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Vital statistics
Aliases/Nicknames: The Great Saiyaman

Ultimate Gohan

Mystic Gohan

Mr. Son(Kab stated)

Birthplace: Earth
Power level: Unknown
Homeworld: Earth
Species: 1/2 Saiyan-1/2 Human
Gender: Male
Birthdate: Age 757
Date of Death: Age 774 (Revived in DBZ)
Height: 5'9 foot
Weight: 155 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Mother: Chi-Chi
Father: Goku
Brother(s): Goten
Maternal Grandfather: Ox-King
Paternal Grandfather: Bardock
Spouse(s): Videl
In-Laws: Kab(Son-in-law)





Children: Pan
Grandchildren: Goku (named after his Father)

Broly (named after Kab's Father)

Great Grandchildren: Goku Jr.

Broly Jr.

Personal Weapons Systems
Energy Basic Attacks: Ki Wave
Chronological & Political Information
Era(s): After Piccolo
Affiliations: Scientist
Allies: Krillin, Android 18, Piccolo, Vegeta, Bulma, Trunks, Uub, Launch, Android 9, Stephen, Kim and more
Enemies: Kab(Gohan really hates him), The Legions of the World, Banjiya, Android 10, 11, 12, Baja, Tao, Kuriza, Slugger, Poku

Gohan is the first son of Goku and Chi-Chi, the older brother of Goten, the husband of Videl, the father of Pan, and father-in-law of Kab and Brolla. Gohan is also the first hybrid (half Human, half Saiyan) to appear in the series. He is named after Goku's adoptive Grandpa Gohan.

V.S. World Saga[edit | edit source]

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Banjiya Saga[edit | edit source]

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Sercet Android Saga[edit | edit source]

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Blood Saga[edit | edit source]

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Mustan and Tao Saga[edit | edit source]

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Kuriza Saga[edit | edit source]

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Slugger Saga[edit | edit source]

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Transfromations[edit | edit source]


Super Saiyan (During DBZ)

Super Saiyan 2 (During DBZ)

Super Saiyan 3 (Unknown)

Super Saiyan 4 (During DBLOK's Special)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Gohan is the secord Half-Saiyan who transform into a SSJ4

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