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Gohan gt by theothersmen

1/2 Saiyan, 1/2 Earthling
  • Mystic boy ver 2.0 (by Bartek)
  • Date Of Birth:
    Age 757
    Date of Death:
  • Age 774 (revived)
  • Age 790
  • Debut:
  • "Dragon Ball BH game 3" chapter 1
  • Family:
  • Gohan (alternative timeline)
  • Great Saiyaman (alternative timeline)
  • Future Gohan (alternative timeline)
  • Ceri (alternative timeline)
  • Gohan (Demon) (alternative timeline)
  • Mystic Gohan (alternative timeline)
  • Pan (Strongest) (dauther)
  • Goten (brother)
  • Videl (wife)
  • Goku (past father)
  • Vegito (current father)
  • Chichi (past mother)
  • Bulchi (current mother)
  • Child of Vegito & Chi-Chi (half sister)
  • Child of Vegito & Bulma (half brother)
  • Child of Vegito & Bulchi (half sister)
  • Appears in:
  • Dragon Ball BH game 3

  • This is Gohan from Vegito's universe, due to the fact his father fused with Vegeta and then teased him everytime, he seems fond with his family, being sad


    He was killed when Vegito killed Super Buu in that universe and in BH Game 3 by Bardock as Gohan attacked the organizer for hurting his dauther

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