Gohan is - AF but then he turns in to a ssj4.But then goku was never there to see it happen because goku was fighting evil goku and by the time they found goku. Goku had already been dead past from earth he was already in other world with king kai.Then they wished goku back to hunt down evil Goku so goku gets so surprised the he faints and when he wakes up he see's two men standing ssj4 Gohan and evil Goku.Now nobody knows how evil goku got there but becaus he has every thought that Goku could think of and he was considerd the most powerful fighter in the world and a great senser they said that evil Goku sensed that Goku was alive again and they were comming for him.Sot they said that happend then evil goku kills (real goku) and over the time that happend gohan was already 26 then he turns into a ssj5 wich is like a ssj4 but red fur is gold. Gohan kills evil Goku.

Appearances in Dragon Ball Z, GT, and AF Edit

Demonic Saiyan Saga

Warp Star Dragonball Saga

Gohan (SSJ5)

Super Saiyan 5 Gohan

Dark Kai Saga

All 15 Movies

Techniques Edit

Kamehameha - The legendary technique created by Master Roshi. Taught to Gohan by his father Goku.

Explosive Wave - An attack taught to Gohan by Piccolo. User charges up their ki with their hands over their head and then firing it after moving their hands in front of them.

Masenko Kamehameha - A combination of the Kamehameha and Masenko.

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