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One day, Goku thought "Hey,what if we use Fusion AND Potara?" Vegeta had thought it wasn't a bad idea either so they each got their Potara earrings.

Goku put the earring on his right ear,Vegeta put his on his left ear and they quickly did the fusion dance "FUUU...SION...HA!" at the same time,they began to come to each other like a magnet as the Potara effect activated as they became one.They came up with the name Gogetto and sensed a surging evil power level and so they checked it out.

It was somehow Broly ressurected from the dead.Gogetto tested his power and shockingly was amazing as he nearly whipped the floor Broly but then Broly used his Omega Blaster and then Gogetto used a desperate attack creating a Final Shine Kamehameha a technique first in Final Shine Attack fashion and then moved his hands in a Kamehameha fashion.

The two techniques started a Beam Struggle as the ground started an earthquake with geysers errupting.

But,by one power up out of determination,Gogetto's beam won as Broly was finally put to rest and thus was the end of Gogetto...for now.


Soul Beam Combination:A mixure of Gogeta's Soul Punisher and Vegito's Beam Sword Slash.

Final Kamehameha X100: A Final Kamehameha powered with the energy of the universe.

Kamehameha:A technique used from Goku.

Galick Gun:A move used from Vegeta.

Galick Kamehameha:A red violet electrical move used from both the genius of Goku and Vegeta.

Double Big Bang:A spirit of Vegito appears as Gogeta is suppose to represent Gogetto and they both put their hand out unleashing

Punisher Kamehameha: A God Punisher Merged with the Final Kamehameha. Fires off multiple ki blast then a close-ranged Soul Punisher and a Final Kamehameha from behind.

Gogetta vegetto double bigbang by naruttebayo67240-d4abnw7

The spirits of both Gogeta and Vegito using a double Big Bang Attack. (Gogeta appears as himself but it's still Gogetto).