that appears in Dragon Ball GY.


He is not seen much in the series, but it is known that he is the Father of Gotex. He trained Gotex all his life and taught him the way of the Super Saiyan, meaning he is a Super Saiyan himself. Gohsan

He is in his Early 40's in his appearences in Dragon Ball GY. He does not like to fight much, but would if he had to. He never really fought and ascended the Super Saiyan because there were never any Real Threats to the Earth in his time. When he was in College, he met the Woman of his dreams who after a few Years, became his Wife, and soon after that, they had a Son, named Gotex. He now lives in Satan City alone. He likes Basketball too.


Gohsans appearence is quite different than others in the Dragonball Series. He has a Short Black Afro-like hairstyle with a bang in front. He wears Orange Gi with Red Wrists and Waist bands. He wears Fighting Boots with Teal covers.


Gohsan is said by Gotex to be Strict when it comes to training. He will push him to his limits and beyond. But, outside the Training, in the Regular World, he fits right in. He Likes to Joke alot and do the impossible, 2 Traits his son inherits kindly. He is Kind and humble, as he is like Mai and cherishes life.

Dragon Ball GYEdit

In DBGY, he don't make many appearences but in the Major Fights. He first is Mentioned right before the fight with Synther. During that fight, he plays a big role, and shows up to fight Synther to help Worn out Redick, Gotex, Mai, Blu and Jordan, but is easliy pushed aside and soon Killed by Synthers Death Beam through the Heart. This Triggers Gotex's Super Saiyan 2 Transformation, which is used to Defeat Synther. After the fight, he is wished back with the Dragonballs and continues to live his old life.


  • Super Saiyan: He achives this form at an unknown time, but he passes the trait down to Gotex, who he trains to achieve the form.
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